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Hicky Evening Mollie & Baz. Rained off and on here today as well, a pity you couldnt get your walk in Baz. Did you fasten the coconut to the branch, they usually come with a string dont they, if it was not fastened a squirel might have taken it, they love the bird food from the coconuts. I will have to wait for an appointment to find out about the CT scan etc. I dont watch football as i think all the injuries are pre-planned to get an advantage of the other team, if they commit a sliding... [ more ]
Baz Afternoon Mollie and Hicky 🥰🥰🥰Bright sunshine at 5 o’clock this morning ….but by the time I got up , and was thinking about going for a walk , it was raining ! 🙄🙄So the furthest I’ve been today is to the local shop for some milk etc. 🤣🤣Consequently, I’ve spent the morning doing two loads of washing , dusting , emptying bins and feeding the wildlife . I had a strange thing happen too . Yesterday I put one of those suet filled coconut shells out for the birds ….today it’s totally... [ more ]
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Does my cat have a broken bone?
lowerback I'm really sorry to hear about your cat. It's heartening to know that he was able to recover from his initial injuries, but this new issue definitely sounds worrisome. Although it's a good sign that he doesn't seem to be in pain and is acting normally, any unusual changes in your pet's physical condition should be checked by a professional. Please consult with a veterinarian as soon as you can. They have the necessary training and expertise to determine what this protrusion could be and... [ more ]
Baz Awww how cruel some people are I’d take him to the vets if I was you Cats [ more ]
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