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Evening Both.

9c today, cloud and sun, it said rain but never got any, wind was 16.

O/H was out fairly early to get her hair done then take her mum for lunch, then she went to Sainsbury's to sort out her hours and holidays also time off.

I had bacon on toast for brekkie with crumpets, yummy.

Did a bit in the garden, threw out the old apples from the garage, they are the small ones noone wants, checked the potatoes from last years crop, they are chitting well.

Decided on fish for tea, problem is you get 2 butterflied fish and 1 is plenty, i made a mushroom sauce which was nice, had 2 short corn on the cob.

We are going to New Brighton tomorrow for a walk, not sure if we will eat out yet.

Mollie, No we didn't feed the visitors, they had tea thats all, they were going for a meal after they left anyway.

You did ok at Costco then, lots of snacky stuff, nice, they do good cooked chickens.

Don't wonder your lad was nervous, who wouldn't be, sorry your daughter still no over her cold.

Enjoyed DOI, they have to get rid of Jason though, he shouldn't be on the judges panel

Emptybox, From now on i'll cut the dough into 4 and turn each round as they do in the factory, and putting the oiled steel cover on gave me a nice flat to for the toaster.

When i used to have to defrost the old freezers i put an oven tray on the floor with towels around and a bowl of hot water in the bottom, turn the freezer off and close the door for half an hour, you have to make sure the inside is all dry though before you turn it back on.

Think my big American freezer is automatic, the temperatures you want etc are on a touch screen on the front.

both xxx


hope the wind has died down now, we were lucky in that we didn't get the wind.... just greyish skies but ok.

Did you buy anything nice from Sainsburys?

Good job you had the chest freezer to put the food in.

Thank you so much for sharing the Emptybox family secret recipe for the mince casserole and the bolognase.  I would never of thought of putting in the soup, but what an excellent idea, I bet that helps bring out the flavour of the rest of the ingredients.

I enjoyed Dancing on Ice, but thought the contestants this week were not as interesting as last weeks group. I too enjoyed Vera, but did have trouble following the story!


that is good to hear your OH is getting out and about so well and also the weather was ok for you to go in the garden. Hope the weather stays nice for your walk in New Brighton tomorrow.

I agree and don't like Jason as a judge, his marks are so unreasonable.

Our big American type fridge/freezer is also automatic. I used to hate having to defrost too.

Went to aqua fit today, and had a swim first. Have to get rid of the 5lb in weight I put on over Christmas, and I don't think I overate too much either! It was just the wroing stuff I guess, eg nachos and sour cream, Christmas choccies. Am replacing this now with lots of veg and fruit.

Neighours got home from India tonight, they were exhausted. Daughter real sad as she won't be needed to look after the dog now, so will miss him sleeping at her feet each night. She is still coughing but seems a bit better today.

I am sick of brexit talk now, what a load of clowns we have ruling this country. All they do is make sure the rich get richer though. We had a vote and voted to leave EU, so just tell EU to get lost wihtout giving them loads of our money!

Watched Cold Feet, really good.

Hicky, did you recognise the scenery where the wedding was? So beautiful there.

Goodnight both xxx

Evening both.
Bit colder here today, but quite a bit of sunshine, and much calmer than yesterday.
Didn't do much apart from playing around with my computers.


The Ebay seller refunded my money for that item I never received. I hadn't heard from him despite messaging him, and then this morning I got a message saying he was on holiday till after the 20th, but if I could hang on till then he would still send it. However before i could reply to that he refunded the money to my Paypal account, so he must have changed his mind.

I think he thought I might have left negative feedback if he'd delivered it late, but by refunding me that brought the Ebay case to an end, and the item disappeared off my page so I can't now give him feedback of any kind.
However I've got my money back, so can order from someone else.
It wasn't anything important anyway, just some thermal underwear to keep my legs warm in the winter.


The question is, if he was going on holiday for a long period why did he keep selling his items?
He probably has an automatic system for listing his items. Pity he didn't think about how those items were going to be delivered.
When I bought the item it promised delivery within 3 days.


Hicky. Your OH was certainly busy today. Nothing seems to hold her back.
Pity you had to throw out the old apples, but if they were too small i suppose it can't be helped.
Bet you'll struggle to keep up with your OH on your walk tomorrow.


