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If you've never enjoyed an election campaign more in your life....
Kaytee The only time I voted Liberal was because I was an agent for the party in a local election so I had to🤣 I voted for Blair to get rid of a terrible conservative government ….then later voted Conservative to get rid of him. this Time I want to dislodge Davey……but can’t vote for the other two…..bit of a quandary 🤣🤣 [ more ]
Baz I was listening to an election programme on the radio and it got me thinking…and I’ve realised that I vote to *evict* ….rather than vote to *save* . I hated Thatcher and Blair in equal measures … during the Thatcher years I voted Liberal or Labour , and during the Blair years I voted Liberal or Conservative . [ more ]
Kaytee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰 [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Keir Starmer is a political joke.
Dame_Ann_Average This is how I feel, only much worse...I detest Starmer, he's destroyed what Labour stood for, we now have two cheeks of the same ar$e and it does nothing for democracy! [ more ]
velvet donkey Dame is definitely an OG Makes me laugh Good wee posse Dame Baz Ros and Kaytee I'll add Moons. [ more ]
Carnelian I hate Kier Starmer with an absolute passion. He's everything a Labour leader shouldn't be. Right-wing , dictatorial, hypocritical and morally bankrupt but... I hate the Tories, always have... and always will, their aims for society are totally incompatible with my own hopes. I weakly hope Labour win the election but I won't be voting for them and half-hope Starmer will be humiliated at the ballot box and finally bury for good the post-Thatcherite consensus in Labour. Corbyn should have... [ more ]
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I saw an article in the Guardian about Angela Raynor's residency.
velvet donkey Carnelian is okay. He's a thinker. Norfolk is nice - best weather in the UK [ more ]
Carnelian I like Angie, she's got guts and isn't bothered about the phoney niceties of politics. She would make a far better leader than Starmer. My reservations is that she likes to say "the right things" to the right audiences. I still won't be voting for Labour as they are very much a neoliberal endeavour while under Sir Kid Starver. [ more ]
Baz Ain she just Velvet [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Baz Yes ….its incredible Thanks for the heads up El….I will record the series . [ more ]
slimfern It's nothing short of remarkable how well preserved the site is...a once in a lifetime discovery for most of those involved I should think. [ more ]
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