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Recent weather anomalies
suricat No response! Why did you 'ever' induce me to join 'your site'??? I'm "out of here"! suricat. [ more ]
suricat Let's get away from my complaints about the 'science' on this site and get back to the subject of 'recent weather anomalies'. We've all noticed the changes in weather trends here in the UK and it's exactly as I predicted on the 'C4' 'Eve' site. There is an acceleration in the 'hydrological sphere' (if you've noticed) that causes higher than average 'wind speeds' and greater 'rainfall' than the UK has experienced in the recent past (also higher average annual temperatures). Now this may be... [ more ]
suricat "Channel 4 opted to cancel the service it had with us, and we opened up a new site for members who wanted to continue with the community." Untrue from the perspective of Channel 4 posters. 'C4' (Channel 4) posters to their 'C4' 'Eve website' understood that 'C4' was closing their 'Eve website' without any online reference to postings that were made there. Posters on the 'Eve website' were offered a migration to your website! Where are the 'postings' from the 'original' 'Eve website'? They're... [ more ]
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'AI' (artificial intelligence).
suricat In a 'modern day' computer, 'AI', may well have the ability to connect to and re-program other 'AI' entities, where/when a 'connection' is available! This scenario must be avoided at all cost to maintain 'human control'! There are already too many inter-connections already established where an 'AI' intellect can alter the directive of another ''AI' Intellect'. This 'scenario' must not 'come to be'! Google could be an example of this danger. Best regards, Ray Dart (AKA suricat). [ more ]
suricat “ Sadly, I'm not a scientist or a philosopher, though Descartes was both.” 'Philosophy' rarely alters, but 'the science' alters with the times and knowledge data base as it's updated into the 'general understanding'. Descartes couldn't know of the progress of computers because there were 'no computers' in his time on this planet. Sorry El Loro, but I think that this thread has just died! Kind regards, Ray Dart (AKA suricat). [ more ]
El Loro Sadly, I'm not a scientist or a philosopher, though Descartes was both. [ more ]
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The Sky at Night
suricat I've re-read this thread and realise that I've probably only increased the confusion for this phenomenon. Because the Moon is still mostly influenced by Earth's gravity, even though the Moon continues to escape Earth's gravitational influence (is moving away from the Earth) at the rate of the 'growth of a human fingernail', another influence may also be responsible for the Moon's 'notation' (nodding back and forth) other than 'gravitational variance' from Sol and other local mass influences. [ more ]
suricat 'Ensign Muf'. Are you Mr 'Diver'? That would be 'cool'! However, the moon doesn't 'rotate around the Earth In 'almost' 'stationary orbit' around the Earth as its energy. The 'Sun' also . [ more ]
suricat It's a matter of 'perspective' and the point of 'observation' that can cause confusion here IMHO. Let's take a look at recent 'theory' of how the 'Earth-Moon' configuration came to be about. It assumes that both a 'Proto-Earth' and a 'close proximity planet' named 'Thea' ('Thea' is assumed to be a [roughly] 'Mars sized planet') came together and impacted one-another '~3.5 b.y.a' (about 3.5 Billion Years Ago) during the formation/stabilisation of our 'Solar System'. Most of the heavier... [ more ]
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Re-post from The Bird Sanctuary :)
suricat I've posted a new 'science' thread, without response. You are correct in your assumption that this 'collective' (site) is only interested in 'social media'! My question is, 'why did this site claim to "provide" an alternative for users of the 'Chanel 4 "eve" website' as the site 'per se' was "shutting down"? All/many 'links' have been 'lost', together with their 'postings' (the '404' [page unknown] proliferates here) and indicates that the point of view that this site has bias against any... [ more ]
suricat Hold that thought. If 'the science' of an individual can help the understanding of other people, I'll try to establish this from an 'engineers' perspective. All questions are welcome here! Ray Dart (AKA suricat). [ more ]
suricat My thanks for your response. However, I have no desire to open a new thread here. This site isn't very 'science oriented' for a new thread on 'science' here. Kindest regards, Ray Dart (AKA suricat). [ more ]
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Large Hadron Collider - early results
suricat Hi EFFT, "Please designate a 'thread'. If not, I shall." I've found it 'impossible' for me to generate a 'thread' here! How can this be done? It would be of 'help' if an 'obvious route' to this was available in a "help menu"! Now I remember why I left this site. Kind regards, Ray Dart (AKA. suricat). [ more ]
