Hi both.
Frost again this morning, but then a mostly cloudy and drizzly day.


Hicky. That's good that you've found out more details of your holiday.
The Fitzroy Island one looks superb.


Wonder why your recycling bin hasn't been emptied?
Pity it was too windy for you to get out to tackle what's left of your leaves.


Mollie. 10c sounds balmy compared to the temp up here.
That's good that your son got the VAT finished and you got out for a dog walk.


Watched Kirtie and Phil then Cleaning Up.

both xxx


wonder how cool it was up there for you today?

About plus 9 here, but we still got a couple of quite heavy hail storms.


did you get in your garden today, or was it too cold?

This cold I have has now given me an annoying cough! It's not a really bad cold, but just annoying and has made me feel tired. So didn't go out today. Got the kids to to go Asda and cancelled my friend's visit tomorrow morning. She tells me she feels off too though, so there's a lot of bugs around.

My neighbour gave me some of her Indian recipe vegetable semolina, so I had it for tea with some masala. Very nice it was too.

Not much to watch tonight, will probably watch Back in Time at School on bb2. They are in the 1970's now.

Goodnight both xxx

Evening Mollie,

Didn't go out today, just had a few chipalata sausages for brekkie, made another fried rice for tea, just used some eggs up and some big spring onions, so big they looked like leaks, same size.

Made some bread rolls as i was bored today.

My ear temperature/forehead probe came also the finger unit for blood oxygen and pulse, working fine, i don't have a temperature, all checks are normal.

Tester is here:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0...11_185740111_TE_item

Probe is here:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0...11_185740111_TE_item

I'm sure my lad will be diving on the Barrier reef, i did that when i was off an Island out from Singapore, but you aren't allowed to get any coral, i don't think.

I'm sure we will do some exploring, as longer as it doesn't include long walks.

The ointment seems to be working, problem is it doesn't seem to sink in and it doesn't seem to dry either so i leave it uncovered for 10 minutes then have to put my shirt leaves back down, so i have ointment impregnated shirt sleeves, but the doc said don't cover it with plasters, leave it open.

HMRC are more interested in those that owe a lot of money so they leave me stewing in dept.

That meal your o/h had sounds rather nice, i would enjoy that as well.

I've passed half way with the antibios, they are a pain, 4 times a day, so i have to steer clear of meal times or wait an hour after i take one.

Hope the cold doesn't drag on, such a pain when you have one.

I've made a small list for shopping tomorrow if we go, don't really need much as i have plenty of stuff on hand, usually just need some fruit, banana and nectarines, bacon, shrimps, filter coffee, red chilli sauce, smoked salmon and eggs, but o/h has to get all her meals for a week.

Hi both.
Dull day here but no frost.
Milder than before I think, but didn't go out except to take my bin to the end of the road.


Mollie. Hope your cold and cough get better soon. Pity it made you cancel your friend's visit tomorrow.
I've got a slight cold and cough myself, but nothing to complain about.
Semolina and masala sounds.....interesting. I remember having semolina pudding and jam when i was a child. Not sure it's the same?


Hicky. those testers look useful.
That's good that your checks come back normal.
Glad the ointment is working on your elbow, but it's sounds a right faff to apply.
Hope the anti-biotics knock the infection on it's head.


Diving on the Barrier reef sounds really fun. I'm sure my Brother would be jealous as he loves diving. They are going diving in Thailand next month.
Hope you get all the shopping on your list tomorrow.


Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun followed by Hunted tonight for me I think.

Evening Emptybox.

11c today, light rain ans lots of sun, gales now and again of 40'ish.

Went to Sainsbury's shopping, didn't get much, find it so hard to locate stuff, always have to ask, i hads my list o/h gets her own or stuff thats for us both, i enjoy their packs of stir fry veg etc, really cheap but makes a lovely stir fry, decide to make a chicken one so had to go to the garage freezer for a breast out of the chicken breast bag, i have a separate bag for each item that makes meals such as mince, stewing steak, chicken breast, prawns, and a bigger bag/sack just for veg.O/H knows if i go to the shop it will cost more, of course it will, i pick up snacky stuff as i pass, pickled herrings etc.

For supper last night i had 2 of my Malted bread rolls i made, with butter and smoked salmon, yummy.

Didn't get brekkie in Sainsbury's, it was a bit busy so we came home, had bacon and sausage.

Made the lovely stir fry for tea, have put half into a tub for freezing.

My grey wheelie bin is still outside as they didn't empty them in the bad weather, been there since last Wednesday.

Had a letter from the eye doctor/staff, just another check on 5th March, so happy with that, one of my last tests was with a green light, the other test was with a blue light, she said.

The Anti-bios are a pain, it gives me a funny feeling after i have taken it, i suppose at 500mg it's pretty strong, but when to take it is conditional.

The psoriasis ointment is a pain as well, put it on midday, pretty sure it's working anyway.

I think the glass bottomed boat will do me, not sure if i could go snorkeling, used to in Singapore.

TV is a pain, find it hard to find programs that aren't a repeat.



that is really awkward in winter to leave the ointment uncovered. Perhaps, you need some old shirts in case the cream stains them.

Gosh I can well imagine taking those antibiotics are a nuisance seeing as they are 4 times a day and you have to leave off food for an hour inbetween. Not too long left to take them now though. Let's hope they have done their job well and your arm will be ok after all that effort.

Thanks for the links, very interesting. I see the tester is supposed to be really usefull for those that need to keep an eye on breathing problems.

Yes I have heard you can't get any coral but it is supposed to be wonderful for diving. How interesting you did too in an island off Singapore.

That is good you don't have to get much if you need to go shopping tomorrow as it does get busy on Saturdays.


that is good its a bit milder there too now.

