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Hi both.

Heavy rain overnight and rain this morning. It did brighten up late afternoon, but everything was sodden, so I didn't go out.
At least things are looking a lot greener again I suppose.
Still reasonably warm, but only in the high teens.


Hicky. I like Sainsburys Black puddings. I get the ready sliced ones on a tray.
That's strange that the delivery driver isn't allowed to be early?


Pity to give up cake making now. But i guess you've had quite a few failures?
Glad the new knife is just the job for your bread slicer gadget.
Yes, the greenhouse sections will give you something to do.


I see on the News that the hosepipe ban that they are bringing in next month will include Liverpool. Will that have any impact on your watering system do you think.


Certainly for a holiday let, then the landlord or letting agency would take care of the garden. If they were letting for longer periods then it would depend on the type of lease I suppose. my own landlady has no responsibility for the garden here. I can do what I like in it.
The farm does cut the back of the hedge on the field side, but i have to do my side.


Mollie. That's exciting that you were involved as an extra for your son's film. Wonder if we'll ever be able to see it?
Interesting that it took 2 hours to film a sequence that'll only last a few seconds in the film.

Yes, the gardener is the last concern when working out all the details of the house sale, but if they want me to continue I'll need to have the details of who I'm dealing with. They'll probably also have to give me a key to the garage, if they want me to continue to use the ride-on mower.
The old client still owes me for about 6 weeks work, so I'll have to send a final bill to him I guess.


I suppose as long as you've picked up a few words of Welsh over the years, that isn't bad. Does it get spoken when you visit your OH's family in North Wales?


Watched 'Inside the factory' on BBC2, about coffee production. The the thing about Facebook on CH4.

Evening emptybox, 

A bit warmer today at 22c with sunny intervals, light winds of 5 to 8.

Didn't do a lot today.

Had some bacon and toms for brekkie.

Started cutting and marking for drilling ,the next set of support frames for the greenhouse, i have the new work bench and heavy vice to use which will save me cutting on the summerhouse floor etc.

For tea i decided on having some more Samosa's so took 6 from the freezer, then saw the last of the bean-sprouts so decided to fry them and get some prawns out, added some curry and had that.

I was going to make some curry samosa but decided to use up more stored food first.

At least my water butts are full again, lack of sun has turned off the watering for the greenhouse.

The watering sensor in the raised beds stopped that from getting water for 2 days, if it rains then it doesn't need it anyway.

This was the Bury whole U black pudding, very nice too, had one boiled but the one fried was best.

No, the hose pipe ban shouldn't effect me, i don't use a hosepipe don't have grass and don't wash cars.

The delivery drivers aren't allowed to be early because they could be breaking speed limits or taking short cuts so their driving is monitored.

Hi both xxx


Pity the rain meant you couldn't get out, but as you say it is good to look green again. Not had much rain still here so it is still scorched looking.

Gosh at old client owing you for 6 weeks work, hope they pay up.

Glad to see your work bench and vice are coming into their own now.

Good job no hosepipe ban would affect you. We dont use hosepipe either.


how nice your lad is getting 4 months off work. Wil that cover when the baby is born and when you visit? Hope you can sort insurance out for open ended ticket. I know you usually put dates in for insurance quotes, but should think you could get one for Oz, as they are probably used more for going there. 

don't you think Laura will go for the older guy who is nearer her age? I think she will. As you say it is like seeing better food on the next table.

We did at least get free theatre tickes for volunteering, so that is good and it was a lot of fun, but can't see me volunteering at any time for the military!

Any news on your OH's knee?

Went to Cardiff today, I got some strawberries with melted choccy from Thorntons. Delicious. And some new fluffy grey slippers with a plastic pearl in the middle for £4.

Watching Love Island now.

Son been working on the filming set for 11 hours today. They have finished it now.

I'll let you know when it is being aired. Gosh I am beginning to wonder what an idiot I will look if the shots of the crowd include me? ?

Have a good evening both xxx

Evening both.
Dull and cloudy again here. In fact we haven't much sunshine for a few days now. At least it stayed dry today.


Got one job done, where the grass had grown. Then went to do a series of jobs in one street, and none of them had grown at all, so had to leave them for a week or so.
Mind you, i was quite pleased to go home early as I was having bad symptoms today, so I was better off at home with the toilet near.
Much better tonight though.


Hicky. That's good that the hosepipe ban wouldn't affect you, if you are getting the water from your water butts. As long as you are not filling them up from the hose?
Well done on getting to work on your greenhouse project.


