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Scam Warning
El Loro BBC news article about the number of people in this country who have received scam text messages or phone calls during the summer - nearly 45 million: It mentions that UK residents who believe they have been targeted, or are the victim of a scam, can report a text message by forwarding it to 7726 - the numbers on the keypad that have the letters for spam on them. However, Ofcom found that 79% of mobile phone users were unaware of that service. [ more ]
Baz Wow ……well at least he might be at home EFFT ….that’s a bit better than you were thinking in the Scd thread on Saturday [ more ]
El Loro 👍
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I know we shouldn’t panic but
slimfern Left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing [ more ]
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing And now they're spreading fear in the population re: the booster jabs! When booster jabs were first mentioned we were told they couldn't be given until A MINIMUM of 6 months had passed since your second jab. In tonight's news they were fostering the idea that people should be getting worried if they haven't had their booster invitation MORE than 6 months after their 2nd jab! [ more ]
slimfern A very risky tactic if true [ more ]
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BOND! James Bond!
Saint Historical James Bond - hmmm [ more ]
Eugene's Lair I wasn't thinking quite in those terms: I was thinking more along the lines of age and how the actor would fit with the planned storylines. E.g. Tom Hardy is already a good few years older than Daniel Craig was when he made "Casino Royale", and Idris Elba (who's been talked about for a long time) is nearly 50... They probably won't do it for a number of reasons, but something I'd like to see them try is to go back to the historical settings of the books. The Bond films were given... [ more ]
Saint Recent Bond movies have been very successful so they may wish to freshen things up but I doubt they'll do things significantly different. They've already said Bond will not be a woman. I think they'd be trampling over the history of Bond's story if they did anything too differently - so I don't think a BAME character, female, gay etc would be true to original idea. [ more ]
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What happens if China invades Taiwan?
velvet donkey Re: What happens if China invades Taiwan? [ more ]
Baz We aim to please But yes , the forum drags me through the down days to Velvet . [ more ]
velvet donkey You are alright. Remember that You are guilty with association. Dame and Ros. Dame is a five star commediene. Very funny - girl. Or do I call her a lady? Feck I dunno where I am these days. She's a pal who sees right through it. When I'm off you lot give me humour. And I'm a hard judge [ more ]
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Carole Vincent (BB8)
slimfern Awww that's sweet ...I'm sure she was quite lovely behind the facade of her tv personality Eugene I was an Aisleyne supporter too ....far less dramatic [ more ]
Eugene's Lair This is probably going way O/T. but it's my thread, so... Not a big secret, as I've mentioned it repeatedly on the forum, but I really didn't like Nikki in the house either (very much an Aisleyne fan that year). However : I "spoke" to her on one of the web chats that GaGa organized here early-on, and I have to admit that she was absolutely lovely ... [ more ]
slimfern Yes I remember Brainiac an interesting show...not on sky though, well, not on my telly anyways It's sad Nikki died so young, though not a surprise unfortunately. I wasn't a fan of her temper tantrums [ more ]
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So, they are gonna train artic drivers overnight.
slimfern Fuel supply crisis: Army tankers to deliver to petrol stations from Monday Senior ministers have been alarmed at how slowly the fuel supply disruption is improving, with motorists still forced to queue for hours for fuel after more than a week of forecourt chaos. [ more ]
Baz It gets dafter by the hour [ more ]
slimfern Petrol shortage: Hauliers now have too many drivers and must pay to use government’s emergency tanker fleet Ministers have rolled out their reserve fleet of petrol tankers to deliver much-needed fuel after haulier companies went from having too few drivers to too many Whitehall sources have said emergency measures taken by hauliers, such as cutting annual leave, working longer hours and staff volunteering, has meant they have now run out of petrol tankers to deliver fuel to station... [ more ]
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Quotes to mark your day....
slimfern 'Friends.. remember that - without stupidity, there wouldn't be intelligence and without ugliness there would be no beauty, so the world needs you after all' [ more ]
slimfern When life hands you lemons....make lemonade! with a touch of elderflower and other stuff! [ more ]
slimfern A government that robs Peter to pay Paul, can always depend on the support of Paul. Ain't that the truth... [ more ]
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