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Donkey pops up out of manhole in Switzerland

Donkey pops up out of manhole in SwitzerlandThe creature has remained silent about his motives

A donkey popped up out of a manhole in Switzerland – and the beast has so far been unwilling or unable to offer investigators any leads on what he was doing down there.

Local man Urs Meyer found the big-eared creature with his head poking out of the manhole cover while walking his dog in the municipality of Pratteln in northern Switzerland.

Meyer manfully fought back the urge to make any pun on the words β€˜ass’ and β€˜hole’.

Meyer said, β€˜My initial reaction was it was a stuffed toy but then I saw it move its ears and shake its head, and realised it was real. I don’t know how the manhole cover ended up being moved but the donkey had clearly fallen inside and was stuck there.’

It took more than an hour to dislodge the donkey from the hole.


Fire brigade spokesman Markus Osterhagen said: β€˜The donkey was lucky it didn’t end up falling any deeper into the hole. It was hard enough to get it out as it was. We reckon it probably been there all night, and although it had some small cuts from trying to wriggle free, it was otherwise unhurt.’


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