suricat O'Kay 'EFFT''. I've been away a while, but I really do think that our/your readers need to understand the 'machinations' of our 'planet '! We should educate/elucidate them if they have any interest in the way that Earth interacts with 'forces' that alter equilibrium for surface temperature. Please designate a 'thread'. If not, I shall. Kind regards, Ray Dart.l [ more ]
suricat Let's take this discussion to a 'page' 'thread' of your choice 'fluffy'. Best regards, Ray. [ more ]
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MS Windows 7 goes on public test
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing Still using windows XP, but have a new computer, that I'll be moving to sometime in the future, that runs on Windows 7. Looks fine to me. [ more ]
Ensign Muf Reference: Carnelian Just moved from XP to Windows 7 and generally impressed with nearly everything about it. I have access to win 7 but am sticking by vista which if you shut down all it's whistles and bells is a pretty stable O/S. Loved 2000 pro knew it inside out but can't make the commitment now with these new fangled O/Ss [ more ]
Ensign Muf Reference: suricat Whatever happened to the "Longhorn" O/S? Promises, promises! "Prior to its[microsoft] announcement on July 22, 2005, Windows Vista was known by its codename "Longhorn." source [ more ]
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More Empirical falsifications of Anthropic Global Warming
suricat That was an interesting talk muf, but you'll notice that this area of science has more questions than answers. In fact Jasper clearly stated that his presentation wasn't any kind of submission, but just observations to be noted for future reference. I'd like to refer back to your post of May 31/2010. "Temp goes up cloud cover goes down, no-brainer really" It's true that the amount of 'water vapour' (WV) that air can absorb increases with temperature, implying that clouds evaporate as... [ more ]
suricat This site no longer allows me to 'paste' into the reply 'box'. Good bye! [ more ]
Ensign Muf Cosmic rays and climate with Jasper Kirkby on the CERN doc server [ more ]
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Are You scared by climate change?
captain marbles I'm quite scared that oil money has so much power to twist the debate so much. It's an Exxon planet after all. [ more ]
Ensign Muf Thanks for the link Luci; a very interesting read and I urge everyone to read it! I followed a link from the piece to Paul Kingsnorths site : Dark Mountain Project which also make interesting and thought provoking reading. ( I especially like the phrase " climate change-uber-alles mentality ") [ more ]
Former Member [ more ]
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Wonders of the Solar System
Ensign Muf I suppose that I didn't see anything in the show that I didn't already know but it was still quite entertaining [ more ]
suricat muf. Para 2 of my last post ended with ‘puter’, then I closed the bracket. Non of that other crap in para 2 was posted by me. I forgot how bad this site is for pasting from Word Pro! Best regards, suricat. [ more ]
suricat muf. "Haven't watched the last one yet(tbh ET is not my thing) but have SKY+ed it" No need for that, you can see it today (06/04/2010) on BBC 2 at 19:00 hrs. UK summer time. Yes, too many programmes are repeated nowadays (even though we are also given a 30 day BBC i-Player alternative on the ‘puter&rsquo . However, do you remember my criticism of ice core samples? It turns out that the last prog of the series justifies this. They’ve shown how plankton type organisms can live in ice for... [ more ]
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MIT..Climategate discussion
suricat muf. I’m up late again. I heard about Lord Monckton’s encounter with local police in Denmark on the news, so I wasn’t surprised to see him included with these ‘Climate Videos’ from there; or the encounter reported in "Counting Cats in Zanzibar"; however, I was surprised to see his actions elsewhere: http://scienceandpublicpolicy..../pachauri_letter.pdf Do you think these things could be related? Best... [ more ]
suricat muf. That’s quite possible. The initial human response to an external stimulus (like a question that hasn’t been previously encountered) tends to be one of a defensive nature that delays the full response [ref: personal insight]. This reflects on the past experience (fields of knowledge and levels of understanding) of the individual. Let’s face it, Climate Science is truly ‘diverse’ and has great depth. Many questions and answers must have terrifying repercussions to the uninitiated! I... [ more ]
Ensign Muf Reference: suricat Well I’ve resisted watching this elsewhere muf, but I saw this first here. I watched this last night suricat and honestly got more out of it than I expected! Could the whole difference between all the sides of the argument be 'some that panic and some that don't'?? I know that I personally tend not to panic and I guess that You like me look a problem and set about [trying to] solve it. [ more ]
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what goes through the mind?
