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Originally posted by Pengy:
Originally posted by moonie:
I decided to start a SIT thats here all the time. Hopefully we will not have to search the threads for it again Clapping

Unless FM's don't agree with the idea, of course Big Grin

reading what you've actually said now Blush could you pm the very nice mods and ask them to make a sticky for it at the top? Big Grin

Hehehehe..I will Hug
Originally posted by moonie:

Thats right Pengy Nod
Hows Milo? Big Grin

Milo is fast asleep - he's spent all morning getting underfoot as we had a blockage with the washing machine and it OH couldn't work out what was wrong till I mentioned the filter at the bottom Roll Eyes he undone it and the kitchen flooded with water Mad then Milo walked in it then scampered all over the living room, hallway and my settees Mad it's a hard life being a dog Laugh
afternoon peeps wavey