Mollie. I normally only bill that client every 2 months, so wasn't due to send a bill till the beginning of August, but will send it early if they've completed the sale.
The trouble is he won't have the same incentive to pay up, as I won't be working for him any more. And he lives in London.
(he's the one who hadn't paid the June bill till I saw him in person and he paid up in cash, so it doesn't look too good)


Yes I would think there's a bit of difference in volunteering to be an extra in a film and volunteering for a mission in the army. And at least you got free theatre tickets out of it.
That's good that the filming is now finished for your son.
Hope you are pleased with your new fluffy slippers complete with plastic pearls.  


Watched CH4 tonight. 'Live Well for Longer' then 24 Hrs in A&E then 'Stath Lets Flats'. That's quite funny, even though it is silly.

Evening Both. :

Not a bad day, 21c but it was 23c on my Gazebo thermometer, sunny and light winds of 6 to 10.

Started work on making more sections of the vine supports, marked and drilled and bolted together the sections, may be able to fin into greenhouse as i think i can do it from the outside, have to take the glass out anyway so it should be ok.

Bolted the new vice to the new workbench, ideal for jobs like this, and the vice can be swung around on the mounting with a release handle.

O/H went to see the doc about the knee xray results, not good, she needs a new knee, not sure how this is going to effect the holiday this year, as we have no idea when she could have an op even if she passed the criteria, and convalescing.

Went to the Railway Inn for brekkie as they have stated doing it from 9am, o/h gave me a piece of her 2 fish tea as 1 was enough so had that then had some spring roll for the freezer, another meal left now, they cook good in the wok from frozen, still haven't tried the new spring roll pastry.

Mollie, Not sure when my lad was taking his maternity leave from, will have to check.

I do think Laura wants to get a new feller, thats for sure but not sure if Love Island is the right place for her.

Strawberries with melted chocolate, sounds good.

They film for so long, it's all about renting space or equipment, everything is so expensive.

It's not very easy to spot anyone in a crown on a film as the crown won't be in focus, depending on the scene of course.

Emptybox, Strange how some places can have grass thats grown and others not.

Thats bad news when your symptoms come while at work, i think you defo need a plan B, this isn't going to get any easier and you really need to know where you go from here. 

I saw some of one of those "Stath Lets Flats", who pays them to film that rubbish.

 Going to make the shopping list now, such a chore.


both xxx


shame you got symptoms but good job you were due to go home, and that it had eased by night time. Hope it has been ok today.

Hope you do get paid what that client owes you. Not easy to chase up though if he lives in London and you won't be working for him any more.

You are losing quite a bit of work this year what with clients selling up and the grass not growing in some areas due to it being too dry.


sounds like your vine support work is keeping you busy.

Sorry to hear it is not good news about your OH's knees. Such a common problem I believe and they are probably cutting back on knee ops. Not so sure it is that sucessfull an op any way though, is it? Did the doc give her some cream or meds to ease it? Perhaps she could try a  TENS machine like this to see if it eases it? You get them from Lloyds chemist or amazon.


Hope it does not interfere with your hol plans.

Yes not sure Love Island is quite the pleace for someone Laura's age to find what she is looking for. I think she is very needy and desperate to hold onto the fellas that it puts them off.

Does Love Island finish this week? It seems to of been on for a long time.

No mention of Big Brother dates yet either.

Thats nice you got brekkie out.

It was hot again today, around 27c. Took dog out early and it was still completely wind free and around 23c, so we didnt go far.

We tried a differnt pub tonight for a meal out and we all enjoyed it. It was so hot in our kitchen, I jumped at the chance of a meal out. I had mac cheese, salad and sweet potato fries. Very nice it was.

Have a good evening both xxx

Hi both.
Nice day here. Mostly sunny and quite warm. Maybe up to 20 degrees?

TBH I've kinda run out of work temporarily, as there's not much needs doing before next week, and things still aren't growing in some places.
There's supposed to be rain here tomorrow anyway.


Did go and see the client I was talking about, as the letting agent said they would be up on Thursday.
There was nobody there when I arrived (4pm), so i occupied myself pruning roses, and they arrived about half an hour later. Felt a bit bad button holing them when they had a long drive up from London, but it couldn't be helped.
He told me that the sale hasn't been completed yet, so I am still working for him till the end of the month at least, which means i won't have to send the bill early.
Plus they gave me a key for the back door to the garage, so I can get the ride-on mower out when I need.
They didn't want the grass cut till next week though.
But I least I know more where I stand now. They said they'd get the new owner to email me with their contact details.


The catch on my oven door has broken and I can't see how to mend it. The fan won't come on if the door isn't properly closed. I've found that it works if I lean something heavy against it to keep it closed, so i might have to keep a brick in the kitchen for that purpose, if I can't work out how to fix the catch.


Hicky. That's bad news about your OH's knee. But I suppose with waiting lists being as long as they are that your break in January probably won't be affected?
But i guess if a slot became available she'd have to take it.