Mollie. Yes I think the mushroom soup definitely adds to the mince and makes it more creamy. I always use the condensed stuff though, otherwise it might be too sloppy.
Not sure if I bought anything nice from Sainsburys, but they managed to relieve me of £70 That did include a bottle of red wine and a couple of beers though.


That was good that you got a swim and the Aqua Fit. I'm sure you'll lose the extra pounds quickly.
I've still got to finish a tin of shortbread that my SiL gave me at Christmas, so I'm still on the Xmas fare to a certain extent.
That'll be sad for your daughter, not having neighbour's doggie to look after.


Difficult to tell what'll happen with Brexit now, but I fear if we leave without a deal the money we save from paying the EU will be like a drop in the ocean compared to the money lost when jobs go overseas and the economy takes a dive. Not to mention all the inconvenience.
As always, i hope I'm wrong.


Watched Police Interceptors then a bit of Chris Tarrant then a bit of Cold Feet.

Evening Both.

10c today, cloud and winds of 14.

I was up a bit earlier, o/h went for a walk while i was getting ready, she went 4 times around the block, then we went to Sainsbury's for brekkie, then came home.

I did a bit in the garden, picked up more leaves, will be trying to mulch them in the next few days.

For tea we are having baked spuds and chicken wings, getting some room in the garage freezer now.

Mollie, I will have to defrost the freezer in the garage when it gets too much collected frost or it effects the door closing.

I think everyone would put on weight over Christmas, not so easy to get it back off though.

Going to Aqua fit is good though, Nacho's are so nice though, funny how all the food that tastes best puts most weight on, it's a conspiracy.

So annoying when noone can agree over Brexit, talk about bad losers, so annoying, we want to get out, the EU has us smothered and we are being Ruled by Germany, is that right, no, they are using us as mugs, we must pay after discount about £300,000,000 a week, that one expensive club to be in.

Did i recognise the scenery where the wedding was? what Wedding?

Emptybox, Well playing around with the computer is fun, in this weather anyway.

Strange goings on with the ebay stuff, at least you got your money back, not that it's any consolation.

I shouldn't have left so many apples on that particular tree, it's just so hard thinning them out, also, the colour of the flesh in that particular apple isn't white.

For us to walk together o/h has to walk pretty slow, if i rush i just run out of breath.



good for you having a wintertime rest day.

When you did a shop at Sainsburys, I did think you would find it expensive after having got used to Lidl prices! I know I do.

That is good you got  a refund from that undelivered order. Hope you can find some suitable thermals elsewhere. So annoying though, as you ordered and they agreed delivery within 3 days. Going on the up and coming forecast, you will soon be in need of them. I got some for son a few years ago from Asda, and they were quite good.


Looks like they only have large left now.

I am going to get some condensed mushroom soup now, as I reckon I could use it is quite a few recipes to make things creamy, so thanks for the idea.


I bet you had a nice brekkie at Sainsburys. We enjoy the food in their cafe. Good on your OH for going for a walk beforehand too.

You are so right....it is a conspiracy that all the food that tastes good and we enjoy makes us fatter!

Brexit remainers are bad losers indeed as they want to try and change the vote... we need to escape the shackles of EU and stop the pussyfooting around.

If you didn't watch the return of ColdFeet last night, you won't of seen the wedding. It was set on Anglesey, so thought you might of recognised that area, as you used to holiday round there. It was a lovely hotel by the Menai Straights, with the view from Anglesey towards the Snowdonia mountains.

Yes you must not rush when you walk, as it is not good for you to get out of breath.

Today me and daughter met my freind (mum's ex carer) and her friend at the carvary for lunch. The dog got lucky again as although daughter was well enough to eat her meal at last, our friend was still off her food as she had had a really bad cold over Christmas, so hardly ate any of her beef. She was pleased we had a menans of making use of it though, as she hated the thought of wasting all that beef. I just had the veg meal as I usually do, but there was a huge variation of choice. Even roast butternut squash. So it was most enjoyable.

Not done enough tidying and washing today, oh well it can wait.

Am watching Dogs Behaving Badly now. Then going to watch A and E, after. 

Goodnight both xxx

Hi all.

Not bad day here.

Actually did a little work today. Went to look at one place, and quite a lot of twigs had come off a willow tree and on to the lawn, so I spent half an hour collecting them up. Looked into another place, but that didn't need anything done.

Also went into town and picked up some herbal remedies for my condition.


Catastrophic defeat for Mrs May's deal. Think that means that there's now a choice between leaving the EU with no deal, and Brexit not happening at all.

