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top gear - ambitious but rubbish
velvet donkey Are you still around @Roger the Alien ? [ more ]
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing These are other well-known animals from the mustelid family. Ferrets Badgers Ratels (or Honey badgers ) Martens Mink s (Tut,tut. Naughty Wiki! The plural of Mink is Mink!) Polecats Sables Stoats Otters They can be thought of as two subfamilies, the Lutrinae (the otters ), and the Mustelinae (the rest) Subfamilies Lutrinae (otters) Melinae (European badgers) Mellivorinae (honey badgers) Taxidiinae (American badgers) Mustelinae (weasels, tayra, wolverines, martens, polecats) [ more ]
hh42 Me too. Mustelids have been mentioned. Like a good mustelid. [ more ]
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Gilmore Girls& Joan of Arcadia??
Ensign Muf I'm now watching the Gilmore Girls 0n 5* with my daughter, I think we're up to season 2...very good [ more ]
~Sparkling Summer~ I LOVED Gilmore girls! I borrowed the whole collection from my niece and watched the lot in a matter of months! I wish it had ended properly though I'm loving Hart of Dixie, it has that Gilmore small town vibe to it and I love the dynamic of the characters! [ more ]
Little Miss Vixen I really like the naturalistic acting style on Gilmore Girls but I find Joan a bit too preachy... Get yourself a digital recorded, it'll change your life!! [ more ]
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Poll: Favourite Star Trek Captain
Enthusiastic Contrafibularities Originally Posted by suricat: I voted JLP, but it was truly 50:50 between JLP and JTK. My fav with JTK was the line "Beam me up Scottie" I just came across this thread and decided to vote. I went for the classic James T. Kirk. Did you know, Kirk never actually used the phrase "Beam me up Scotty". . [ more ]
suricat Well, I must admit that this is the first time I've seen this thread too. I voted JLP, but it was truly 50:50 between JLP and JTK. My fav with JTK was the line "Beam me up Scottie", but the special effects (SFX) were so basic in the early days of the series that it all seems so "corny" now. Even the later SFX with JTK in the lead role seem adequate, but the lead player also seems "dated" for the role. Thus, JLP wins my vote. I like the way that JLP makes a decision in two minutes that would... [ more ]
Shar Just seen this thread .... I am a bit of a trekkie ... My fav captain is definitely Jean Luc Picard ... Unbelieveably I haven't seen the new film yet .... [ more ]
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Former Member It was indeed. I think it influenced other shows with its more realistic feel. [ more ]
machel not watched mad men so can't comment on that, with ER you could not predict the ending, the "good" sometimes died whilst the "bad" survived, it was very gritty and real life [ more ]
Former Member Brilliant show Machel arrrgh I can't decide which is better now ER or Mad Men. Mad Men got better series on series whereas ER, its like there was different production in later series and it went a bit downhill. But you can't sustain that level of excellence. There was a wonderful quirky but realistic, unsentimental feel to E.R. in the first few series. Abby is my favourite character I think, what twists and turns she went through. [ more ]
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A.J. so disappointed with this as it started off great and went pretty boring. [ more ]
Xochi News FlashForward! Word is, it restarts on Monday March 22nd. [ more ]
Xochi On the off-chance anyone has a peek in here again, I've been trying to find out when the series picks up from where it was so rudely interrupted. The best I can provide is March 18th, and in view of the fact Channel 5 is now trailing it to start in March it may not be too far off the mark. That's if anyone can remember what was happening when it stopped! [ more ]
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El Loro For anyone who pops in here, here's a clip from the film showing the very brief cameo appearances firstly by Dirk Benedict and then Dwight Schultz. [ more ]
hh42 not yet... it will happen eventually... financially, possibly when it comes on the family sky movies package. [ more ]
Temps *dusts the place down* Yeah....I had to blow off some steam Have you seen the movie yet? [ more ]
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Loves and Loathes
~Sparkling Summer~ Bonus loves- That I can access this forum from my new phone, and that I've had sweet fa to do at work over the last 2 hours, which in turn has freed me up to spend some quality time on here :-) Phew! [ more ]
~Sparkling Summer~ Loves- That I've stumbled upon a loves & loathes thread The trip down memory lane Sunshine Loathes- I have a cold and it sucks [ more ]
hh42 things are ok... i'm working morning afternoon and he's working afternoon evening right now.. that's a pain... just meant i had no one to look after me when i was sick.. loathes: food poisoning having to look after herself loves: having the house to myself control of the remote [ more ]
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Dollhouse (US pace, spoilers for UK viewers)
Ensign Muf Watched the 1st episode of the 2nd season without seeing the first season at the weekend, what on earth is going on??? [ more ]
Kev I just watched the 13th ep. OMG its great, I've missed this show so much. Starts off confusing (we expect that though don't we?) but... It all makes sense in the end. It felt almost like a film that has all the dull un-important bits cut out. It's got suspense all the way through. [ more ]
Kev Just seen that ep.13 has been shown in the US...Jul 28th. Will be shown in UK when the ep.12 has been shown on Sci-Fi. And the 2nd series is being aired on 25 September. IMDB Wish I had a time machine. [ more ]
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Smallville Fans post here!
Kev Loved this show but then Channel 4 didn't show it for something like 2 years so lost the storyline and lost interest. This was after season 2 or 3. Think I'll buy the boxset in the future. Lois Lane as a teen is HOT. [ more ]
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Firefly.. a few questions before i buy...
Little Miss Vixen I LOVE Firefly and the film is amaze Well worth watching!! And although it was cancelled before its time the film does help tie up many of the loose ends so you don't have that annoyed feeling you get if you watch, say, Tru Calling whihc has no conclusion.. **sniff, sob** [ more ]
skip to the end Have you watched Dollhouse yet? [ more ]
mummymaz Its not payday till 2moro LOL!! I'll be ordering both then - i am hoping for Joss' Firefly to have everything i miss from Buffy!! [ more ]
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primeval : stick a fork in it, its's done
El Loro Interstingly enough, BBC Worldwide distribute Primeval outside the UK - for instance it is shown on the BBC channel in the USA. [ more ]
BBBS we can but hope, heck i'd settle for it coming back on anything (other than ch4) although i'd love bbc to pick it up to fill in the gaps between dr who on a sat evening. [ more ]
El Loro There is always the possibility that Impossible Pictures who make the series will be able to come to some sort of deal other than with ITV. [ more ]
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Lie To Me
hh42 is good lie to me... i'm desperate to catch that extreme truth guy in a lie though. [ more ]
Former Member Loving this show - Tim Roth's character is an arrogant little git but that's what makes it great Did anyone see last nights where the gang member was released from prison? Surprise ending [ more ]
Kev I like it. Only seen the first one though. Liked it enough to download the next 7 episodes lol. The next 5 or 6 will be done at the weekend. I think they're up to episode 12 or 13 in the US. [ more ]
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Ensign Muf Cheers Suzy . I'll have to wait for the dvd though(chances of my local flea-plex getting it are zero & google vids version is like watching it under water) Have they changed the lass you played Georges human incarnation too? [ more ]
Suzy Yes it's worth a watch. [ more ]
Ensign Muf Can't believe that none of the major channels took it up [ more ]
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The Tripods
BBBS forgot to say the soundtrack for tripods season 3 was released by the original composer late march to retail and itunes [ more ]
BBBS well some good news for you there is a new series in pre production but its a movie series slatted to be shot back to back it will cover all 3 episodes, it will be shot in late 2011 with an expected summer 2012 release for part one with the others following either in cinema or stv depending on how it does at the box office. [ more ]
Jumbo Jimbo Re: The Tripods [ more ]
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