Your new vice sounds like it's going to be very useful.
That's handy that the pub has started doing brekkies from 9am.

I think my own grass is still growing because it's sheltered on one side, and has a lot of moss and clover in it? It's still growing slower than usual though.
I've also got a Clematis out now that usually doesn't flower till August. And a lovely red climbing Rose that usually carries on flowering through the summer, but all the blooms seemed to come at once, and i can't see any more coming.
A funny year right enough.


Mollie. Glad you enjoyed your pub tea. Still sounds very hot where you are though.


No symptoms for me today. It just seems to last a few hours when it comes on. Ibuprofen seems to fix it, but i sometimes need two doses of it before it does the trick.


Watched BBC1 tonight. 'Eat Well for Less' then 'Keeping Faith'.




Evening Both. :

A rather miserable day weather-wise, 19c light rain with a light wind of 8.

I was unraveling one of the Kiwi Vine lateral growth from a plastic support cord as it had wrapped along it without me noticing, it had grown about 750mm when i last noticed it but had wrapped around and grown another 500mm, i unraveled it along with a couple more when it started to rain on me, only light but stayed in after that.

My shopping arrived ok, MIL isn't well and SIL and o/h are keeping an eye on her, her symptoms seem to change like the weather.

So watched tv today apart from earlier when o/h wanted me to make a beef roast dinner, i use the meat oven thermometer probe to see how it is doing, at least you can see what the temperature is without opening the oven.

It looks better tomorrow so might be able to do some work on the greenhouse framework, i like having something to do.

Mollie, Not sure what o/h can do other than taking pain relief, part of the knee is bone one bone so exercise would hurt wouldn't it, i thought all along her knee had gone but she tried to persuade herself it was something else.

Not sure what this will do to the holiday plans, have no idea when she could have an op, there's probably a big queue.

Think Love Island fishes on the Monday 30th of July. 

You are enjoying these meals out, pubs being a favourite, don't blame you, any meal out saves work in the house.

Emptybox, Thats bad news, the work drying up with the grass, hope they will keep you on when the house sells.

I doubt if you can buy new oven door catches, never heard of an oven that needs the door closed to turn on, only a microwave, or do you mean that.

Yes, with the o/h needing an op not sure if this will mess up the holiday but her knee is more important of course.

I don't knpw if your grass growing is good or bad news.

Hi both xxx


hope some work comes up soon for you. I expect when the rain does start it will continue for awhile though, so maybe you will just end up having a later season.

That is good you now know where you are with that client.

Hope you can fix the catch on the oven ok. If not, does it mean a dreaded call out from one of  the landladys "professionals"? 

Your climbing rose sounds lovely. Oddly I have noticed round here how well the roses are doing, seems to be a lot more of them this year, which looks so nice.

Glad to hear your symptoms have eased. At least taking 2 doses of ibuprofen managed to knock it on the head.


shame the weather got wet whilst you were working in the garden. Hope the weather is ok for you to get out and work on the green house tomorrow.

Sorry to hear your MIL is non too well. Does she live fairly close to your OH and SIL? It makes it so much easier if they are not too far away.

I feel sorry for your OH it sounds horrible if it is bone on bone now. I can understand her carrying on and trying to tell herself it was not that. A you say, not a lot other than pain relief she can do. Will they tell her soon how long the waiting list is likely to be?  At least you can make some plans when you have an idea of dates.

If you go away, you could always ask for help at the airport and they will wheel her in a wheelchair.

Went to view the auction stuff again. We are getting to know staff there now and having a laugh with other customers over what we have bought. (mostly how we have to fix stuff before we can use it).

OH has at last successfully made a wind vane now for the weather station he got that was minus the vane.

Last week OH bought 3 lovely leather jackets for £38! Our house is gradually filling up with auction stuff.

I am dead pleased with the slightly used microwave we got. OH cleaned it up to look as good as new , as the door on our old one was sticking and this is a real good one.

Our dining room chairs are nice too.

Enjoyed Love Island, but think it needs to finish soon as I am getting a bit bored of it now.

Roll on BB.

Goodnight both xxx

Rain most of the day here. Some of it heavy. It's dried up this evening though.
Cooler as well. A high of 15 degrees.


I should have quite a lot to do next week, as the jobs that have been putting me off will all be due a visit. And I think there's been enough rain now to give it a boost, providing it heats up again.


Had another look at the catch on the cooker door and I don't think I can fix it. Something broke and a vital bit disappeared down into the door, and even if I dismantled the door and retrieved it, it would still be broken.
It's a fan assisted oven in an electric cooker. I think the oven stays on if the door is opened, but the fan won't run unless a fridge door style switch is pushed in by the door.
The brick is actually ideal for keeping it shut, and as my kitchen is a sort of muted brick orange colour anyway, it kind of fits in with the decor.