Pity you have a touch of a cold too. Mine is much better today, thankfully. But I didn't feel like going out today again. We had some pretty heavy showers and it was windy too.

Hope the cold doesn't develop, or last too long. Do you find a tot of whisky helps? I have been taking ecanacea and hot lemon/honey drinks, that do seem to help.

One side of my nose was real gunky last night and making me cough when lying down, so I used a steroid nasal spray the doc gave me ages ago (Beconase), and it really helped clear it.

Looking forward to watching Shipwrecked tonight.

You not watching it Emptybox? Am surprised if not, as there are plenty of very pretty bikini girls, and the competitiveness is really interesting too.

Family went out and bought pizzas for us all tonight. So we enjoyed that, so easy to make too. They said they were selling lots of them in Asda today. They must be very popular on Fridays.

Goodnight both xxx

Evening both.
Very wild and windy here, with bands of rain coming and going.
I took the chance during a sunny spell to take the van out for a run. Was still getting blown about by the wind though.
Quite mild, up to about 6c.


Hicky. Sounds like you are expensive to take shopping, if you keep picking up extra snack items.
Pity it was too busy in Sainsburys to get your brekkie there.
Glad you enjoyed your nice stir fry for tea.

 I would think they will leave your rubbish bin collection till the next scheduled one now, so you might be better to bring it back in.
Yes taking anti-biotics can be a trial.


Mollie. Been sneezing quite a lot today, but apart from that cold not too bad.
Hope the echinacea hot drinks and Beconase helps yours.
Can't stand Whisky, so haven't tried that. Don't mind brandy though.
Glad you enjoyed your family Pizzas.


Never watched Shipwrecked. Sounds too much like Love Island to me.
Watched the Eurovision You Decide prog. Think the best one won, but not impressed with any of the songs this time.

Evening Both.

9c today, sunny intervals, gales of 52 till 2pm when it dropped to 24.

Had kipper fillets for brekkie with crumpets, for tea decided on making another stir fry because i had a big bag of stir fry veg and a sachet of black bean sauce and more big spring onions, very nice too, enough for another meal.

O/H goes back to work tomorrow, she has given up Sunday from tomorrow, been trying to get rid of it for a long time.

One of my lads is calling in tomorrow as well with his family, after o/h finishes work.

Got my washing done, split it over 2 loads to give them more room.

Mollie, The ointment is a bit of a pain but i rub it in then leave for 5 minutes then roll sleeve down.

Just 4 anti-bios left now, thank heavens.

The medical devices are so handy, my blood oxygen is a bit low so have to keep taking big breaths to get it back up, mine is normally around 90 to 92 it should be about 98, my pulse was ok, and my temperature was ok. it has an alarm if it isn't good.

Emptybox,  Yes, you need to keep the van engine turning over, it also stops the oil draining too much and helps to keep the brakes free.

I think it's natural to pick up stuff from the supermarket, if i could i would pick up tons of stuff, i managed to get a tub of picked herrings, so yummy.

I can't bring the bin back in as they have said on the website that they will pick up outstanding bins by the 10th, tomorrow, but we have to leave it out untill it's collected anyway, the recycle on is the problem and mine is full, i was hoping it wouldn't blow over in the gales.

Hi both xxx


that is good you got a bit of a sunny spell to give the van a run.

Sorry you have the annoying runny nose. Hope it clears soon. I am feeling better than I was, but its still not gone completely.

I don't find Shipwrecked like Love Island (so far anyway), no pair ups anyway like there were on Love Island. They are just trying to build their teams so far.

Hope you enjoyed your sphag bol and beer tonight.


hope your OH's return to work goes well. That is handy she has at last got rid of a Sunday. Did they make her reduce her hours to enable her to do that? Or is she managing to get the same amount of hours in?

That is nice one of your lads and family are visiting tomorrow. Are they staying for tea?

Those medical devices are really good in your circumstances especially to help you check your oxygen.

Went for brekkie this morning, then dropped a cake off that my daughter had made for a friend's young grandson. She had asked for a theme of a little boy fallen over in the snow skiing, as the little lad had just been skiing. Daughter loves making special cakes. She did a sugar craft course at college. Many have told us she ought to try and do this as a bit of a living,but she doesn't have enough confidence, at the moment, so just makes for friends and family. I will have to try and work out how to put some photos on here. I think you post first to twittter don't you Hicky?

We also went round a few shops, think I over did it as the cough came back when I got home. The weather was awful though, it was hailing a few times, heavy showers too.

Really enjoyed The Voice today, great to see Jennifer singing.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
Windy again today, but not as bad as yesterday. And no rain today.


Hicky. That's good that your OH can go back to work tomorrow. Probably a good idea for her to give up Sunday working from now on.
It'll be nice for you to have your family visit tomorrow as well.
Also good that you haven't got much longer to go on your course of anti-biotics.

Yes, better to leave the bin out if you've got info to that effect on the website.
Up here if they miss a collection you usually just have to wait for the next one.


Mollie. Glad you are feeling better from your cold.   That's annoying that your cough came back after shopping though.
Pity you got the bad weather today.

I'll maybe have a look at Shipwrecked then, if it doesn't clash with anything else. I think I remember it from a few years ago.
That sounds like a nice cake your daughter made. If she enjoys doing that sort of thing, it would be a good idea for a career.

Didn't watch the Voice tonight. I haven't really been enjoying it this time. Only really like Tom as a judge (and Emma Willis of course). Might watch some of the future episodes, depending on whether the mood takes me.


Evening Both.

7c today, sunny intervals, winds down to about 18.

Just had bacon on toast for brekkie, went over the floors with the G-Tech and folded my washing up and put away, o/h went to work.

My lad came with his daughter and young lad, nice to have a chat.