I know which one I'd rather have.


Hicky. That's good that you got a bit done in your garden.

That was good of your OH to walk 4 times round the block.


Mollie. Thanks for the link to the Asda thermals. I've looked in Sainsburys, but they don't have anything like that. Trouble is I was getting two pairs from the Ebay guy for less price than that one pair. Plus I'm only a medium.

i have got a couple of pairs, but that means I've got to wash them quickly, so better if I had a couple more pairs.


Glad that your daughter is back on her food again, but pity your friend is now afflicted. Good for the dog though.

Been mostly watching the News tonight, but did watch 'Pothole Wars' on ITV1.

Evening Both.

10c today, cloud, rain, sun and wind 14.

Didn't go out, only to the garage.

Had bacon, Chorizo and eggs for brekkie with crumpets. then set about making a rolled stuffed belly pork joint, did that.

O/H fancied sausages cabbage, mash and onion gravy for tea, so i made that.

She went to give bloods to the docs, she has to make an appointment to see the doc and review anything if needed.

My latest buy arrived, 2 devices to help with breathing muscles, 1 lets you set resistance for inhaling tests and the other gives a reading on the pressure of air when you exhale, i had been using baloons to judge my blow. 

Going to try and get through to HMRC, what a nightmare.

Got through to HMRC, didn't sort it out, took so long to get through that after talking for a while the phone battery went, will try and use mobile next time i ring, i can plug that in, still non the wiser now.

Forgot to say, i put stuffing on the belly pork, rolled it and tied it, it is in the fridge drying ready for me to oil, salt and roast tomorrow.

Mollie, Yes, i enjoyed the brekkie from Sainsbury's couldn't fault it really.

I used to go along the Welsh coast when the lads were young as they would love it of course.

I bet your dog meets you at the door when it knows you are going for a meal. Lol.

Strange if your friend was off her food why she took it too eat, and then didn't like to leave it, hope she didn't go hungry on purpose to feed the dog. L0l.

Emptybox, Yes, it seems that of the MP's none really want to support anything, the only thing they all agree on is a vote to increase their wages, they would never all agree on the price of a pork pie, absolute crazy.

O/H walks very fast, she is as tall as me with size 8 shoes and doesn't hang about, i couldn't keep up years ago anyway.

Hi both xxx


you did well managing to get a bit of work done today.

Hope you can sort your bargain thermals out before the cold weather they say is due, hits us.


hope your OH blood test is ok. How is her diabetes now? I think you said she just takes meds, but doesn't have to inject insulin?

Your new devices sound interesting. Hope you are pleased with them. Did you buy them from amazon?

Oh dear at the usual fun and games with HMRC! Aboslutely useless they are. Sounds like you will have need again for the plug in phone, with the amount of time they keep you hanging on.

No my friend didn't know we were going to give any food to the dog. She thought she had got her appetitie back, but didn't realise until she started to eat, that she hadn't. The chef gave her a normal portion of meat, and she didn't take much veg, but only managed a couple of mouh fulls. I couldn't believe how little she ate. But this was the first time she had been out for 3 weeks, as she had felt so rotten. She obviously thought she fancied a cooked meal but is not ready for it yet. My daughter has taken 2 weeks to get her appetite back with this nasty cold. Still coughing too. That is the worst thing about winter, all these horrible bugs around!

I didn't realise your OH was so tall and size 8's are big for a lady. No wonder she walks fast, but it is so good that she is still able to do this, so soon after such a big op on her knee .

Too true our damn greedy MP's have no trouble agreeing to give themselves continual large pay rises.

Been busy sorting OH's contract insurance out and accomodation for next week when he has to work away. 
Then went to Cardiff in the afternoon as had a few things to get and had to take back some PJ's that I got son for Christmas that didn't fit.

Neighbour bought us some lovely gifts back from India for looking after the doggie. A nice embridered top for me, 2 T shirts for daughter, paper weight and Indian wall hangings/cushion covers for the family to share.

Goodnight both xxx

Evening both.
A nice sunny day here. Not too cold.
Washed my van, but didn't do much else outside.

Well, the Government survives for a bit longer. You have to admire May's tenacity.
Nothing much else has changed though. Nobody has a solution to this mess.


Hicky. A lot of cooking for you today.
Hope your OH's blood results are OK.
Those devices sound interesting. Hope they improve your breathing.
Pity your attempt to get some solution from HMRC didn't lead to anything.


