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Baz Yes ….its incredible Thanks for the heads up El….I will record the series . [ more ]
slimfern It's nothing short of remarkable how well preserved the site is...a once in a lifetime discovery for most of those involved I should think. [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Scam Warning
Baz I just had a strange scam call …apparently my internet line is being used for criminal purposes , and BT is gong to disconnect it unless I speak to BT ….which is weird seeing as I’m not with BT .🤣🤣Unless of course watching gaga is criminal .🤣🤣🤣 [ more ]
Baz Yes, that’s the trouble if a friend / acquaintance gets hacked ! [ more ]
El Loro 👍
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Celebrity Big Brother Starts on...
El Loro After agreeing with Slim and Baz, I've created a new thread which I've stickied, It's the first thread: In order to avoid confusion, I've amended this CBB Starts on... thread so that no more replies can be made. [ more ]
slimfern Latest... Those rumoured to be taking part in Celebrity Big Brother 2024 include: David Potts - Ibiza Weekend star Nikita Kuzmin - Strictly Come Dancing professional Linda Robson - Loose Women panellist Fern Britton - Presenter Luke Worley - Married At First Sight star Shirley Ballas - Dancer and Strictly Come Dancing head judge Louis Walsh - Music mogul and former X Factor judge Leigh Francis - Keith Lemon comedian Zeze Mills - Social media star and presenter Bradley Riches - Actor who... [ more ]
Saint 👍
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Emily Thornberry
Carnelian She recognised a Tory working class when she saw one. She was perceptive and was savaged by Murdoch's attack dogs for being correct. A scumbag who is a puppet master of many British politicians from New York. I'm not a fan of hers and you might say she was bigoted in her assumption but she was correct in her view and the bloke turned out to be exactly as she predicted. [ more ]
velvet donkey And the govt. subsidise them. Talk about accidents of birth. [ more ]
velvet donkey JLR have been caught putting second hand parts in cars under warranty. Cowboy dealers [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Baz My feelings exactly …but she did seem very smitten with him ! [ more ]
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing What!!!! Sounds somewhat dubious, if you ask me. I could believe they make op, eventually, but I think it would take a bit longer for that degree of closeness to get re-established......unless she had been acting a part too! [ more ]
Baz I think he is supposed to be taking Mollie on holiday ….if you believe that . [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Windows 10 January update
slimfern I'm not going to touch it El.... [ more ]
El Loro You would probably find that if you did try to install KB5034441, Slim, that it failed I've paused Windows updates for 7 days otherwise there would be repeated attempts to install that patch. Patches generally done once a month so unlikely to matter pausing for a few days, [ more ]
slimfern It says 'Pending Installment' on my computer El [ more ]
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