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Happy Burns night. Hope you enjoy your haggis and mash for tea.

How annoying the card payment thing ran out of batteries, mine did once, but like HIcky, when I went into the bank,they just gave me a new one. Hope you don't have to go far to get batteries.

Yes after getting all that work done only 6 months ago, it will be annoying if you need to spend much more.


hope you enjoy the Chinest bangquet with your family . Were the celebrating a special occasion?

Glad you got some more flour, I foresee some more interesting loaves to come.

No wonder you keep finding some more menus if you have about 150 to look through.

Weekend at last, luckily OH had worked over in the week, so was able to leave work lunch time, so was home about 2.30, as he avoided the Friday rush time.

Daughter is staying with neighbours dog again this weekend, which she enjoys. And I enjoy it too especially as neighbour left us some delicous home made cake, Indian recipe.

Much milder here today, even a bit of sun. Saw a daffodil today and a very small  lamb last week. Iti s definitely getting lighter now too.

Watching Jaynes cruises tonight, I enjoy her shows.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi Mollie.

Thanks for the Burns' Night wishes. I thoroughly enjoyed my Haggis.

That liitle poem by Burns is a well known Grace said before a meal. The 'meat' in it refers to any food, rather than the modern meaning, so would cover your veg version. Did you try it?


Yes, very annoying about the card reader. I should be able to get batteries in Sainsburys on Sunday. Luckily the payment (for my heating oil) isn't due for a week or so. It's the oil companies fault really, as they have changed their bank account, meaning I have to set up a new payee.


That's great that your OH was able to come home early.

There's some real signs of Spring down there. Be a while before those are seen up here, and it's due to get colder again next week.


Watched Mastermind then Grantchester.


glad you enjoyed your haggis, not had mine yet as family wanted pizza so I did too.

Thanks for explaining that Burns saying, as I knew nothing about it.

That is so annoying when you have to set up a new payee!

I have been reading about the Grand solar minimum (as you know) and found this real interesting Oz article that I think sums up what is happening. The cold in EU, USA, Canada is off the scale this winter. Makes you wonder what we have to come, as we had our share of cold last winter. Niagra falls frozen this year.

Evening Emptybox.

10c today, cloud and light rain though, winds of 16 but pass the 40's from 2am.

Had a bacon and egg long seeded fresh roll for brekkie for a change.

Had a pork chop for tea, just making Butter Prawns, quite a job though, a lot involved, hoping to make a few portions to be able to freeze, also want to freeze some portion of the sauce without the prawns.

The Chinese Banquet was so good, had hot and sour soup, then a selection of starters, then duck then a main meal, i just love it, got a 7 seater taxi to take us, and got 1 home afterwards, a good night, the place was packed and it was only Friday, no spare tables, we had a table for 6, very nice.

it looks like the Hols could start about mar 18th for 4 weeks, not finalised yet.

Yes, if the brakes are disk all round then each shouldn't be cold at the end of the journey really because the pads stay on the disk as there is nothing to pull them off, unlike shoes which are spring loaded, pads have no springs so 1 could be seized, 

I agree about the Atlantic Cod, think they have a harder life, i'll look and see if any other fish will do, non uk fish i mean because i can buy it online anyway.

The Voice tonight, and DOI tomorrow, good.

both xxx


glad to hear you had such an enjoyable meal and how nice there were 6 of you there. Must be a good place if it was packed out like that. And nice too that your OH didn't even have to think about driving.

March would be a nice time for you to go to Oz it should of cooled down by then, so easier for you to get out and about. Hope the plans all go well.


hope you enjoyed your sphag bol and beer today.

I had canambert with oven baked rolls and salad, very nice.

Went out for brekkie with OH, son, daughter, other lad dog sat for neighbour as they are in London for the weekend visiting their son. Weatherspoons again as it is such good value. Daughter likes the Amercian pancake breakfast, I like a veggie brekkie and OH has traditional. son just goes for a bread roll with sausage on. I do enjoy the free refill coffees though.

Really enjoyed the Voice tonight. Always good to see Tom Jones singing too. The girl he sang with comes from Barry, the same place my best friend comes from who comes to visit me every week. We sometimes viist the Weatherspoon in Barry with her for brekkie.   There seems to be someone on it from south Wales nearly every week, but they do like their singing here. My own son in rehearsals all day tomorrow again. I give him a warm drink with honey each day to help keep throat moist.