O/H had brought a cooked chicken home from work so we could have a roast dinner after guests had gone.

Mollie, O/H didn't want any more hours, she used to do 20 but it will go down to 16, but the Sunday hours are really bad, 10 till 2 is dreadful, your morning has gone so is the afternoon and you just get 4 hours for a lost day, used to get a Sunday supplement but that was stopped.

My lad etc don't stay for tea, apart from a drink of tea, we don't have stuff in for that sort of thing, unless it is prearranged.

Yes, to post pictures on here i send it to twitter to myself, then got to the twitter page and check the picture has arrived, i then click on the picture and right click, then select 'Open image in new tab' that then gives you a web page with a url, highlight the url and right click and copy, that url is now on your clip board so you can use it to post in here using the 'insert/edit image' icon above on the edit bar where the 'B' is.

That sounded difficult making the theme for the cake, wow, how good was that.

Yes, the Voice was good, wow, Jennifer what a voice she has.

Emptybox, O/H going back to work will be a shock for me, after having her here daily, and she can make her own meals now, but she needs to get out and again.

My Lad brought his daughter this time, she couldn't come last time, she is 17 i think, the lad is 5, love his big Porsche, he used to have an M5.

I finish the anti-bios today, thank heavens, juggling them with no food isn't so easy. 

both xx


shopping today? If so Lidl or splash out at Sainsburys?

HOpe you have got rid of your cold now? Mine just about gone, just a bit of blocked up now.

I believe it was 10 years ago that Shipwrecked was last on. Used to be on on a Sunday morning.

Shame you missed the Voice, Jennifer singing was incredible.


glad to hear you have finished at last on those tablets, so can eat in peace again. Hope it has helped your arm problem.

It is ridiculous how companies no longer pay staff extra for working Sundays. Don't blame your OH for giving those Sunday hours up. As you say those hours eat into the whole of a Sunday. Does she start early in the morning on the other days she works? Yes it will really be strange for you with OH back at work after being home for so long.

That is nice your lad bought the youngesters with him to visit.

Thanks for the photo hint, I will have a go and try and rope son in to help. He is at rehearsals around 17 hours a week for 2 coming up and coming productions, so he hasn't had much spare time. He does enjoy his drama though. 

Went to Costco food shopping today. Some nice free food samples, then a nice £1.50 jacket potato lunch.

Daughter stayed home as she has the cold now, and later today when we got home from costco son thinks he is getting it too. Damn nuisance these colds this time of year.

Watching Morse now. Really enjoyed Dancing on Ice.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
Frost this morning. Had to scrape my windscreen before going for the paper.
Then up to 5c in town this afternoon. A nice sunny day though.


Hicky. That was nice seeing your granddaughter, if she wasn't able to come last time.
Yes, no point your OH working on a Sunday if she isn't being paid extra for it.
I suppose you'll be at a bit of a loose end now, not having her around as much.
Great that you've just about finished your antibiotics course. Hope it has done the trick.


Mollie. It was splash out at Sainsburys Sunday today. Just the essentials though. Red wine and chockie biccies and some other food stuff.
Cold about the same, have been coughing a bit today. I hear my Brother has a bad one as well.


Glad you enjoyed your Costco shopping and lunch.
Your lad sounds busy with his Drama.
Pity your son and daughter both now have succumbed to the cold.


Dancing on Ice was great, Glad Gemma has finally gone. But with 2 going next week I fear for Saara and Hamish. Not sure how it works? Perhaps the one who gets the least votes goes straight away, and the next two are in the skate off?
Enjoyed Endeavour, although the storyline was a bit dark.

Good Evening Both.

Quite a nice day, 8c and sunny all day with a light wind of 7.

Just had 2 crumpets for brekkie, i really do eat too much, and for tea i had some chicken wings i should have cooked yesterday, then had a piece of cod loin cooked in a cheese sauce with a little pack of those microwave chips.

Did a bit of work in the garden as it was so nice out, did the final prune on the grape vines, did more preparations for the potatoes that i will put in the 3 tubs, put some of the old compost that has been exposed to the frost on the raised beds.

Mollie, My elbow seems fine, glad the tablets have finished, that reminds me, haven't put the ointment on today yet.

O/H used to start very early so she could get finished but they stopped that, now she either starts at 6.30am or 9,30am for 4 hours.

You rather like the meals at Costco, don't blame you as they do the cooking.

Thats bad news daughter with cold and son maybe getting it, such a nuisance.

Yes, DOI was good, about time JC went, she was getting a lot of media stick they said.

Emptybox, We didn't have any frost, thought we might but it stayed away.

My lad that came Sunday lives quite a way away, but he might move back when his daughter goes to college, he used to live a few miles away from me till he moved, probably to be near his goods suppliers.

The other time o/h works are not so bad but taking up most of Sunday was a pain, we couldn't go out for a midday Carvery or arrange for guests to come, it just wasn't worth the money.

Hi Hicky.

Frosty start again today, but it quickly turned to damp. A bit of sunshine, but I didn't go out.


Not sure if you eat too much, but you do certainly eat a good variety.

That's good that you could get something done in the garden.

A pity your lad lives so far away at the moment.


Watched Traffic Cops then 'Famous and Fighting Crime' where celebrities join the Police for a while. I do like Penny Lancaster.

Evening Emptybox.

11c today, mainly cloudy though, wind was 10, no frost here lately.

I stayed in as was expecting a delivery, o/h was working.

Had bacon and egg for brekkie with some mushroom.

Had a portion of soup from my freezer and fried some spring rolls i found while looking for a steak, which i didn't find.

Just making a loaf, will have a bit later on.

Was chatting to my lad in Oz this morning, talking about the Cains apartments, we can cook ourselves of eat out when we want, he said we can hire fishing rods and fish off the pier, cool.

