Does ER fit in here, given that it's about to end... does that make it a classic? Big Grin

I don't know where else to put it.

Anyway. How are you enjoying the last series? I hated it at the start (of this series) far too sentimental and predictable. It's getting really good now though. It's lovely having Carter back, even though he is sick.

Morris has been my favourite character for the last couple of series. I think it's great that he's all loved up. I didn't think it would last after last week.

Has anyone seen the trailers for next weeks double bill?


I cannot wait to see Doug and Carol! And ooh Susan Sarandon is in it!!! I wonder what the storyline will be.

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I liked Carter returning but also Morris. He is a good laugh and classic. And you only have to think back 3 or 4 years to when he was a useless junior doctor who wouldn't do anything, and he changed almost over night (or between series) to this excellent doctor he is now.
Well what did you think? The whole Carter thing in hospital reminded me of me when I went in recently. I liked the Benton thing and the way he popped in and still causing trouble for people! It would have been nice, maybe, if Carol had said, 'and the kidney has gone to a doctor in Chicago called...John Carter!'. My fav scene I think was when Doug was quizzing Neela and Sam about County and who was still there. Neela will remember Susan and poss Sam too, I'm not sure, but neither knew others (other than Kerry) and then he was like, is Anspargh (spelling?) still there?! Classic.

Overall I enjoyed it, I didn't think it was too sentimental or OTT. And you might be right about Morris, it being gradual!
Originally posted by Dr_GReene04:
It would have been nice, maybe, if Carol had said, 'and the kidney has gone to a doctor in Chicago called...John Carter!'.

That's exactly what I thought!!! They were sooooooo close!

Anspaugh has been in a few episodes over the last few series. I expect we'll see him again before the end.

Why didn't Doug, or Sam say do you remember the nurses? There are loads of them still there.

But it was a great couple of episodes. I'm glad Morris' new lady survived.
Still good ep last night. Enjoyed that. Nice to see Abby and Ray back, if only for a fleeting couple of minutes. No Carter this week either.

Regarding last weeks double, it would have been nice for them to have mentioned the nurses especially Haleh and Chuney. Also I was trying to work out if Sam was there when Susan was. Neela definately was and I think Sam was too but not sure. And when they were tripping through all the people they could have said 'How about John Carter?'

Its brilliant isn't it Machel ]

Although though ER got a bit schmaltzy and went downhill in the last couple of series, its still my favourite U.S. series after Mad Man and The Wire.


I want to watch it over from the beginning... I don't have Sky so I suppose I'll have to get a box set. 

Brilliant show Machel  arrrgh I can't decide which is better now  ER or Mad Men. Mad Men got better series on series whereas ER, its like there was different production in later series and it went a bit downhill. But you can't sustain that level of excellence.


There was a wonderful quirky but realistic, unsentimental feel to E.R. in the first few series. Abby is my favourite character I think, what twists and turns she went through.

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