It was pouring down with rain tonight, with a few heavy showers in the day, so stayed in the rest of the day after brekkie. Doggie didn't want to go for a walk today. Don't think the wet weather helps her arthritus.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
Mild and rainy here today.


Hicky. Glad you enjoyed the Chinese meal with family. Good idea to get a taxi there and back.
At least you've now got an idea of when your holiday will be.
Butter prawns sounds good. Haven't tried that.


Mollie. Enjoyed my Spag Bol and beer as usual.
Your Canambert sounds OK too.
Glad you enjoyed your Wetherspoons brekkie.
Yes, Tom is still a great singer. I think they must have somebody on from Wales every week to see if he'll turn for them.
Hope your Son's voice holds up for his rehearsals.

Evening Both.

7c today, sunny with gales of around 50, dropping at 9pm to the 20's.

Yes, flying Emirates to Dubai then on to Sydney, leave on the 14th, having 1 week in Sydney then 3 weeks in Cairns, have got the flight details and ticket into, got to get the ETA sorted and insurance again.

Didn't have brekkie as i stayed in bed, o/h made a roast chicken dinner for midday-ish, will have my portion of chicken with some butter chicken gravy, yummy, have frozen 2 butter prawns and 3 butter gravy portions.

Will need to make some chapati's unless a few i had in the freezer are still there.

Put a new ink cartridge in the printer and it wouldn't work so will have to go to Sainsbury's to get some, had used quite a bit of ink printing info out for the trip, always keep spare ones but bought these in Apr 2017 so not sure if thats the problem.

Mollie, Yes, with 6 of us it was great, catching up on missed time, i will be cooking for them when they come next, probably when we get back from Oz, they love the curries i make, i used to make them fudge when they were younger, they used to stay over at the old house and we used to make meals and cookies.

Yes, March is Autumn in Oz but it should be fine.

Emptybox, Yes, a Chinese eat all you can Banquet is about the best thing you could have, and with the selection of starters it's great, we just started with battered king prawns, salt and pepper ribs, chicken strips, satay chicken sticks and spring rolls, you get 6 of each on a big plate, of course you can reorder again or change to a different selection, but we didn't want to get full before we started, which is quite easy.

The round trip for the taxi's was only £30 but i gave them both a tip, always do.

Enjoyed The Voice, looking forward to DOI tonight, at 6pm.

Hi Hicky.
Very windy overnight and today. A bit drizzly as well. At least it kept the frost away. My van was saying 4c when I went to Sainsburys this afternoon.

I got the batteries for my card reader and I also bought some thermal longjohns.
Hadn't seen them there the last time I looked, but they seemed to have one pair in medium, so that was lucky.
Cooking up a big batch of stew/casserole at the moment.


That's great that you've got a lot of the details for your trip.
Pity the ink cartridge didn't work as they are expensive. I guess it might have dried up after sitting there for a couple of years?
The Chinese meal sounds great, and the taxi was fairly reasonable as well.


Yes, looking forward to DOI starting in a minute.

both xxx


that's lucky you managed to find some thermals in your size. You certainly need them outdoors this time of year.

Hope you enjoyed your stew, a nice and warming meal.


that is so exciting for you that you have the holiday dates sorted out now.

Cairns should be interesting for you to viist. You certainly won't feel cold up there. Are you going to Sydney first because you son works there, then up to Cairns because his wife is based there? I remember you saying they were thinking of moving up there.

Hope the get some print cartridges without them being too expensive. Yes I am sure you do need to print quite a lot of stuff for such a long holiday.

I can remember when the family used to stay over with you and you making fudge with them. That would of been great fun for them.

Went to costco for a bit of shopping today, nice to get some food free samples again. And we had lunch in their cafe too.

OH packed his bags again for he next working week, gosh weekends go too quickly when he is working away.

I too enjoyed DOI.

Very cold here today, even a little sleet.

Daughter back home again tonight after staying 2 nights across the road looking after the nighbours doggie.

Watching Vera now.

Goodnight both xxx


Hi Mollie.
The stew was good. One of my better ones. Cooked slowly in the oven.
Yes I was lucky to find the thermals, as they didn't seem to have any other pairs in stock.
I had found some in Lidl's centre aisle last week, but they were all XXL, so no good for little me.


Glad you enjoyed your Costco lunch.
Yes pity your OH had to go back to work for the week.


