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Garage Joe Moin I finally made it through with all the others who got rained on too. [ more ]
Jenny I hope all these fms that have crawled out of the woodwork, hang around now? Go on. You know you want to. [ more ]
Guest OMG, it's a lesser spotted Wodgypoo [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
A Close Shave!
LGS tis funny when they start Bozzi, got austin an electric one for xmas, cos he has to shave all his face now bless, it strange seein them with bum fluff as we call it in these parts, but it better with the electric one as with a razor, he kept getting spots, so just a suggestion if little Bozz has the same problem [ more ]
Heatseek Re: A Close Shave! [ more ]
bozzimacoo hi bb, the bathroom was a bit wet, only three bucket loads to mop up [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Old forum is closed already!!
apricot Well you're lucky then LL, and I don't really have time to hang around waiting for the main page to open, as I have an appointment, but was hoping to see the forum before I logged off, not to be though. Maybe it will be faster later on. xxxxxxxx [ more ]
Liverpoollass Works ok for me [ more ]
apricot Morning and I can't get into the Old Forum, and did try twice and it got stuck, went to the bog came back and the page was still stuck! Tried again, slower than a snail, got in, clicked on a Thread and that was it, got fed up and came in here. Bet they're shredding Threads over there, letter by letter! Actually do feel sad about that forum, as not everyone will be over here will they. [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
Thank you Eve
Guest Yup indeed...Thanks Eve, for our posh new home. [ more ]
Bagel Queen thankyou eve..especially Rosemary and bov...I was so upset when c4 forum announced its closure and I could not settle in your temp one, but will be giving this one a go as it looks [ more ]
Former Member Thankyou [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
I'm confused
Irish-Princess Ah I see, ok! [ more ]
Rafe That may have been so, but what would have happened if Friday got here, the old forum went *poof* and no-one was ready or settled at the new place? Worse still, if no-one 'knew' about this place? It is better to be early and get things ready and sorted [ more ]
old grumpy No, it closes at noon on Thursday, and this one is open all the time, right through the night for the night owls. [ more ]
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