Mollie.  These colds sound really serious. I know it takes alot to put me off my food.
Hope you had a nice trip to Cardiff this afternoon.
That was good of your neighbour to bring back some gifts from India.


Watched Phil and Kirsty then the second episode of  'Cleaning Up'.



Evening Both.

cooler today at 6c, sunny though, wind started at 15 dropping over the day to 4.

Had bacon and black pudding for brekkie with some toast.

Did a bit in the garden, was using the leaf sucker to mulch the leaves, had to have them in a container though first as if i try and get them from the slate it picks the slate up, did quite a lot, it really does chew them up, not sure how, was thinking of using the leaf cuttings to grow spuds but don't think i will have enough, it makes a lot of leaves into a little bit of mulch.

Have just cooked the rolled stuffed belly pork, just letting it cool.

Going to Claremont Farm in the morning for some fruit and pork pies, and will see what they have, oh, and brekkie as well.

Mollie, O/H doesn't take any meds for her diabetes she is trying to manage it herself, she has to see the doc soon to see the blood results, maybe next week.

Yes the breathing devices i got from Amazon, only £20 for the 2, can't do any harm surely.

Yes, will give HMRC a few days then will have to ring again, only using mobile.

What insurance do you have to sort out, isn't he covered by 1 insurance while he's in contract, why is separate for each contract?

That was nice getting those gifts from your neighbour, some fantastic stuff in India.

Emptybox, Yes, i need to try and improve my breathing, didn't even realise you had breathing muscles.

Just my luck to get cut off while talking to a HMRC advisor but i had waited so long to get through.

both xxx


thats good you got the ideal weather to wash your van.

It was very cold here today, but just lovely and sunny. Took dog  a walk and if I walked down sunny side of the street, it didn't feel so cold.

Put 6 washloads out and it did half dry it in the sun, so now have to hang it on the airers.


that is brilliant your OH has the willpower to control the diabetes herself meaning she doesn't need to take any meds.

I hope the breathing devices will be a good help to your breathing.

Our solicitor told us he has found the best time to ring HMRC is around 3pm onwards. Let's hope they don't cut you off this time! Maybe they couldn't work your case out so did that to get rid of you!

Hope you get what you want from Claremont farm and enjoy your brekkie.

Each contract has to be checked for correct legal wording and insurance checked that it meets each agencies different requirments. If it is reneweed with the same agency, then we dont' need to, but this is a new place, a new client and a new agency, so had to be checked. 

We are going to visit my mum's sisters tomorrow and will be back on Saturday.

Watched the 4 year olds tonight they were so cute.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
A nice sunny day here with no frost.


Hicky. That's good that your OH is able to control her diabetes without medication. Does she need to test her blood sugar every day?
Yes you need muscles for breathing. All sorts of different ones are involved.


The leaf sucker seems very good if it cuts up and compacts the leaves. Will make good mulch.
Hope you get what you want from Claremont Farms tomorrow.
And hope you have more luck with HMRC the next time you try to contact them.


Mollie. The insurance stuff sounds tricky to work out?
6 loads of washing? Very good going to get even some of them dry outside.
That's good that doggie got a walk down the sunny side of the street.
Enjoy yourself in Birmingham.

 Watched bargain loving Brits in the Sun and then Hunted.

Evening Both.

4c today, light cloud, we went to the farm for brekkie, when we came out it was snowing pretty heavy, all the way home, we got a selection of fruit and veg, some sausages and some fish, and a special homemade curry sauce, i get madras, really good.

I cooked 1.5kg of stewing steak for my curry, cooked the meat in oxo then drained and put tubs of the curry in the pot with the meat, will make something with the oxo after it cools and i remove any fat, i cooked the meat in the oven as it's so much cheaper to use that.

I made mushroom vol-au-vents for tea using the Campbell's condensed mushroom soup for filling, fantastic, o/h says she always used to get that soup as it's so good.

Took Ribeye steaks from the freezer for tomorrow and am thawing a piece of Rib Beef for Sunday, will cook it tomorrow.

O/H noticed one of the chefs making brekkie had been on masterchef or one of those programs.

I've ordered a 24 hr wall clock so i can set it to the time in Oz, i'll put it next to the clock in my room.

Mollie, I had rang the HMRC at about 6pm but have a feeling it's busy a lot of the time, i rand late so most offices had closed.

