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Darnell's Hotel (No Giraffes Allowed!)
Moonie Good afternoon Darnies The rain has stopped and there‘s just a hint of sunshine, only a hint though I slept quite well for me. I hope you did too Bazzy I hope you got to go for a walk. I was wondering if your acrobatic Cyril had returned? See you later for the JJ and the numpties show Have good day everyone [ more ]
Moonie Nighty night, sleep well, sweet dreams Bazzy, Rosss and Darnies [ more ]
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing 😀
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Masterchef Professionals
slimfern All four are very talented chefs El By rights I should be supporting Charlie, seeing as he is from the SW ...but am liking the look of Tom's food better [ more ]
Baz Thanks El Tom is my favourite , but I’m in the anyone but Kansae camp . [ more ]
El Loro The four finalists are: Charlie Walters, head chef at The Sardine Factory in Looe Kasae Fraser, head chef in Bath, lives in Yate which is in South Gloucestershire Tom Hamblet, sous chef at South Lodge Hotel, Horsham (the gingerheaded guy) and Tommy Thorn, head chef at The Epicurean in Bristol. [ more ]
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Well, Labour are on the backfoot now.
Carnelian Heat pumps and electric cars are very flawed technologies. I'd love them to not be because the direction is honest and good for the world, but they are. Maybe the technology might improve but currently, it is not fit for its intended purpose. Neither technologies are an improvement on what they intend to replace in terms of cost and function. There will need to be a shake-up of incomes before the majority of the working class can afford the technology imposed on them without blowing a huge... [ more ]
Baz Re: Well, Labour are on the backfoot now. [ more ]
velvet donkey I joined GB News two weeks ago as a researcher [ more ]
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So surgeons are at in the operating theatre.
Baz It’s disgusting Velvet It beggars belief ….Mr Bs uncle was in there after his stroke a decade ago….it doesn’t bear thinking about [ more ]
velvet donkey Sentencing date set for nurses accused of drugging stroke unit patients [ more ]
velvet donkey This is another one that pisses me off. Nurses and food banks. If you can drive to a food bank you just don't get it. Stop waving that one around. [ more ]
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I've struggled at times.
Baz Seems like we are going backwards , eh Suricat. [ more ]
suricat As a child, I remember my eldest brother presenting me with 'cream of pea soup' (which was the 'juice/water' from a 'can of peas' mixed with 'milk')! When (at the same time) my 'next elder brother (and his friend)' foraged a local farmer's field for 'potatoes' and 'other' produce to improve our dietary intake. 'At that time', 'Governmental Control' had little forcing to outcomes (1950-60s). However, I'd have thought that we've 'moved on' since then? Perhaps not? Best regards, Ray Dart (aka, ... [ more ]
Dame_Ann_Average All is good here Velvet, I was with Hoochi Thursday until Saturday...I'm in recovery mode She sends her best wishes to you all . I hope things are well with you [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Edwina Currie.
Carnelian Edwina Curry has been spitefully trolling the poorest of the working class for decades. It's her USP. She's a waste of space with opinions that are no different nor more nuanced than any ten-a-penny right-wing troll on Twitter or Facebook. [ more ]
velvet donkey She went to Oxford. Feck they all went to Oxford. Can't count. Not a major offence but revealing. [ more ]
Baz I agree too …and chuck Diane Abbot in for good measure [ more ]
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