I rent the place unfurnished and undecorated, so the landlady has no responsibility for cooker and white goods etc; only the boiler and plumbing and bathroom suite etc.
No doubt I'll get a telling off from SiL when she visits, and told I should buy a new cooker. But this one's only 26 years old, and most of the rings still work as well as the grill, so I think it's good for a few more years, brick and all.


Hicky. Pity it rained on you as you were unravelling the vine.
Sorry to hear you MiL isn't well. She must be a fair age?

Mollie. You must be well and truly hooked on the auction stuff if you are on first name terms with the staff.
3 leather jackets for £38 sounds a bargain, as long as the linings aren't moth eaten?
Glad you are pleased with the microwave.


Watched CH5 tonight 'Celebrity 5 Go Caravanning' then Jane McDonald and Friends.

Evening Both.

Not done a lot today really.

weather mainly cloudy, 19c a bit of damp in the air though, light winds of 6 to 11

Had some fried spuds left from last night, some bacon and beans, nice.

Found a bit more work to do on the greenhouse support frame for when we have the next nice day.

Having roast chicken wings in a minute, just made a loaf, no seed trying one without, will make a seed one tomorrow.

Mollie, MIL lives about 10 minute drive, SIL is an hour away.

Have no idea where we go from here as o/h would have to have a pre-op first and that could be months away, then you have to get a slot in theater.

At least if you have to fix it then it's usually cheaper.

Emptybox, Oh, it's fan assisted, a fan oven doesn't switch off if you open the door, strange.

I saw the Celebrity 5, not bad.


Hi both xxx


Yes I can imagine you getting busy next week with all the jobs you held back on, plus as you have had quite a bit of rain now it will grow quickly. Let's hope the weather stays dry enough for you to get through it all.

Shame you can't fix your cooker door. Maybe your SIL will admire the matching decore of the brick and your kitchen decor when she pays you a visit next.   As long as your food is cooked ok when they visit, no need for you to worry though.

Yes I am hooked on the auction now. No sign of moths in the leather jackets, as they were all still in their original plastic bags with the labels on. So OH is well pleased.

The other week I bid on a little Tres-Pass pink coat for niece and another pink coat was underneath it when we viewed it, but I didn't have chance to look at the 2nd one. I just wanted the child's coat for niece for the winter. We ended up paying £12 for it and luckily when we collected it, the other coat fitted me perfect. It was also Trespass so a good make, and waterproof with padding too so great for winter.


hope you get a nice day to get your planned work done on the greenhouse.

Fried potatoes are always delicous. Are they still your own ones?

Was your loaf a brown or white one? Hope you enjoyed it. I know how you enjoy the seeded ones.

Yes difficult for you to plan regarding OH's knee when it is such an unknown as to the wait. Hope they give you some indication soon. Will you still go away if she is still waiting for it?

Went food shopping in tesco and had brekkie there, Not as good as the ones we have in the pub or at garden centre though and more expensive too!

Tonight I went with all the family to see this.....


Never seen anything like this before in the theatre.

It was very clever. It was fully improvised. The audience suggested the story, setting, character types etc. And they made up the story and songs (along with acoompanying keyboard players) as they went along. Very funny too.

We have seen plays of this company before, they were slapstick type ones, also very funny.

So didn't watch tv tonight, but there was not much on I fancied today.

Very hot here again. When we went out at 7pm, it was still 26c then! Dog didn't eat again till 10pm, I went to visit my neighbour today and her dog wouldn't eat his food either at lunch time.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
Dry here with a little sun. Not sure of the temp as i only went out briefly in the van, but it's neither hot or cold at the moment, just average summer temps now.


Got a call to go and meet the new owner of the place i was talking about. She only wanted to say Hello. I was there for less than 5 minutes . Luckily it's only about a mile from my house. She didn't even give me her contact details; she says she'll text me them. A bit of a pointless exercise TBH.


Got a cheque from one of the people who hadn't paid me in June. My reminder bore fruit. Only got one outstanding now.
The cheque was dated before I sent the reminder, but it was only posted after they would have received it, so i think they must have wrote out a cheque and forgot to send it.


Hicky. The oven probably does turn off too, when you open the door. It's difficult to know for sure.
That's good that you can get some more work done on the greenhouse when weather allows.


Mollie. If those jackets are still in the plastic then they really were a bargain.
Glad you enjoyed the Theatre show. It does sound unusual. Great finding the bonus coat as well.
The heatwave continues for you then?


You're right, there wasn't much on the box tonight. I ended up watching Casualty then Mrs Brown's Boys then the film 'Pretty Woman' for the umpteenth time.

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