Didn't realise the insurance for your o/h was so complex, wow.

Have a good visit tomorrow.

Yes, the 4 year olds were so good to watch.

Emptybox, O/H doesn't test her blood sugar as far as i know, will know more after the blood test review.

I need a lot more power then in my breathing muscles, i blow 250 on the chart, o/h blew 500 first time, i knew i was about 50%.

I will ring the HMRC again next week unless they work the weekend, i found a link inside a message link, it said to go to online tax but i couldn't find the right details they wanted, so will have to try that again, the message was in the message box but it didn't say it had a message for me.

Hi Hicky.
A very frosty start here, but no sign of any snow. A lovely sunny day in fact.

That was good, getting brekkie at the farm made by a known Chef.
Hope the snow didn't come to much?
Your curry sounds nice.
Did you get the idea of using the Campbell's condensed soup from me?
I always used to think it made the best mushroom soup, because you could choose how thick it was by how much water you added.


Good idea to exercise the breathing muscles if you can. Be good if you improve from 50%.
Good luck ringing the HMRC again. it's always a trial dealing with them.


Watched celebrity 5 Go Camping then Grantchester, then Star Trek Discovery on Netflix.
Looking forward to watching Saara Aalto on DoI on Sunday. She's going to be skating to herself singing 'Let it Go', and even singing a bit of it live.
Just hope viewers don't think she's just showing off.

Evening Emptybox,

6c today, light cloud/rain wind is 9, no frost overnight.

Had 2 big slices of bacon i got yesterday on 2 rounds of my bread toasted.

Cooked the Rib Beef that we are having tomorrow, having Ribeye Steak for tea with mushrooms.

Did a bit in the garden, am going to use big tubs for some extra spuds, i will include them on the watering system.

The snow had no chance of being a problem because the temperature was too high.

Yes, with you mentioning the Campbells soup it brought back memories for me and o/h as she loves it as well, it makes lovely Vol-Au-Vents as well if you don't water it down, fantastic, o/h just bought 4 tins, £1 each here.

I'm going to keep on with the breathing test, pretty sure it can help.

I did watch 1 of the camping programs but they seemed pretty stupid so didn't watch any more.

Will be watching The Voice tonight and DOI tomorrow.

both xxx


glad you got a sunny day.

hope you are enjoying your sphag bol and beer tonight.

DOI sounds interesting if Saarai singing some of her own song, as you say, it does risk her looking too big headed, but presented right, it could do her good.


that's good you could get in your garden again today.

Interesting about the condensed soup, no way would I have thought of putting it in volau vonts. Do you buy the ready made vol au vont cases, then just put the soup in as it is, then heat them in the oven?

That special wall clock will be great to be able to follow your lad's day on Oz. Then all you have to remember is what season it is.

That is good you have decided to be determined to keep up with your breathing device.

Visit to aunts went well. OH and son were helping one aunt with her IT problems and little DIY jobs, so me and daughter went with the other aunt and her friend to the over 60's keep fit class. We only intended to watch and much to daughter's embarrassment, they had free spaces, so they pursauded us both to join  in with them. Comes to something when I am worse at it than my aunt in her 80's though!   I even had to take an ibuprofen for the aches in my knees after. 
Then we went for lunch in the pub. Me, daughter, and OH had battered hallumi, sweet potato chips and peas, son had real fish. I love halloumi in batter.

It was snowing a little last night in B'ham area, but fortunately gave us no problems.

Enjoyed the Voice tonight , think this series so far is really good.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.

Dull cloudy Saturday here. No frost anyway.


Hicky. That's good that you got a bit done in the garden. Good idea to plant some of the extra potatoes you have.
Yes, the camping programme is rather silly. Bobby Davro is quite good though.


Mollie. Maybe you'll be able to tell me what the blood moon looked like, if you are up early enough?

Glad the visit to your Aunt's went well. Over 60s keep fit class? Crikey moses, I'll soon be eligible to join that myself.  
You're maybe not quite ready for that though?
Glad you enjoyed the pub meal.

 Watched The Voice, then a couple of episodes of 'The Last Kingdom' on Netflix.

Good Evening Both.

Not bad today really, 7c light cloud, had a little sun, winds light at 3 to 6.

Had a Kipper for brekkie, made a beef roast dinner today, cooked the Rib Beef yesterday though.

Did a bit more in the garden, will use 2 bit tubs to grow the potatoes, not the Vivaldi ones.