Watching Border Force, so funny what people bring through and tick no on the customs card.

Problem is, i never stop eating, thats the problem, most of my lads live some way away, but thats life.

Didn't see those programs you saw.

both xxx


still cold and frosty there I see. Bit cool here but above freezing day and night.

How is your cold now? Hope you feel better now. Although mine has gone, I still have a bit of gunky yuck in my throat now and again. Daughter still coughing away though. Son not quite as bad as her,but he is real busy at Uni, so still had to go.

I agree Dancing on Ice was great. I think Saara might be safe as she has been skating quite well. Those 2 guys (Brian, and the cricketer aren't that good are they?).

I started to watch Endevour, but gave up, as you say it became a bit dark, so not for me.

Enjoyed watching Cold Feet last night though.


I know you enjoy your food, but at least what you have is healthy stuf and home made. Its not like you are down KFC scoffing fried chicken and chips all the time is it?

Glad to hear your elbows seem fine now, especially as you had to put up with taking all those tablets.

How nice you are chatting to your lad in Oz about your up and coming trip, I am sure he looking forward to it as much as you are.

Good job your OH has got rid of Sunday work now, time now for you to fit a carvery in or have the family over. I used to work in Sainsburys when the kiddies were small and I think we used to be paid double to work Sundays, but not worth it if they aren't now.

That would be nice if you lad moves to be closer to you when his daughter goes to college.  I assume the college is not far from you? What does she want to study there?

OH staying in a Weatherspoon hotel this week, very convenient as he just has to pop downstairs for his evening meal. And they do have a good choice of meals at a decent price. I made cheese and potato pie at home for us tonight, and had peas with it. So nice and easy.

Going to watch the kids playdate tonight, then A and E.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
Dull and cloudy here today and a bit damp, but not cold.
Still got a stuffed up nose, but not too bad.


Hicky. Pity you couldn't find the steak you were looking for, but sounds like you had plenty to eat anyway.
Sounds like you are going to have fun in Cairns.

Mollie. Glad your cold has mostly gone. A gunky throat isn't nice though.
That's interesting that you used to work in Sainsburys. That's maybe how you know how to get all the free samples?

I see last year they had a triple skate off on DOI, with only one couple staying.
So if Saara was in the skate off with Brian and Ryan, then I think she would be the one to stay.
But if either Melody or Wes got into the skate off, then the judges would save them over Saara.
Maybe she'll avoid the skate off though. Who can say.


Watched Shetland then 24Hrs in A&E on +1.

Evening Both.

11c today, sunny intervals, wind also 11.

Just had 2 crumpets for brekkie as was having a roast lamb dinner later on, i have fruit every day also of course, plus a small supper.

We had a Skype show with my lad in the morning when the baby woke, so good having the 3 of them on the laptop, and of course they could all see the 2 of us, spent half an hour chatting, can't be bad when it's free.

He mentioned that he could hire a car in Cairns and drive to his piece of land he bought a couple of years ago to show us, he had another one but sold that.

Made a loaf last night and baked it on a steel sheet rather than putting it into a loaf tin, it only took 20 minutes to cook.

Mollie, Think my elbows will be ok, not sure how long to put the ointment on for tho.

Sainsbury's gave all staff a standard rise to compensate for other hourly rates of Sunday compensation.

That sounds a good idea staying in Weatherspoons, and the meals are close, nice idea.

Emptybox, I might have another look for the steak in the garage freezer, we had 8 rather nice big ones and pretty sure we didn't eat them all, but got so much food still in it, the food is in bags, one each for veg, chicken breasts, mince packs, stewing steak, fish, samosa's, raspberries (got 2.5kg of those), prawns, belly pork.

The first stay in Cairns is on the beach, it is an apartment facing the sea, the second apartment is in the town center which gives easy access to shops restaurants etc.

both xx


hope the stuffed nose clears soon. My son says he is at the stuffed nose stage now. Winter colds are such a pain.

I used to work part time in Sainsburys after I had my first baby. Started as cashier, then got to work in the office, which I enjoyed. I used to close down all their systems at tne end of the day before the place closed. (they used to close about 10pm then). Gave it up when it was baby time again though.

DOI...Interesting, wonder if they will go for the triple skate off again?


yes the Skype is brilliant for you, especially as you can see and speak to your family who are so far away for free. That will be a great way to see things if your son hires a car for you. And its nice you have one week at the beach and one week near town,gives you a bit more variety.

That is good the staff at least got an hourly rise to compensate for the Sunday hours.

You certainly have a good selection of food in that freezer.

A lovely sunny day today, coat not needed as sun so warm. Met sun for lunch, we just popped into Gregs as he didn't have long. I had a cheese and onion pasty and some of their delcious thick tomato soup. Son had pepperoni pizza.

Then looked after neighours dog whilst they went to cardiff shopping as he hates being alone.

Watched Cleaning uP, enjoyed last episode, looks like you are right Emptybox, another series to come.

Goodnight both xxx

Another dull damp day here, and quite windy as well.


Hicky. That's good that you had a nice Skype conversation with your lad. Interesting that he might drive you to see his plot of land while you are there.
Hope your elbow will be OK with the ointment.


Mollie. Sounds like you had a responsible job at Sainsburys. Must have stood you in good stead for doing your OH's books?
That's good that you had a nice sunny day there, and enjoyed a Greggs lunch with your son.


Good last episode of Cleaning Up. Not so sure about another series? They did try to wrap the story up quickly. But i guess there's room for further adventures with her cleaning company.
Also I watched the last episode of the present series of 'The Last Kingdom' on Netflix. I do like that.

Evening Both.

12c today, sunny all day, wind was 10.

Had bacon, black pudding and eggs for brekkie.