Belle i forgot i had posted this (doh). i will have a look at the articles thanks. meantime at 3 months old we often look at the little boy who lives in the mirror to see how he is going [ more ]
Ensign Muf "Most human babies do not pass the mirror test until several months of age" also "Humans tend to fail the mirror test until they are about 18 months old" [ more ]
El Loro An interesting subject, made difficult as babies can't tell us what they are thinking. I did a Google search and found this article which will be of interest to you. There's also a more general article on the theory of cognitive development at [ more ]
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Former Member Just seen it. Didn't have to pay a penny! [ more ]
Ensign Muf Its all a money making exercise suricat [ more ]
suricat mufcdiver. I intended to say that there is no way that I would pay £19.99 for a right to view this proposed data and scenario because six months ago it was absolutely free! However, it's a lot worse than that now! It seems that I can own An Inconvenient Truth for £19.99 without an order of more than £5.00 with Amazon, but if I pay more than £5.00 for an order with Amazon the cost for "An Inconvenient Truth" is only £3.98! Crap! Because if I pay £19.99 for "An Inconvenient Truth" then I... [ more ]
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Summer 2009 Weather
Former Member the sun is awfully quiet... more rain methinks! However, here's one for all you falsifiers out there... If it really is down to sunspots, then we should also see temperatures in line with those of the little ice age (or at least approaching them). I wonder why we aren't? [ more ]
El Loro And Piers Corbyn's forecast on Radio 4 today for August was deluges and floods throughout the month with the worst in the West and North. The most pessimistic forecast I have ever heard. [ more ]
El Loro The Met Office has had to revise their summer forecast today. Oddly enough, they think the rainfall will be at or above average. [ more ]
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The Asylum
Ensign Muf Interesting banner in my local OXFAM shop window, it reads; " CLIMATE CHANGE KILLS!! "] Now I assume that they mean AGW induced 'climate change' and that they don't mean 'people whom have met they're end whilst investigating climate change'; So, how many confirmed AGW 'Kills' have our green house gas emissions claimed? Just a thought [ more ]
suricat mufcdiver. That's true, but although I don't think that this is the correct thread for this discussion the subject of "Asylum" does seem appropriate. Let's do this science policy here. I think this is down to differing disciplines not using any language translation tools. Even the math formulae tend to differ between disciplines (that's one reason I usually don't post any math). First show me the bottom. We got lead out of petrol in the UK only to increase its benzene content to more... [ more ]
Ensign Muf [reply from 'Empirical....'] re : comments Folk seem to be so dogmatic in their views that it is hard to imagine any forward movement towards any kind of workable resolution [seems we're stuck between soooo many dogma's that it's hard to see the way forward!?!] Presently I'm favouring a bottom-up resolution, whereby we start at with the broadest set of environmental problems[forget money, just do whats right!!] that we all agree on, solve them and move up!! This way, I think it would be... [ more ]
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