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A year of Keir Starmer
Dame_Ann_Average I think money counts over anything with career politicians Carnelian, I remember him 5 years ago supporting Palestine and condemning Israel, he has done a complete u-turn on this too. He accepted £50.000 donation from Trevor Chinn who is a pro-Israel lobbyist, he takes orders from the right wing Board of Deputies. Politics in England especially, stinks! It's a cess pit of corruption and dodgy deals that's why Corbyn had to go, he couldn't be bought. Strangely, Starmer is going to have a... [ more ]
slimfern Re: A year of Keir Starmer [ more ]
Carnelian I don't get it. How do you go from a working-class background like Keir Starmer, excel in law and rise to the top of your profession as a human rights lawyer and then be head of the CPS without having a brilliant mind? He then joins Labour with credentials that are a track record of fighting injustice and being very good at it. Yet since he's become Labour leader it's like he's been lobotomised or he has deep state "handlers" who know where the bodies are buried. [ more ]
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Line of Duty
Eugene's Lair I intended to post a fair bit about LoD last night, but I had network problems. I'll try to catch up with that tonight or over the weekend, but in the meantime... With hindsight, there are big clues scattered around the earlier series, including quite a few in S1. I found this Radio Times article very interesting as a summary/reference [Spoiler Warning, obviously! ]: [ more ]
machel Thank you, I recognised her but not where from, tried googling but couldn’t find a cast list with her in it. She was in trollied ! watching line of duty from beginning again, looking for clues! [ more ]
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing Rita May.......I think. [ more ]
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ITV have pulled final episode of "Viewpoint"
Eugene's Lair I've not been watching "Viewpoint" (I only posted this thread as a public service in case other FMs are), but my understanding is that its plot involves a missing woman and secret surveillance footage, so it's possible that ITV felt some of the content might hit a little too close to home. Things are moving quickly and I'm unsure of the legal situation, but AFAIK there's no talk of any charges at the moment. The women involved originally approached BAFTA anonymously, and (I believe) only... [ more ]
Baz Yes , I saw that Eugene …..I thought it was a bit of overkill , seeing as the guy hasn’t been proved guilty yet . [ more ]
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Major text-message parcel scam on Android phones
slimfern True....Anything I've ever ordered has been confirmed by email, with a tracking link attached Edit* Not that I ever use them....I just wait till the parcel arrives ...if it doesn't reach me within 21 days, I contact the company directly [ more ]
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing I agree, why are we (apparently) wanting this tracking app. Most (if not all) parcel delivery services already have tracking systems. why are we wanting a nameless one? [ more ]
Carnelian Why would you want to install an app just to track a package? I don't know about anyone else but everyone and his granny wants you to install their app. After a while surely there's app fatigue? Another password another mostly useless icon on your phone taking up memory. [ more ]
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The All New Football Place.
Carnelian The Canaries are back up to the Prem for another season at least. Let's hope they're a bit more worldly-wise than last time or it's back to the Champs next May for them. On the subject of the ESL, according to The Mirror (I know), you can get ESL shirts for the sneaky six for the knockdown price of £2 per club. I'm going to try and get the set for £12, they'll be collector's items in years to come. [ more ]
Eugene's Lair That was my initial thought too. However, as several legal experts pointed out this afternoon, the speed at which the ESL applied for a court injunction against team and player bans suggests otherwise. These guys were expecting some kickback, and were "lawyered-up" in preparation. It does appear, however, that they were not prepared for just how vociferous and united the protest would be... [ more ]
Moonie Flippin eck It’s all going pear shaped 🤔 I wonder if this ESL was all a bluff... Only time will tell, I suppose... [ more ]
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Duke of Edinburgh has died
slimfern Agree Carnelian...I've watched the footage of his life story and came to the conclusion that he was a good man ultimately & was generally well respected by all those he came into contact with. It is a shame he came so close to being 100, but I guess the fact that he died peacefully is far more important. [ more ]
Carnelian I thought he was ok despite the racism. The Duke of Edinburgh Award helped many thousands and watching those old clips from the 50s and 60 he was quite forward-thinking for the day and he did have quite a sense of humour and that I'd never picked up on in his latter years. The country does tend to go into full-on North Korea mode on big Royal occasions. So 99 and in quite good health for most of those 99 years is pretty good going for anyone. [ more ]
El Loro Funeral announced as 3pm next Saturday. So expect most of Saturday afternoon broadcasting on television and radio to be that. Don't be surprised if football matches etc scheduled for then are rescheduled. [ more ]
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Nikki Grahame has died
Carnelian Sad news, RIP Nikki Grahame. I wonder how much BB itself was to blame. They took someone who was obviously a bit unhinged and played her for laughs. Endemol must have thought they'd struck gold when Nikki shouted "who is she? who is she?" and walked around in a winter coat in mid-summer complaining it was cold. That suggests anorexia to me. All the signs were there. Then they had that "Princess Nikki" series where they just put her in situations where they knew she'd kick-off, for laughs. [ more ]
Yogi19 Very sad news and 38 is no age at all. Sadly, Nikki was fighting her demons for a long time. [ more ]
Baz I saw that too .....very sad ....and no age at all. RIP [ more ]
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Politician Proposes 6pm Curfew For Men To 'Make Women Feel Safer'
slimfern The onus is on all of us........ [ more ]
Baz Spot on Eugene [ more ]
Eugene's Lair I don't like the idea of pepper spray being made legal, and certainly not in some selective way (although that said, the police are exempt). Attack alarms are available, of course, but again this is all still putting the onus on the woman as a "potential victim", rather than trying to deal with the problem at a societal level... [ more ]
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