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ROOM 101 (modern day annoyances)
Moonie It’s all a matter of money. He who pays the most usually gets the spoils. [ more ]
Saint And now there's push to reduce reliance on painkillers via GPs What are the alternatives? Acupuncture, Mindfulness and CBT One bloke said he's learned to accept pain is how his life is - in other words those on pain are going to be ababdoned and left to get on with it [ more ]
Moonie ❤️
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We all inhabit our own little worlds.
Syd Hi Rexi, I agree, and perhaps we are noticing more the 'little' 'kind' acts that people have 'always' done but never really thought about, but we are all now noticing and smiling and [ more ]
Baz Honestly guys , I’m fine. Rexi just caught me on a bad day .....but I’m getting by ok problems .....loads worse off than me. I was just having a temporary wallow .....this darn virus is getting to us all! [ more ]
velvet donkey Me too. [ more ]
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Help from El Loro or Lori as to how to post a homemade video on the forum.
Moonie Thanks Lori That’s correct [ more ]
El Loro If I'm in Microsoft Edge and save Moonie's clip on to my computer, it saves it as just an audio file 11.8 mb so a lot smaller than Moonie's 30.84 mb original with graphics. So in Firefox it's effectively the 11.8 mb audio version which plays. [ more ]
El Loro Lori , I'm using a Windows computer. Firefox v 82 (so up to date) shows opening frame image but the clip itself is just black. The audio is working, Likewise for old IE 11 Does work on Microsoft Edge. [ more ]
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I feel sorry for Americans!
Saint Obama's legacy was to usher in the Trump era - that should have been a wake up call for all politicians everywhere. Voter lethargy and distrust in the traditional political system gave us Trump. The best thing that can come from his term in office is that politicians change their ways or they'll have something similar in 4 years times. [ more ]
Carnelian In some ways, I'll miss the Donald. He has been fantastic comedy value and unmissable. I will miss Trump impersonators. I've tried to do a half-decent Trump impression and my efforts were crap! Trump has been 'the best ever' comedy value. He's also a bit camp at times. If he wasn't such a hate-driven racist and right-wing nutjob, I'd want him to be president just for the comedy value. "Merica" has ditched childish bellicose American exceptionalism for sanity - albeit a bit more boring but a... [ more ]
Eugene's Lair 👏
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See this Govt,
velvet donkey You can't use your father's dementia for jokes. Totally ruled out then. That's when you're running out of material. [ more ]
Carnelian He used to be but even then Rob Newman was more talented and then Frank Skinner was more talented. On his own Baddiel is just a bit of a bore and a self-righteous bigot. [ more ]
velvet donkey David Baddiel is not even funny. Sorry to break that to you. [ more ]
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Do you know the only two people who have really replied to me recently?
velvet donkey Simon. Do you know ST 1 was a Motherwell no. Hope all is well Rexi [ more ]
Rexi Templar? As in Temps? That’s a blast from the past anyways ... how are you velvet? Coping with the madness that is the new normal? xx [ more ]
Dame_Ann_Average I've not been in any threads you have been in Velvet, plus I have been at work I'll reply to this though Hope you're staying safe [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
There's to be another forum system update some time today
Saint Why have all those replies on the front page? It looks a mess First reply perhaps and last one [ more ]
El Loro One can do what you are aiming for. Do a short opening post which isn't a spoiler, something like "Have a look at this". Then do a reply post which is what the surprise is. Then follow that with three replies which don't say much. That was the forum list page will just show the last 3 replies and the home page shows your first post and the last 3 replies but not the surprise post. I haven't tried this out but I think it will do want you are aiming for. [ more ]
Eugene's Lair 👍
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