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Did anyone watch Rise and Fall on C4?
Baz Hi lower back Yes, it did look the sort of thing I would have really liked . [ more ]
lowerback I caught a few episodes of "Rise and Fall" on C4 and I have to agree with you, velvet donkey, about the quality of the editing. It's a well-crafted show and quite interesting. The timing didn't always work out for me either, Baz, but I tried to catch it when I could. [ more ]
velvet donkey She was a nightmare. [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Uk Waters...
Baz I totally agree [ more ]
slimfern No, and so it shouldn't's a disgrace Our water companies should never have been sold off in the first place.... I think it's high time we take them back and run them properly and not for profit! [ more ]
El Loro This was in the news yesterday: Water companies to spend £10 billion on tackling sewage spills, the money initially being from investors, but hen being recouped from higher water bills to customers which won't go down well [ more ]
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Fiona Bruce.
slimfern Sounds about right She should be sacked...or at least relieved of her high profile position. [ more ]
Carnelian She doesn't get it. She can't see beyond her elitist bubble. Her husband has a lucrative contract to advertise for the Tories. These people are supposed to be objective and put in positions where everyone would expect and demand objectivity but they have a massive personal stake in the establishment. [ more ]
Saint Terrible comment from her - only once - oh well then . . . [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
John Barnes destroying Andrew Castle.
velvet donkey A conveyor belt of American study. You're included Lammy. Weird. [ more ]
velvet donkey She'll look good though when she rewinds it. What is it with studying in America like Sullerman? Feck knows. [ more ]
velvet donkey Yeah, and they're all double down Tory back bench no marks Feck, an illegal immigration debate becomes all about a footballer. It's pointless debating it in the Commons. One thing London is known for is law firms. Waste of time. [ more ]
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