Enjoyed Dancing on Ice. Was a pity Saara ended up in the bottom two, but I thought she might struggle to get the public vote, as she's probably the least well known, plus although she had a good routine, it was perhaps a bit safe compared to last week? I liked her skate off routine though.
Really enjoyed Vera again.

Evening Both.

6c today, sunny with winds of 12.

went to Sainsbury's first thing as o/h was going to her mums so she took me and brought me back, got a large black ink which was £30 before discount, a small black and colour would be £25 but i do so much printing, i print out all invoices and file them, same as bulls/receipts always keep them as well, i have a spare colour which is old and if that fails when i need to put it in i will go back to Sainsbury's.

Had bacon and egg on toast for brekkie, for tea decided on making a hot dog wuth thin sausages, it took 8 to cover the big hot dog bun, covered in mustard and tomato ketchup, yummy.

The man came to service the boiler, hasn't been done since it was installed in 2015, it had a very slight leak which he might have fixed and a plastic hinge broke, not a problem, will check to see if leak persists, all readings from special equipment was fine.

Have got my cabin case out ready, am making out the envelopes for the paperwork so it's easy to take out the info as and when needed.

Have got the E.T.A to sort to get in Oz, as the last one has expired.

Got the insurance to sort out for us both, not a lot different from last time.

Don't forget Shipwrecked starts tonight on E4 at 9pm.

Mollie, We are having a week in Sydney then we all go to Cairns for 3 weeks, Son is on maternity leave, his o/h will be working the 1st week in Sydney but on Holiday when we go to Cairns.

His o/h thought she might have to go away to work but at the moment she isn't.

Don't blame you going to Costco for items if you can get a meal as well.

Yes, when your o/h is only home for a weekend it sure will pass quick.

Yes, enjoyed DOI but wish they would let them learn to skate first, they want them to be acrobats, crazy.

Emptybox, Thermal longjohns, wow, haven't seen them for a while.

Yes, got all the flight details etc, need to organise transport inside the airport as it's pretty hard for me, can't rush and the airports are so big.

I installed my new cartridge, it's HP 301XL Black and it wqas fine, so happy with that.

Loved the Chinese Banquet, for £16.99 each i think, drinks extra, think we paid total £134 for the 6 of us.



glad to hear you enjoyed the stew.

That is the trouble with Lidl, they have good clothes offer each week, but they soon sell out on the more popular sizes. So lucky you got a pair in Sainsburys. Seems crazy that the spring/summer stuff starts to arrive in shops just now when we have our coldest weather.

DOI....I knew you would be relieved that Saara stayed on another week.


thats good your OH could take you to sainsburys to get the ink.

That was a change for you to have hot dog for tea. Gosh it must of been big if it took 8 to cover it!

That is good that your lad and OH will be on holiday when you go to Cairns. Lucky she didn't have to work away after all. Sounds like you have a few things to sort ready for your hols. Hope it goes smoothly.

£16.99 is not a bad price when you can just help yourself to good quality food. A nice treat for you all.

Very cold here today, OH left at 5.45 to avoid the traffic. The M4 was quite busy as many live in Wales and travel back to London Mondays, but it was nowwhere as busy as last week when he had to go in later as they didn't want him to start till later on day 1. Luckily he was able to strart by 7.30 as the earlier he gets his hours in, the earlier he can leave to come home Fridays. So he will go early each Monday now.

OH's and son's car even though he didn't leave for going college till after 9 were both covered in ice today and it stayed very cold. Son had to talk daughter into going into his Uni music studio today as he had an assignment due, and needed a girl's voice over for a film at the last minute, as the girl in his work group was off sick today. Luckily it came out well and he got it submitted on time.

Met son in cafe at lunch time, he had ham and cheese pannie and I had a latte.

Watched Cold Feet tonight, I enjoyed it.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
A little frosty first thing, but otherwise a nice sunny day.
Managed to get my heating oil bill paid now my card reader is working again.


Had another visit from the landlady. This time about making sure the water supply is meeting the standards for Legionella or something. Basically she just filled in a form and left a leaflet. She didn't actually inspect anything.
Don't see her for years, and then suddenly she pops in twice in a week. Bit suspicious TBH.


Hicky. Glad your printer is working again.
I don't do a lot of printing, apart from the invoices once a month.
As Mollie says, that must have been a huge bun to accomodate 8 sausages, even thin ones.

