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Ben's Buddies
Moonie Night night, sleep well, sweet dreams Buddies [ more ]
slimfern I've not been fact I've only ever passed through Somerset on the train Oh! and once I had to transfer from the train to a coach in Taunton to travel home...that was when the rains had flooded the track between Taunton and Exeter. There are many good fish & chip shops around here. [ more ]
velvet donkey ❤️
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Vets , Zoos , cruise ships, trains , hotels , department stores , travel, palaces and Chateau
Dame_Ann_Average Hi Mollie You've managed to do this quite well on the forum! Never fear Mollie, screenshots all taken..Su Yu is on the case I'm going to add a few bumps to your head, I want to make sure I get value for my money... I don't do prison visits, so make sure you take some books...toodle pip [ more ]
Moonie Whoops, missed you both [ more ]
Moonie Good evening Bazzy and Mollie [ more ]
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Baz We will have to be careful what we say then . I haven’t seen enough of the contestants yet , but I quite liked the Welsh couple ….but they didn’t last long . Aside from that the only one that annoyed me on Sunday was the mother and son ! [ more ]
Baz Oh , that’s good …thanks Barney [ more ]
Moonie 👍
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I know we shouldn’t panic but
Saint Monkey pox aside . . . urghh, are we becoming the vermin we so ruthlessly exterminate? I called our GP to get a 'call-back' appointment over the phone and was told I was too late as all the appointments had gone due to "so many of the doctors being off sick". Quite alarming when you think about it [ more ]
Baz Yes, it is Slim…..and so many of the things they’ve been saying …eg downplaying it initially , but gradually seeing it increase ….seem to be mirroring the early days of covid . [ more ]
slimfern It's an ugly looking disease that's for sure [ more ]
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Scam Warning
Moonie Re: Scam Warning [ more ]
Saint I had this call and checked their number as they called me three times (twice said I was busy) - it was a legitimate number. I also said I didn't want an upgrade I wanted a price reduction, "We're upgrades only" - asked them to put on file if I didn't have a price reduction soon I was coming out of Virgin - rubbish company [ more ]
El Loro 👍
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Carers allowance.
Baz It’s awful Renton [ more ]
Saint I get it - I just got an increase last week - I have the paper in my hand right now - it's £69.70 And that is NOT per person I care for - it's for (and I quote the DWP when I contacted them) "Your out of pocket expenses and not an allowance per person" in my care. So I am paid £69.70 regardless of how many people in my care - that's my weekly 'wage' for 24hr care = 41p per hour (approx) [ more ]
Baz Isn’t there a slightly higher allowance too Velvet …..but I agree they are both rubbish ! [ more ]
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David Lammy.
Baz My top subjects were History , and English Literature . My worst was maths ….but guess who went straight into banking /accounts when she left school ….go figure . [ more ]
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing My top subjects were:- Maths Chemistry Physics I studied other subjects, of course, but those three were the ones I excelled in! [ more ]
velvet donkey And Bernie Grant RIP was off his rocker. [ more ]
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Hardly Known Facts About Everyday Things...
Baz I think that was a lovely idea … [ more ]
slimfern May Day- People would leave a paper basket or cone containing spring flowers and sweets on each other's doorsteps, usually anonymously. This tradition was popular through the 19th and 20th centuries, especially with children or sweethearts. The custom was to knock on the door, yell “May basket!” and then run. [ more ]
Baz 👍
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Do i fancy Angela Reynor.
Saint Oh this seems to be rather serious - I thought it was quite lighthearted banter between waring Politicians. And now female political reporters are coming forward to raise their own issues of misogyny within HC !! Just shows this is the real reason why women are still so under represented in the workplace [ more ]
Baz True politician than [ more ]
velvet donkey Correct my Norfolk pal. [ more ]
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Priti Patel
Carnelian Minorities in the Tory Party have to prove themselves 'worthy' of respect and career progression in the institutionally racist Tory party. Pritti knows to get anywhere in the Tory Party she has to be more racist or more right-wing than the white MPs. The Tory Party knows the left and liberals are less keen to accuse a British Asian Tory MP of racism than a British white MP. But a racist she certainly is. So it's a win-win for the Tories and Priti. Look what happened to Syeda Warsi when she... [ more ]
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing Apparentky it's just single men! What difference does she think that's going to make.....if that's true? [ more ]
Dame_Ann_Average 💯
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There's no point talking about it.
slimfern During lockdown when the government tried to house all the homeless (an empty gesture) I spoke to my friend John who has been on the streets for a good few years (ex heroin addict), he refused to be housed because the offer of a roof was with men and women who were either on drugs or drink...he didn't want to be tempted by his old ways. He also said he would find it difficult to go back to being within 4 walls We managed to get him a tent on a site with toilet facilities...he's quite content... [ more ]
velvet donkey You'll never win. Homeless is the full life experience in the UK. Maybe some of them should try it. [ more ]
Roxan People care. I care. [ more ]
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Fishi Rishi and his non-dom Mrs.
Dame_Ann_Average I am Velvet, thank you. I hope you're well too I try to avoid political stuff now, it just infuriates and frustrates me I remember you having the Maltese cross for your Avi [ more ]
velvet donkey The Maltese Cross used to be my avi. I love Malta but you can't be car bombing journalists and that went to the top. [ more ]
velvet donkey Well said Damsel Hope you're ticking along like a Vacheron Constantin The oldest watchmaker in the world The Maltese Cross is their motif. You won't need to phone a friend on Millionaire [ more ]
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