O/h wanted fish and chips from New Brighton at 1.30am so we went their, packed, the shop looked empty till i opened the door, oh dear, 14 in the queue before me and they only cook the fish when you are there si had had a while to wait as they cant cook that much food at once, the place was full even when i got served.

Was chatting to my lad on Whatsapp this morning, they had been out for a meal after finding a baby sitter, they had a massive platter of sea food, then steak and a big platter of goodies for Valentines day, he sent me the pictures.

Mollie, Yes, Skype is amazing, being able to see one another like that is magic, i want the baby to get used to seeing us before we go.

My Lad was thinking of a few trips by car when we get to Cairns so we can get around a bit to see places.

I need about 10 nice size white or clear bags so i can write on the sides with a marker what is in to save opening them all the time, i will sort that, i think the ones from the butchers will do fine.

That neighbours dog seems a liability if they can't leave it alone anytime, to me thats a nightmare.

Emptybox, Not sure why my lad bought those 2 plots of land really, think he fancied building a nice house or something originally, he sold one plot not sure he knows what to do with this one yet, he still has his top floor apartment he bought while it was being built but he rented it out.

I think he will get another place as he will want a garden again, he built a lovely bungalow which he lived in for a while then sold it for a good price.

I'll keep on putting the ointment on for now, the skin looks quite good now.

Hi Hicky.
Dull again here, but mild - up to about 8c.
Went out to a couple of places. Just to check that the storm hadn't blown down any branches or anything. Had a few twigs to clear up at one place, but didn't take long.


Pity the chip shop was so crowded, but I bet the fish and chips was worth the wait though?
That's great that the ointment is doing it's job on your elbow.


Good idea to get the baby used to seeing you on Skype before you arrive, to avoid any shocks.
Your lad has certainly built a lot of properties in Oz.


Probably watch Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun tonight, and then the last episode of 'Hunted'.

both xxx


that is good you at least got one little job done today, and that is milder there. It was a lot milder here too, but the wind was cool.

Hope your cold has cleared now, mine has at last.


pity the chippie was so busy, but I guess that is a sign of good food there.

How nice for your lad and wife to treat themselves to a meal out. I know its not easy when you have a baby and are working to get time off. Good idea for you to have contact by skype with the baby so the baby gets used to both seeing you and your voice before you spend time together. Understandable now they have a child, they will want a place with a garden.

Yes neighbours dog is not easy for them, but he is an old man now, so they don't like to upset him. But the husband is disabled, got a nasty progressive muscular disease, so the dog is good company.

Lovely sunny day, with some wind, so great for drying the sheets. Had lift with son to town on his way to college,then caught bus home.

Watched the 1980.s school tonight, now Shipwrecked.

Goodnight both xxx

Evening Both.

13c today, sunny all day, wind is 12.

O/H was working till 10.30 we then went to the Farm, had brekkie, we got so much had to leave some, had 2 fried eggs, 2 big thick rashers of back bacon, 2 very long thin sausages, a massive piece of black pudding, a portion of baked beans and 2 slices of rather lovely toast and a pot of tea each, of course you pick what you want on the plate, all plates start with 2 eggs however you want them cooked, you add the rest at a cost per item, i did try, but just too much.

then we did some shopping, the usual, fruit, big oranges, banana's and Kiwi fruit, veg, a couple of rather nice steak, cut to order and 8 bacon back rashers and a pack of sliced Chorizo.

Did a bit in the garden, it was rather nice out so took the opportunity to spend some time outside, also put stick labels in to mark where the different veg will be going, the potatoes will be planted end of Feb.

Mollie, Ye, my lad had the massive platter of seafood as a stareter between them and the stead after with the plate of yummy afters, some meal.

He sent me a lovely video of the baby this morning, she really is a delight.

Yes, Skype is an incredible means of communication, wonderful is the word really, and distance is no object.

Not long left on shipwrecked, does it finish tonight?

Empybox, Glad you didn't find too much damage on the jobs you visited, but it seems heavy snow does more damage than the wind because of the weight.

Yes, crowded chip shops show how good the food is, but with such a wait it was like being in the walk in center.

I watch a lot of episodes of Antiques Road Trip, love those shows, also the ones with the reds and blues buying stuff to take to auction, mind you they have no idea what will make money.

both xxx


glad to hear your cold seems ok too now.

Got any work done today, or was it a day off today? It is still your quiet time I know though for awhile.


Gosh that sounds like a good filling breakfast. But I expect your OH was hungry after working till 10.30.

Thats good the weather meant you could start preparing the garden for planting.

How sweet you got a nice video of the baby today.

Not sure about Shipwrecked finishing, didn't realise it was such a short series. I have enjoyed watching it though.

Lovely warm and sunny day today.

Had to go to solicitors, to sign more stuff to do with mum's estate, so needed to get 2 trains, daughter came with me as I hate train transfers when I am on my own. Then we met OH who was on his way driving from work.

After went with rest of the family to local pub for our tea. I had cottage pie, sweet potato chips, salad, peas. Really nice.

Watching Corrie, then don't think there is anything I want to watch, so will go to bed after I tidy up.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
A lovely mild sunny day here. Almost Spring like. I was working outside without a coat.
I was in my own garden. I did some tidying up and cleared the greenhouse ready for this year's tomatoes.
I also got my mowers out and made sure they were working OK.


Hicky. I see you did a bit in your garden as well.
Sounds a lovely brekkie. Pity you couldn't finish it.
Must have been nice seeing another video of your Granddaughter.


I haven't had any snow at all this year, which is very unusual. Well none lying anyway. Of course now I've said that. I'll probably get snowed in in March.

Mollie. Pity you needed to take the two trains to see the Solicitor. Hopefully you are nearing the Estate being finished getting sorting out?
Nice to meet up with your OH after he finished his week's work.