That's a bit worrying that your boiler has a little leak. Hopefully the engineer fixed it.
Yes I guess there'll be a lot to sort out before you go to Oz.
It's a choice between wearing thermal longjohns in the winter or having the heating on during the day. I know which is cheaper.


Mollie. That was good that your OH was able to leave early and beat the worst of the traffic.
Must have been interesting for your daughter, doing a voice over on a film.
Sounds like it was icier with you than it was here this morning. The frost had mostly gone by the time I got up. Just a little left on the grass.

Didn't watch Cold Feet tonight, i will probably catch the repeat. I watched the thing with Steph and Dom, about their son with severe epilepsy.

Evening Both.

4c today, sleet showers with winds of 11.

Been sorting out the ETA visa for the Australian trip, ordered them anyway, then we spent sometime updating the Travel insurance, talk about details, wow, Staysure it was, we used them last year, thats all sorted now, but with only going to oz it was only 1/3rd of the price that we paid last year, and that Comprehensive.

So have been printing a lot of pages today, dozens really, just waiting for the ETA now.

Made a full English brekkie, o/h got hers in bed, but whe made a fresh salmon tea with mash and sliced green beans, nice, she had gone out to post a birthday card and stopped in at Sainsbury's so picked a few bits up.

I have a problem with an expected delivery while i am away, the special onions are due around the 9th or a bit later of April and they can't delay them and you can't store them when they arrive, they have to be planted, mind you, i have got some time to try and find a solution.

I made a Rustic Crunchy loaf, it's from a 500g pack i bought, it is very successful, a bit dearer than making from scratch, i will post the pic at the end of the post, Emptybox has seen it as he ticked a like.

My Lad has booked a week for now at a resort, rather posh by the looks of it, it's a 3 bed apartment overlooking the beach/sea, this is the place.

Alamanda Palm Cove by Lancemore


I enjoyed Shipwrecked, it should be a good series, it's on every night in the week so happy with that.

Mollie, Most motorways are so busy Monday morning and Friday afternoon, even worse in the summer.

It seems strange to me your son needing a girls voice for an assignment.

It's nice when you can meet up with your son for lunch, that would be nice for him as well to have a chat and chill.

Emptybox, Yes, strange your LL arriving twice, wonder if she wants you out?

The hotdog was about a foot long. i cut the roll sideways so it was then about 7" wide, the sausages are about 7" long so they only went 3/4 of the way along the roll, i put 5 sausages down then cut 3 in half and put them at the end, i had already covered half the roll in mustard so then covered the sausages in ketchup, folded the top over and cut it in half as it was too long to pick up, it took quite a time to finish but it was worth it.

I'll keep an eye on the boiler, this was the first service since it was new 4 years ago, but at least someone turned up, a very nice man, getting on a bit but he knew what he was doing, he was great.

Yes, i would say longjohns are cheaper than oil, have you seen how some have to dress in Alaska, mind you, thats outside, they usually have wood fires indoors, but don't think the neighbours would be too happy if you cut down all the trees around you.

Rustic Crunch Bread

An Artisan Rustic Crunch Bread i made, yummy, I used the tin shape as it fits the toaster better than baking it on a tray like the picture on the packet.


both xxx


yes very odd how LL has given you another call over something trivial when you have not seen her for an age.   ...

I missed the Steph and Dom thing. What side was it on, and I will see if I can find it.

I agree longjohns are a better option than forking out for oil. I wear my teddy onesie and have a teddy blanket for when I get chilled sitting watching tv at night. We still have the heating on though, but not too high. They do say, that there is no such thing as bad weather, only incorrect clothing. As HIcky says, I wouldn't think of chopping trees though.


lucky the insurance was a lot cheaper this year. I had heard the USA insurance is expensive as medical care does not come cheap there! Did you have you list all your ops etc?

How nice of you to treat your OH to brekkie in bed.

Could you bung a few £ in your gardner's direction and ask him to take delivery, then plant them for you?

Your loaf looks delicious. I bet it smelt and tasted delicous too.

What a luxurious looking place that looks, what a treat for you and OH especially after putting up with our winter weather here!

Thanks for the Shipwrecked reminder as I hadn't realised it was on every night. It has been years since we last saw it, remember it used to be on Sunday mornings?

My son needed a girl's voice as he was adding sound to a Marvel film clip, (including voices), so needed a girl to do the girl hero voice. The tutor was well pleased with what he did though, which is good, as he put a lot of work in. Including us all going to the beach over Christmas hols and his dad shovelling sand/stones whilst he recorded it.

