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I'm already doing it I did one in 2012 and it was a lot of fun but challenging towards the end. I did enjoy it so when I got married in August I decided to do Project365 for the first year of married life - coming to the end of month 5 now  I upload each day onto Flickr then at the end of the month post the link to the Flickr album in Facebook.


i can put the link onto a thread if people are interested? I will be out of sync with everyone else though; we got married in 9th August so each month starts on the 9th and runs to the 8th of the next month

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OK. What I was thinking was post the pic with date, so you can check back that you've posted one for each day. A description is optional.


Cinds, therefor, is the only one who has posted for 1/1/15.


It'll be OK to post your pics a group at a time, as long as they show the date that they are for - I know it could be difficult to physically post each day.

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Kaffs, as you are a VIP you can upload from your laptop. On the Post Reply box click "Add Attachments" This opens up to the files on your laptop and you then need to locate your picture. Once you have found it click on Open and wait for the picture to be uploaded. You should eventually see a green success bar on the File Chooser box.

Assuming you want the picture to appear as normal in your post click on the check box by "Insert all photos..." Then click on Finished and you get back to the post reply box.


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Originally Posted by Enthusiastic Contrafibularities:


If you don't know a 365 project is where you take one photograph each day for a year.


I was thinking that anyone who is interested could post in a 365 project thread.


The photographs can be of absolutely anything you like just as long as you post each day.


So, what say you?








1st Jan - last day in all its glory....