Watched 'Secret Scotland' on CH5 then Grantchester on ITV. Then I watched a recording of an old episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are' featuring Boy George.

Evening Both.

Rather nice today, 12c sunny intervals with a wind of 12.

Had eggs on toast for brekkie and made Spag Boll for tea, made too much so will freeze a portion.

Did some more in the garden as it was quite nice, wind a bit too much for me spraying the trees so will have to wait for a better day.

I was working out what is needed to change the watering system for the new layout, not much involved, was also getting the leaves ready for zapping another day.

A strange ending to Shipwrecked, but they all agreed to share so the Tigers split the £50k prize money.

The Voice tonight, and the DOI tomorrow.

Mollie, That brekkie yesterday, it wasn't just me that left some, o/h did the same, i was surprised really, it was more expensive than a lot of places but the portions were good and so was the food.

That was handy your daughter able to go with you to the solicitors, changing trains can be a nightmare.

A good idea all going for a meal at the local, gives you change to catch up with news from everyone.

Emptybox, Glad weather was good enough to let you get some tidying up done outside.

Yes, love getting the video's from my lad, you can see the baby growing up each time.

Don't understand why you didn't get the snow fall everyone else seemed to get, strange.

Do we still get heavy frost after the end of this month, or just sleet etc.



glad to see you too had some spring weather, good idea to check the mowers as your busy spring time quickly approaches.

Yes hopefully the estate should be finalised soon.


interesting you too had Emtybox's usual Saturday menu for your main meal.

Glad you got to go in your garden today.

It was mild here too again today, makes you wonder if the mild weather has arrived a little early and will give us a false sense of security before the cold weather comes back again? It is indeed odd Emptybox up north did not get the  snow that even us here in the south got. Mind you, it did not last long.

I guess you don't mind paying a bit more to eat out, if you get bigger portions and the food is good.

We went for Weathspoon brekkie again this morning, busy in there as usual because it is such good value.

Think we will go to costco to get some food shopping tomorrow.

Enjoyed the last of the auditions on the Voice tonight.

Looking forward to DOI tomorrow.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
Colder and windier here today. Definitely needed my coat again.
Got my van washed, but didn't do much else outside.


Hicky. So you and me both had Spag Bol tonight?
That's good that you got a bit more done in the garden, even if it was too windy for spraying.

I see my grass is growing a bit. Wouldn't surprise me if somebody rang me up wanting it tidied already. Bit early yet though. Don't usually start till march at the earliest.

Mollie. That's good that you think your Mum's affairs will be settled soon.
Yes, we could easily get a spell of Wintery weather yet.
Strange I haven't seen any snow yet this year. My Brother has had some across his way, but not too much.
Glad you enjoyed your Wetherspoons brekkie again.


Watched some of the Voice. Surprised they were still on the auditions. They've been going on for weeks on end.
Yes, looking forward to seeing if Saara survives on DOI tomorrow. I'm recording it, because my Uncle is overdue to phone me, and he always phones at the time the programme is on.

Evening Both.

12c today, sunny intervals but winds still not calm at 15.

Had bacon on toast for brekkie, made Spaghetti Carbonara for tea to use up more of the pack of pasta Linguine, just added chopped bacon, mushrooms and milk, didn't want to wast the pasta, of course during the evening i have some fruit each night, but i got some big Kiwi this week, wow, i love them, usually get a load of banana's as they are so good yet cheap, also i get the big oranges asa they are so juicy, of course i get Nectarines.

Spent some time in the garden, having a kettle and coffee in the manshed is handy, and with 24 windows the sun keeps it rather nice during the day, too windy to spray safely though.

I just have coffee now, with coffee mate, but in the afternoon i only have decaf, think i sleep better.

Mollie, I only decided to have Spag Bol the other night when looking in the garage freezer i saw the pack of paster, i then wasn't sure which sauce to have with it, i had got the mince from the freezer, have quite a few packs, i freeze them in 250g packs for ewase of use, but i had some packs of tomato juice that o/h bought some time ago so thought i could use them instead of my Dolmio jars i have, so i looked at the ingredients of Dolmio and added what i needed to the tomato so it would taste the same, nice.

Am hoping the cold weather doesn't come back.

Yes, The Voice was ok, watching DOI now.

Emptybox, Funny you should mention your grass, i heard one of my neighbours cutting his this afternoon when i went in the garden,

It could be because it has been pretty dry here for a while, not that it will stay the same.

It was quite warm in the garden, just had a shirt and cardigan on, and pants of course.

Hi Hicky.
Fairly nice day here too. A bit windy, but sunny and up to 8c when I went to Lidl this afternoon.

Forgot to mention, but a couple of days ago I had a bit of a disaster with my cooker.
I think I had told you that the catch on the oven door had broken and I was using a brick to keep it shut (this was a few months ago). Well the brick wasn't quite heavy enough, and every now and again the door sprang open a bit, and it stopped cooking.

Well on Thursday it did this once too often and I got annoyed with it and kicked the brick. Big mistake because the outer door was made of toughened glass, and it shattered into a thousand pieces on the kitchen floor.
Luckily the inner door is fine. And actually I was able to retrieve the broken bit of the catch that had fallen down inside the door, so I've now mended the catch.
I tried cooking a pork chop without an outer door on Friday, and it cooked fine. But obviously the inner door gets hot, and probably lets heat escape into the kitchen.

So I've fashioned a new outer door out of a piece of melamine type stuff cut to size, covered in kitchen foil to reflect heat back into the oven, and a bit of cardboard on the outside for insulation. I painted the cardboard black to match the cooker.
I looks great, but I haven't cooked anything in there yet, so not sure if it'll be effective.
Cheaper than buying a new cooker though.
I looked into sourcing a new door, but couldn't find anything online.