It was pouring here today, with snow I heard on the hills and valleys not far from here, but not here. Very cold though. Met son at lunchtime, we went to Gregs for takeaway, and ate it in the car. He got chicken bake and I got their delicous tomato soup. £2.50 for both, so a bargain.

OH went to pub for tea today, steak and ale pie, chips and peas. Not much fun eating it alone, but at least they had football on the tv for him.

Watched Secret life of 5 Year olds, so funny and very cute.

Watching A and E now. And recording Shipwrecked, watched half of it from last night, looks really promising.

Goodnight both xxx

Cold here with some rain and sleet. Didn't go out anywhere.


Hicky. I don't envy you having to sort out all the visa and insurance stuff. At least your insurance is going to be cheaper than last time.
Hopefully you'll be able to sort something with your onion delivery before you go. Mollie's suggestion is a good one.
That looks like a very swish resort.


The neighbours use open fires, but i think they pay as much for coal and logs as I do for oil.
A branch came off a big tree at the back, and the neighbour was out with his chainsaw, cutting it up for logs at the New Year.
I could choose to use my open fire, but i think I'll stick to the central heating (and my longjohns ). I can't be bothered with all the hassle that goes with a fire, and getting the chimney cleaned etc.


Mollie. The Steph and Dom thing was on Channel 4. 'Steph & Dom: Can Cannabis Save Our Son'.
Not sure what the landlady is on? I know she went to the neighbour yesterday as well, with the same form. So she wasn't just picking on me.


That's good that you got out for a Greggs takeaway, despite the horrible weather.
I watched  Britain's Parking Hell on CH5 then A&E as well.



Evening Both.

4c max today, the place is white outside, wind light, must have been snowing a lot last night.

I had bacon, black pudding, and 4 kipper fillets for brekkie, o/h just had some wheatabix.

The ok came through from the ETC system so the Oz  travel stuff is linked to our passports.

For tea i made mushroom vol-au-vents, 9 each, nice.

Got all the trip paperwork put into individual A5 envelopes, makes it easy when we are asked for any details, one envelope still empty, the boarding passes, o/h sorting her dresses to take, we will do mine soon.

Got the eye clinic Friday, and the Foot clinic Monday, i had a go at doing my toe nails, not very well, originally filed big toe as it was catching, my big toe is longer than the rest, a lot of feet are different to that.

I found the baggage scales in one of my wardrobes, need that to weigh luggage.

Mollie, Yes, got quite a shock when the man said the insurance price, and also, they had sent o/h a card for her birthday with 20% off, wow, couldn't believe it.

They just called up our last one we had from 2017 and altered that, took stuff off and added what was new, brill.

All paperwork done now.

Yes, a great idea, it might work, of course it would depend on all sorts of things, like, is he available etc, i could get him down and show him where to plant them, he knows my garden well anyway, very well, and i could give him a set of keys, not a problem, will look into it.

As long as your o/h can get a meal in the pub that will do him fine i assume.

Yes, 5 year old were great, i record all A&E's, watch 1 every night usually about 11pm, the Shipwrecked is very interesting. 

Emptybox, Yes, paperwork all done now for the holiday, will try and get 2 months meds in March, won't order the taxi yet.

Yes, Millie's suggestion has got legs, will look into that idea.

I understand what you are saying if you used coal or logs, probably no cost saving, i watch them in Alaska and the amount of logs they chop and use is incredible, one of their biggest chores, getting the dead trees, cutting the logs and axing them to go on the fires.

I doubt if you are allowed to cut a tree up for yourself because it's not your tree, different if it is of course.

I can't remember the last time i saw a chimney sweep, i remember setting ours on fire one day at home when i was little, mind you i set a lot of things alight.

It's still white outside, didn't go out though today.

both xxx


I agree open fires are too messy and not good to breathe that smoke in either! Waste of time here if they are no cheaper either. I think they are bringing laws in to ban wood fires here too. So best to stick with your thermal undies with some oil heating for now.

That is a good sign the landlady went elsewhere too, so is not just hunting you out.

If I get chance I will try and catch up on the Steph and Dom show, so thanks for the info.


that's good you have organised so much for the travel arrngements. At least your luggage allowance won't be as complicated as it was last year. Is it 20 kilo you are allowed?

