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The Permanent SIT Place................
El Loro Many years ago I was on a bus with my parents going somewhere in the countryside. The bus stopped and two men got on and sat next to each other at the front side seats. I was near the back. After a couple of stops, they got off. But for some reason, one of the men stuck in my memory. Years later I was watching a documentary on television, I think it was about what had happened to Denham film studios (Alexander Korda had produced major British films there back in the 1930s including The... [ more ]
El Loro Thomas Colpepper probably did have feelings for Alison but there was no way in which she was interested. Not to be confused with Thomas Culpepper who was arrested on orders from Henry VIII on charges of adultery with Catherine Howard and was executed. Those scenes with the boys playing at being soldiers were delightful The scene at the end in Canterbury Cathedral - that wasn't in the cathedral as it had been damaged - they built a replica of the inside at the studio. You may want to re-see... [ more ]
Moonie ❤️
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I know we shouldn’t panic but
Eugene's Lair Channel 4 were reporting on the situation in Florida tonight, and interviewed Governor Ron DeSantis (by video). He said that the various Floridian doctors and nurses who C4 had filmed advocating mask-wearing and vaccination had "no understanding of the science whatsoever". The also interviewed a woman who withdrew her child from a Florida school because it had a strong anti-vax culture, and was actually telling its pupils not to hug parents who'd been vaccinated because it was dangerous and... [ more ]
Baz I hope you can get home soon Roxan [ more ]
Roxan That’s the plan. Relieved to see I wouldn’t have to quarantine, although I won’t be going anywhere once I have landed! Just have a couple of medical issues for my husband being investigated. It’s takimg ages because the hospitals keep having to suspend the process to deal with covid. [ more ]
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ROOM 101 (modern day annoyances)
Baz Awwww….well a new tv is a bonus [ more ]
slimfern was only BBC iplayer, all others are still there.......apparently it is unlikely to be able to get back apps that vanish and there is pressure being put on manufacturers to stop this from happening... Ultimately the tv is going into our spare bedroom to be used for watching netflix and for gaming etc, by my son's mini me. I've brought a new tv ....bigger too [ more ]
Moonie ❤️
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What are you listening to right now Mk 2?
Carnelian Massive Attack made two videos for this song about human genetic engineering. Two projects, two fictitious state-of-the-art corporate competing bioengineering companies De Bourg and Saxxon, the two videos are spliced together here. Sorry for going on if you're not into Massive Attack! Genius band! [ more ]
Carnelian Re: What are you listening to right now Mk 2? [ more ]
Moonie ❤️
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Here's an onboard lap with the doyenne. Nurburgring with Sabine Schmitz
Baz Re: Here's an onboard lap with the doyenne. Nurburgring with Sabine Schmitz [ more ]
slimfern It must be something about turning 40 that folk think something dangerous is a good pressie We bought my sister a bungee jump for hers and my BIL got a balloon ride....there was an unspoken few words to them for when I reached sed milestone [ more ]
Baz My daughter did it for her 40th birthday treat [ more ]
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Why are we getting pop ups?
El Loro Velvet, I did get a cookie acceptance popup earlier on the forum which I accepted, It was a bit different to the one we get every month as I didn't have to log in again. That's the only popup I've had today It read: "We use cookies We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our website, to show you personalized content and targeted ads, to analyze our website traffic, and to understand where our visitors are coming from." and then the options "! [ more ]
Saint None here [ more ]
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Dame_Ann_Average Tell you what, Velvet, Ken Loach he's the nicest man I have ever met...I was invited to a private screening of I, Daniel Blake. It's a night I will never forget. My preference by far is Ken Loach, such a humble man, he thanked me for attending,. It was a bloody privilege...I will always be in awe, although Lyndsay Anderson is good too... [ more ]
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Do the hamsters need feeding?
Baz Thanks Lori [ more ]
Moonie Once again thanks for keep us informed Lori [ more ]
Lori Yeah, I was just coming to tell you: our hosting company just sent us an email telling us there are issues with the equipment. They will be doing emergency maintenance to fix the problem--I'm not sure if the error message/robot was caused by the emergency maintenance itself, or if it's just more of the same networking issues that require the maintenance. Hang tight--a fix is on the way! [ more ]
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