I like Spaghetti Carbonara as much as Bolognese, but haven't tried making it myself yet.
Yes, I bet there's little to beat having a coffee in your 'manshed' when the sun is shining.


That is early for cutting grass. But it is getting fluffy here in patches so I'm kind of half expecting a phone call from one customer, who always seems to be first each season.
Presume you are using the American usage of "pants" there?


Loved Saara's routine on DOI. Thought it was very entertaining, and loved the idea of her breaking out of jail at the beginning.
But I suppose i can see that the judges are looking for precision and synchronisation at this point, so didn't give her very high marks.
Really pleased she lived to fight another week though.
I think she naturally is about the fourth best skater, so I'll be happy if she can get to fourth or third in the competition. I think James and Wes probably deserve to be first and second.

After that i really enjoyed Endeavour.


Luckily my Uncle phoned earlier than usual, so didn't interupt DOI.
Worryingly he says he has Pneumonia. He says he's on his second lot of anti-biotics, and today is the first day he has started to feel better.
He didn't sound too bad on the phone, but he is 86 and has other health problems, so it's a bit worrying.



Evening Emptybox.

Not too bad today, 11c sunny intervals with winds of 15, still too windy to spray the trees.

Had beans on toast for brekkie, trying not to eat so much, for tea i got a beef curry from the freezer, made some fried rice and combined, made so must it had to be divided, so froze a portion for another day.

Spent some time in the garden, picked up more leaves with my cane spike, also collected all the gathered leaves into 40L buckets ready for the zapper another day.

Rang the gardener about the delivery of the Showmaster Onion plants and he said his place is usually empty, but if i got them delivered somewhere he could pick them up, i hqve one neighbough i know a few doors away that is more often than no in the house, so i will try him out, i rang the plant company and they said they could send to another address.

 Did a bit more on the watering system pipework, only a bit left to do now, i need hot water to join the pipework to the connectors as the weather is too cold to join them now, if i am joining stand alone sections i can take them into the kitchen to join them.

 That was nasty, bet you got a shock when the door went, not sure about painting the outer surface, that is ok with the paint if it doesn't get hot, i wouldn't expect doors to be a replacement part, but you can get another piece of glass made easy enough i'm sure, but maybe see if you can get laminated instead of toughened as it's almost unbreakable, then the oven should be bullet proof, even Emptybox proof. Ha Ha.

I enjoyed DOI, the problem is they spend a week trying out stupid tasks that they get set instead of teaching them to skate, it annoys me, it's as if they don't want them to be able to skate well.

That is very serious if he has pneumonia, if the first antibiotics didn't work it was probably because they were the wrong ones, thats a good age and any health condition is harder to treat the older you get, i'm not looking forward to getting old at all.

At least Jason has caught on that being a clown doesn't do him any favours.

both xx


I remember you saying your cooker catch had broken. That is an interesting tale of how you ended up fixing the catch it by kicking it.  Hope your fix it job is effective when you get round to cooking.

I guessed you would be pleased with the DOI results. Saara did indeed do well. How lovely it looked with all that pretty snow where she comes from.

I agree though, Wes and James are both the best skaters. Not much between the two of them, so hard to say which one of the 2 deserve to win.

Oh dear, your poor uncle, that is a good sign he is starting to feel better now, let's hope he shakes it off now. I think it is so sweet how he regularly keeps in touch with you. (and well done to him not phoning during DOI).

after last week's episode I didn't fancy watching Endeavor, so watched George's small spaces, This young couple did up a fire engine to sleep in and travel round in.


Glad you got in your garden today, so nice to get out and about in the fresh air when you can during winter.

That is good it sounds like you have something sorted for your onions whilst away.

Do you have firm dates settled for your hols now? Which airline are you with?

Busy yesterday, tend to do a lot of running around weekends now OH is away all week. Then lots of sandwiches to make Sunday nights for him, as he leaves so early. He is often too tired to go out for his tea on Mondays as he leaves just after 5.30 am, so eats the rest of the sandwiches i make and this week I made hot cross buns with butter too.

Son took me to meet other son for his lunch time and we sat on the bench outside Coop whilst he ate his Gregs pepperoni pizza. Then had to go to pet shops.

Looking forward to Cold Feet tonight, watching Corrie now.

Goodnight both xxx

Evening both.
Not too bad day. Still a bit windy; a bit of sun and a bit of drizzle.
Got last month's accounts done but not much else.


Annoyingly I've misplaced a large envelope with all the details of my Business Insurance renewal. Luckily I'd already sent off a cheque to renew it, so that's not too bad. But I've looked all over the house, in every drawer, and there's no sign of it.
I last saw it on Thursday when I sent off the cheque, and i thought I'd put it on the side in my 'office', but obviously not.
I can't see someone slipping in to the house and taking it, but not taking anything else, specially as there were phones and tablets etc lying about, so I can only conclude that I mistakenly put it out with the recycling.
I put the recycling bin out on Thursday evening, and I definitely put some papers in it that day.
I don't like the idea that there are documents out there with my name and address and policy number on them. But there's nothing I can do about it now.
I usually make a point of shredding everything like that before I put it out, just in case of identity theft.


Tonight I cooked a chicken thigh and roast potatoes in the oven, without any problems. The outer door that I made remained completely cold, so it seems just as good as the old door at keeping the heat in.


Hicky. Pity it was still too windy to do your trees, but at least you got something done in the garden.
Good idea to get those onion plants delivered to a neighbour, so the gardener can deal with them while you are away.


Not sure it would be worth getting some laminated glass made? The old stuff fitted in a slot at the bottom of the door, but was glued at the top I think? Plus it would need to match colour wise. Anyway, I think my home made door seems to work just as well.
Yes, it was a bit silly  for DOI trying to get them to do a double twizzle (whatever that is?) when only Wes managed it successfully I think. Even James couldn't do that one.


