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Scam Warning
El Loro and Norton's comment on that link: "This is a known dangerous webpage. It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page." [ more ]
Saint I got a text at 3.15am re energy rebates and gave this link, When i entered that it blocked my access saying it was highly suspicious (I did that knowing I would be protected and prompted by the protection thingy on me lappy) [ more ]
El Loro 👍
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
The Queen
Saint How can you reunite a family member that's a traitor and pointed the finger of racism at them all? [ more ]
Roxan I hear you! Call me a pedant though but I was really hoping for a couple more years so she would overtake Louis XIV for longest reign at 72 years 110 days. and reunite the family [ more ]
Baz Very true Just One ….. [ more ]
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Baz Hi there Roxan How’s it going ? [ more ]
Roxan The fist time I lived in America and moved back I had the merest hint of an American accent, and was told by employment agencies to lose it if I wanted to work. Been here now for 2/5 of my life over two spells and don't think I have an American accent. Any changes in words and expressions disappear too as soon as I speak to someone from home. [ more ]
Kaytee Hadaway and sh*te man🤣…..I’ve lived in the South now longer than I lived in the NE….but never really had the NE accent due to an Auntie who ensured that I didn’t….but I can turn the accent on and off….like Baz I speak Surrey these days…which isn’t really any kind of accent 🤣 [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Liverpool is mad.
Saint Incredible how many officials have trooped up to the TV crews saying how wonderful the community is and how everyone 'cares' about each other. They won't explain why there is a gang culture they can't break and 3 murders in a week. Image and reality - hmmm [ more ]
Baz If that’s about the guy that killed that poor little girl then I’d lock him up and throw away the key ! [ more ]
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