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John Barnes destroying Andrew Castle.
velvet donkey A conveyor belt of American study. You're included Lammy. Weird. [ more ]
velvet donkey She'll look good though when she rewinds it. What is it with studying in America like Sullerman? Feck knows. [ more ]
velvet donkey Yeah, and they're all double down Tory back bench no marks Feck, an illegal immigration debate becomes all about a footballer. It's pointless debating it in the Commons. One thing London is known for is law firms. Waste of time. [ more ]
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TV ShowsBig Brother UK
The minute Keir Starmer talked about immigration and the NHS.
velvet donkey I know - but I'm anyone bar Conservatives. They really are taking the piss [ more ]
Carnelian Velvet, I'm not biting my nose off. Starmer better make sure he's licked Rupert Murdoch's boots enough for Murdoch to give him his backing. He better make sure his precious middle England voters like his Tory-lite message. Starmer isn't pitching to me because he arrogantly thinks my vote's in the bag. It isn't! "But where will they go?" sneered pal of Jeffrey Epstein and Russian oligarchs, Mandelson as New Labour dumped on the struggling working class. Well, where I won't go is to the... [ more ]
Carnelian No, if you vote for Starmer's Labour you're voting for the neoliberal "reset" button. I'm out of it. Labour doesn't want my vote and obnoxiously insinuates that I'm an antisemite for voting for Jezza when Starmer has thrown more (of the wrong type of) Jewish members out of the party than any other leader. They can take a running jump. I'm not going to reward that lying, backstabbing racist Starmer for his behaviour. [ more ]
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