Mollie, I buy the frozen Just roll Vol-au-Vent cases, 18 or 36 in a box, i bake them then push the center down to make room for the filling, spoon the filling in than put back in the oven for a while.

Glad your trip went ok, oh dear, getting roped in for the keep fit.

Yes, saw on the forecast that a snow band was moving across the country.

Up early, no chance.

Emptybox, After watching some of the first camping ones, they seemed to be acting rather stupid, might have been because they were on camera, but it put me off.

DOI now, great.

Hi Hicky.
Dull and cloudy here, so no frost, but it was only 0c when I went for the paper this morning. About 4c when I went to Lidl this afternoon.

That's good that you were able to do more in the garden.
A kipper for brekkie sounds good as well.


Just about to go and make my supper. A portion of my stew with potatoes and green beans.


Watching DOI now. Saara was really good, and got good marks as well.
I think she's third on the leader board at the moment.
Hopefully the public will vote for her so she can stay in a bit longer.

both xxx


hope you enjoyed your stew, nice and warming for this cold month.

Bet you were please to see Saara stay. I enjoyed the musicals week.

at Gemma Collins and Jason row.

Did you buy anything different from Lidl today?


thanks for the vol au vont recipe. With recipes from both of you now, this condensed soup sounds very versatile. I have never used it before but will give it a go.

I bet you enjoyed your roast dinner.

OH has to get up early tomorrow to communte to his new contract, and as he will be away, I will get up to see him off. So if it is not cloudy, I will see if I can spot the bood moon.

Went to Costco toay, food shopping is not so bad when you get offerred free samples, and then have a nice cheap lunch in their cafe. I had jacket potato, beans, cheese.

Goodnight both xxx

Have posted to you both in the PM section here.    (if your can remember how to acess it, we haven't since Hicky went away in 2017).

Click on your own name in the top right hand side of this page. Then click on the Private Messages drop down section, then click on the "Mollie's Op" bit, and you should see my message in there.

Hi Mollie.
Yes, the stew was good. That was the last of the batch, so I'll need to get another batch on the go.


Really glad that Saara got through. The Gemma Jason thing was a bit cringey. Kind of glad that gemma got through though because, if she and Saara are in a skate off together, hopefully the judges would save Saara. :wink:


The sky here is very clear tonight, and I went out and looked at the moon, but it's the normal colour at the moment. I'll have a look out of the window if i'm up in the night for a bathroom break.


Got a notification on the phone about the private message. I'll just go and reply.
After DOI I really enjoyed Vera.

Evening Both.

Not bad today, 6c cloud and sun, winds only 7 to 15.

Had Bacon and eggs for brekkie, nice.

Did a bit in the garden, only an hour.

Had bacon ribs for tea, yummy.

Been watching Bowls during the day, and making coffee.

Have been looking at some items on the web regarding Barley Malt flour, interesting, might try making the loaf a different way.

Mollie, I read your message, strange, you need to ask some questions to find out more from neighbours.

Yes, that condensed soup is fantastic you really must try it, i'll get more when we shop next.

I don't blame you eating while in Costco, good food at good prices.

Emptybox, the Kippers are so tasty, it's the smoking that does it, but you need 2 each and we only had 1 each.

Yes, it's so handy when you have made food into batches, just get a portion out for a meal.

I am stocking my meals up again in the chest freezer, next will be Butter Chicken so need to make a 1kg tub of Yoghurt as it's in the recipe.

Enjoyed DOI, the scoring is strange, i couldn't tell who was best in the danceoff.

Hi Hicky.

Very frosty here first thing, but it quickly melted as the cloud rolled in. Think it's due to be cold again tonight.


Bacon twice today for you? Good that you could get out into the garden.

That's interesting about the barley flour. Wonder if it would taste different to bread made with wheat flour?

Yes good to keep your freezer stocked up.

I was pleased that Saira stayed after the skate off, but I thought she and the bloke (forget his name?) where about equal in standard.


Tonight I watched Police Interceptors then Cold Feet.

  both xxx


glad you enjoyed the stew.

Did you see the blood moon? I got up a couple of times to look, but the clouds didnt' move till 6.45, so all I saw by then was an ordinary full moon.

I only saw half of Vera as daughter wanted to watch Les Mis, but will try and catch up. Vera is a good series.


Barley Malt bread sounds interesting. Hope it is not too awkward to make a loaf from it.