Mollie. Yes, i hope my Uncle makes a full recovery.
I'm still enjoying Endeavour, but as it's now reached 1969, I guess it's straying into more modern themes like drugs etc.
Yes I guess you want to make the most of weekends with your OH at home then.


I watched Cold Feet then Famoue and Fighting Crime on CH4+1.


Evening Both.

9c today, should have been sunny intervals but didn't see any, wind was only 9.

at last, when i looked out at 1pm the wind had dropped off so i shot out and got the sprayer, put 3L of water and the winter spray mixture, sprayed all the trees at last, except 1 plum tree that is basically in flower.

Had bacon black pud and eggs for brekkie, then later o/h rang me to say she was calling in KFC did i want anything, well, not like me to refuse food so got a corn on the cob, 3 pices of chicken and some chips.

Had another delivery today, forgot to tell you 2 days ago when i ordered it, it's a Trail camera for wildlife, rather yummy as well, this is it:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0...64861_302_E_DDE_dt_1

I will be able to find what is digging any holes in the raised beds, or roaming around in the dark, it has night vision etc of course, it's the one they use on the wildlife programs on TV.

Mollie, The theory of my onion saga is sorted, problem is i have spoken to my neighbour yet, trying to pick up courage or bump into him by accident so to speak.

Have just charged my camera, another job done, took a load of pictures off my phone so i can take more when i go.

Yes, i have firm dates, flying on 14th March with Emirates from Manchester Term 1 at 13.10 to Dubai, then change to Sydney arrive 22.50 15th March, return 15th April from Sydney 16.05 to Dubai then fly to Manchester 16th April 07.25 to Manchester arrive 12.05.

A good idea to make a load of sandwiches for a monday, as you say, saves him going for a meal in the evening.

That was nice meeting up with your lads. 

Emptybox, Yes, with the oven door, you would think the glass would be replaceable if it is liable to break such as toughened is, thats what car windows and most safely glass is, 1 tap in a corner and it shatters into a million pieces.

Yes, DOI is like a lot of programs, they give the people tough things to do so most will fail which makes it easier to get rid of them, if they didn't then they would all get good at skating and they wouldn't be able to pull them to bits, it's all planned.

Hi Hicky.
Mild but dull today. Up to 10c.
Went to the Dentist this morning for a checkup. Nothing needed doing.
Did a huge pile of ironing/folding this afternoon.


That's great that you were able to get most of your fruit trees sprayed.
That camera looks interesting. Are you hoping to catch the squirrels in the act?
Hopefully you won't catch one of your neighbours roaming around your garden at night instead.


Handy that you've now got the dates for your hols, so you know what's what.
Yes I think the oven door was the same type of glass that is in windscreens, as it broke in the same kind of way, with no sharp edges. Still finding the odd little bit hiding in the kitchen days later.


Watched 'This Time Next Year' then Shetland.

Evening Emptybox.

11c today, light rain and cloud. winds of 11.

Had a burger for brekkie and for tea a tom soup that i had made and froze, then i had some ham hock o/h brought home.

O/H rang up and got 3 months medication which is handy.

Going to create a fixing post for the trail camera, the position i want to fix it is against a fence, i will fasten a post to the fence to fasten the camera.

My clear carrier bags came, have written on a dozen of them with what will be their contents, but it was a bit gloomy today.

that was good, needing nothing doing at the dentist is fantastic.

Not sure what comes into the garden, i suppose anything that can climb of fly can get in, but in the autumn something small seemed to be living under the gazebo decking, it was pretty small and it burrowed under the decking structure, when i blocked the hole with slate it unblocked it, if it couldn't unblock it it made another exit close by, so i but wooden planks all round the sides, vertical and fixed.

There is an awful lot of things to set up on this camera, wow.

I've had the holiday dates since 27th Jan.

I had windshields go after a stone hit it and it shattered, but when i got it replaced i got laminated put in it's place, which doesn't shatter as it's 2 pieces of glass with plastic sheet in the middle, same as bullet proof glass only not as thick.

I had a windscreen go on the way home from london in the dark 100 miles from home, at night you can drive fine with the screen shattered as it stays in the car and you can see through it, i decided to take the car to get it replaced in the morning, when i got in the car in the morning i couldn't see through the screen because it was daylight so had to create a big enough hole in the screen to drive.

Just watching Antiques Road Trip, been watching Border Force Australia, it reall is funny, the stories people come out with.

both xx


that's good you didn't need anything doing at the dentist.

No sign of your mislaid business insurance stuff then? I know how annoying it is when you can't find paperwork. If anyone did happen to come across it, they can't do much with just your name, addy and the policy number though.

Well done on your success with the oven door.


glad you have sorted out your camera because we are looking forward to lots of photos of you enjoying your hols in the sun.

Gosh not long till your hols now. I will follow your flights on flightradar, I love doing that. And hope you bump into your neighbour soon so you can give those hints about your onions.

I looked at your link and see your camera is good at elephant spotting, but I don't expect you will see any of these in your back garden. It might be handy to take to Oz with you, to see what night time things they get over there. I know there are loads of fruit bats as we used to see them haning upside down in the trees there.

I have seen that Border Force programme, yes indeed some long tales you get from some people on that!

Went for coffee at my neighour's today, I have offerred to look after her dog on Thursday as she is going out for the day, daughter and I will share the day looking after him.

My mum's estate all sorted at last. Felt quite upset when the cheques came through , which sounds daft, but it was due to sort of knowing she was not there any more, but wanted me and family to have what was left. (I had spent a large chunk on her care). But at least it means we can look for a modest family home to buy now.

Goodnight both xxx

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