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Hicky Evening Mollie & Baz. Never got in the garden Baz, the forecast seems fine until the day then it isnt so nice, we have rain on the windows for 2 days and the wind was strong today and i cant work out in that, i will see day by day. That is an awful lot of steps, i usually manage about 1 or 2k depending on what i am doing. I have used the McCains frozen Crinkle cut chips for 2 days, i tend to give them an hour to defrost first, then set the fryer to max which is 205c and set cook to... [ more ]
*mollie* both Baz shame you didn't manage your walk today. Bet your sofa will look all posh when your new cushions come. Did you get them from Dunelm? Your bad feeling about young Immy getting the boot was right, but she proved to be a right little trooper and did so well for such a young age, and at least we got to see what a lovely ameniable child she was. Hicky that is good the podiatrist comes to your home, so you don't have to worry about getting taxis anywhere. We bought the 2 basket air fryer,... [ more ]
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