I agree DOI scoring is very odd.

Good idea to stock up the freezer, can't have you go low on supplies, that would not be good.

I watched Cold Feet tonight, enjoyed it.

I am missing OH tonight, as are the rest of the family, especially at dinner time when we usually sit round the table together. It took him over 2 and half  hours to get there this morning, awful traffic, as if it is not rush hour, it is only hour and half.

Friend came for coffee and brekkie this morning. I gave her fave cheese and tomato on toast, then she fancied some advocado and toast after too. (she loves her food).

Met son for lunch in cafe though, he had pannini and I just had a  latte, have to get rid of christmas flab.

I found some vegetarian haggis in asda, so bought that for tea one night.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi Mollie.
No I missed the blood Moon. The sky was clear here, and I did go to the bathroom at about 6.45am, but the moon was on the wrong side of the house to see it from the landing window, and by the the time I'd been to the bathroom and got back into bed I'd forgotten all about it. I've seen the piccies though.


Yes, I guess you've got used to your OH being around, as he's been working close to home for a while now.
Your friend did well for food when she came to see you.
You were very conscientious when you met your son for lunch.


The 25th is Burns' Night, so Friday night is really when you should have your Haggis, to celebrate Robert Burns' Birthday (1759).
I'm going to have the real thing that night.

Evening Both.

5c today, cloud, rain, snow, hail and wind was 14.

Stayed in, had bacon and eggs again for brekkie.

O/H went out for a few bits, got some oranges.

She brought back a cooked ham shank so we had that for tea.

rang the HMRC using my mobile as i can keep it plugged in to charge.

They said ring before 10am or after 7pm is best, it seems they still hadn't done my tax assessment, but she did it in 2 minutes and said she would post it out and i should be able to see it online in 72 hours, i said you're running late then, she said yes, i said about the 31st Jan she said it will be extended if info is sent out late, so that makes me a bit happier, i have the money ready anyway.

My new 24 hr clock came today, that is set up and on the wall next to my uk clock.

Mollie, No good me looking for blood moon with being colour blind.

Thats the problem with your o/h traveling in rush hour, hard to get anywhere, 2½ hrs is a long time to drive to work.

The Barley Malt flour is an additive, you only add a teaspoon per 500g of bread flour, it tastes good, it makes the bread softer and the crust crustier and it does away with sugar as it replaces it.

Have made the Yoghurt so i can get down to making Butter chicken or prawns.

Never heard of vegy Haggis before, new one on me.

O/H rang docs about her bloods, they said she is managing her Diabetes very well, the secretary said she wishes her report said the same, they said no hurry for an appointment come in 2 weeks.

Emptybox, My bread is made with wheat flour, the malt is to add flavour etc as i said earlier and i only need to add a teaspoon full, the malt flour bags had all the text in German so pressed the Translate button so i could read all about it.

Yes, getting colder each week, i love watching the later program about Alaska and Life below Zero, so good, have followed them for a long time.

both xxx


good idea, I will do the same as you and have the haggis on Burns night.

Gardens today, or weather not up to it?


let's hope the tax office have sorted you out now, so you don't need to ring again.

That is good news that your OH is handling the diabetes very well. She must have a lot of detmination how she handles that and how she has tackled her knee exercises.

Cold day today and a warning for ice tonight.

Didn't do too much today, took dog a short walk and tidied up a bit.

OH got his tea down Weatherspoon,.... he had BBQ chicken, peas, mushroom, chips. I told him he must try and get a decent meal, he was too tired last night, only had sandwiches, but the 1st day at new job, especially after a long commute is always hard.

Watched the naughty dogs on C5, now watching A and E.

Off to post to you both on PM.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.

Rain overnight so no frost this morning. Quite a bit of sunshine today, but quite cold.

Had a visit from the landlady today. She wanted to check when the smoke alarms needed replacing for some reason. According to the stickers on them they don't need replacing till 2024.


Hicky. That's good that you finally got through to HMRC, and they might now be on top of your tax affairs.

Great that the doc is pleased with the way your OH's diabetes is going.

Ah, didn't realise the Barley flour was just an additive.



Didn't do anything outside. I suppose I could have done some work in my own garden, but I've no paid work at the moment.

Yes, there's frost forecast for me tomorrow as well.

Good job you got a dog walk in today.


Watched The Secret Life of the Zoo then 24Hrs in A&E.

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