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Ben's Buddies
El Loro Alma Deutscher composed a piano piece called "Grinzinger Polka" a couple of years ago and posted this then: Since then she's orchestrated it and posted this yesterday: [ more ]
Moonie Good morning Buddies It’s a breezy occasionally sunny day here. No rain is forecast Have a nice day everyone [ more ]
velvet donkey ❤️
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I've struggled at times.
Baz Seems like we are going backwards , eh Suricat. [ more ]
suricat As a child, I remember my eldest brother presenting me with 'cream of pea soup' (which was the 'juice/water' from a 'can of peas' mixed with 'milk')! When (at the same time) my 'next elder brother (and his friend)' foraged a local farmer's field for 'potatoes' and 'other' produce to improve our dietary intake. 'At that time', 'Governmental Control' had little forcing to outcomes (1950-60s). However, I'd have thought that we've 'moved on' since then? Perhaps not? Best regards, Ray Dart (aka, ... [ more ]
Dame_Ann_Average All is good here Velvet, I was with Hoochi Thursday until Saturday...I'm in recovery mode She sends her best wishes to you all . I hope things are well with you [ more ]
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Edwina Currie.
Carnelian Edwina Curry has been spitefully trolling the poorest of the working class for decades. It's her USP. She's a waste of space with opinions that are no different nor more nuanced than any ten-a-penny right-wing troll on Twitter or Facebook. [ more ]
velvet donkey She went to Oxford. Feck they all went to Oxford. Can't count. Not a major offence but revealing. [ more ]
Baz I agree too …and chuck Diane Abbot in for good measure [ more ]
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I saw Sunak paying tribute to Empire Windrush yesterday.
Carnelian 👍
Carnelian Quite the hypocrisy of Theresa May calling Jeremy Corbyn a racist while presiding over what to me was a criminal abuse of Windrush pensioners' human rights deporting Windrush pensioners after decades in the UK and often to a country that was as foreign to them as anyone in the UK. Sunak's just the same, immigrants are "wonderful" if they're loaded but beyond contempt if they're working class. He, Patel and Braverman prove beyond any doubt that a racist psychopath's a racist psychopath... [ more ]
Baz You and me both Velvet [ more ]
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Baz Yes , it’s all gone to hell in a handcart , eh ! [ more ]
velvet donkey Liz Truss and Kwasi. The best laid plans. What a shower of idiots since 2010. What was Cameron thinking about giving a referendum. Feck he gave two. His backbenchers and the Tory party. Exactly the same now. The Tory party comes before the nation. Wave your Union flags. Thatchers govt. were at least adults. Their kid on hero. [ more ]
Baz Sadly yes Velvet Luckily my son , saw the writing on the wall and took out a 10 year fix last autumn , just before the wheels fell off ! [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Did anyone watch Rise and Fall on C4?
Baz Hi lower back Yes, it did look the sort of thing I would have really liked . [ more ]
lowerback I caught a few episodes of "Rise and Fall" on C4 and I have to agree with you, velvet donkey, about the quality of the editing. It's a well-crafted show and quite interesting. The timing didn't always work out for me either, Baz, but I tried to catch it when I could. [ more ]
velvet donkey She was a nightmare. [ more ]
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