And that is handy your OH getting a birthday 20% off the insurance.

Good job you have the foot clinic as it was catching. Hope the eye clinic goes ok.

I hope the gardener is free to sort your onions out.

I bet it looks very pretty by you if it is all white.

It was frosty and icy here today, the dangerous sort of ice you can't see though. I slipped on the back step just putting recycling out. Lucky I didn't fall competely. So didn't take the dog out till lunch time.

It was sunny later though, so I got lots of washing nearly dried.

Watching GP show, then Sheriden smith drama. And recording Shipwrecked.

Just realised, we have been done!!! GP show ended suddenly, then I realised they have chopped it in half and we only get half hour instead of an hour!

OH had chicken strips with chilli sauce, peas and chips in pub for tea.

Goodnight both xxx

Evening all.

Very frosty here this morning but turned into a lovely sunny day. No sign of any snow here.


Hicky. That's great that you are so organised in regards to your trip.

You'll probably need to take your Spring dresses with you.

Unusual that you have snow and I don't.

Hope you get on OK at your eye and foot clinics.

Yes I think some people's second toe is longer than their big one. Mine are the same as yours.

Sounds like you were a bit of a pyromaniac in your youth?


Mollie. You have to be careful with your knee in the icy conditions.

Luckily the ice was away by lunchtime so you could take the dog out.


I watched Kirstie and Phil, then Cleaning Up.



Evening Both.

2c here today, outside was still white and frozen, the old snow had frozen solid, the watery sun later melted one side of the pavement, o/h cleared the ice of the car and went out to go shopping with her mum.

Had to go to the wheelie bin store to put a bag in and to the garage to get a meal for tonight, the snow was crunchy underfoot but if you take very small steps your weight stays aver your foot so it's pretty stable.

Just had 3 crumpets for brekkie, with some honey on, i got the honey out to put on my elbow.

The boiler service invoice came £60, the letter for the foot clinic came today, rang a fish sales company to tell them the problem with their new website, gave them a few pointers and addresses of 3 that show how it should be, have had a lot of fish from this place, very good as well, she said i could have 10% off on my next order for helping her.

Still no letter from HMRC, these civil servants sure don't rush, when she said 7 to 10 days didn't realise she meant for me to get the letter, i tried to pay the bill yesterday but there is info on the letter which you need before you can pay it, like a payment code to show it's me.

For tea i hated a beef madras curry and made a fried rice, yummy.

Mollie, On this journey the baggage limits are 30kg for the hold and 7kg for cabin, not sure what inland rates are, will have to check.

Yes, hope the eye's are stable, a bit of a worry.

I forgot to take a picture of the garden 2 days ago, i will see in the morning.

Enjoyed shipwrecked, it's a good way to spend a few months out there, what a life.

Emptybox, I love being organised, i have layouts of the trees, with ripening dates, names, even the raised beds have a drawing showing what is planted, or where to plant something, 

Not sure how you missed the snow this time, mind you it was patchy on the radar views.

I was a bit wild when young, i had a free reign on life, dad was in the merchant navy so only popped home now and again and died at 40 which was a great loss for us all, as mother had 3 lads, quite a handful really we were 12, 8 and 2 years old.

I more or less had a free hand at home, i converted the shed into a laboratory, or my cousin did, he was very clever, ended up a scientist but died before he was very old.

both xx


that is good you got a bit of winter sun.

Did you enjoy Cleaning up? Sheriden is a great actress. Do you think we will have a good ending here, or will she end up getting caught out?


yes definitely safest to just take very small steps if it is very slippy outdoors.

Is it manuka honey you put on your elbow and crumpets? I have some of that from Costco.

That's handy the fish place made it worth your while helping them out.

You are correct, HMRC rush for nobody!

That is a good luggage allowance you have.

So sad you lost your dad when so young. Your poor mum must of had her hands full bringing up 3 young lads on her own.

Daughter baked and iced a birthday cake for mum's ex carers little boy. She hid smarties and  mini eggs inside the cake. After dropping it off at her house,  I met mum's other ex carer, it is so nice they have both become special friends to me and meet me regularly. Son gave me a lift  so came too. We went to sainsburys cafe and I had latte and a delicous toasted bagel covered in lots of melted cheese. Yummy.

Hope we get to see a photo of your garden.

My garden is all white now, as the snow started around 4pm and hasn't stopped since. Doggie looked confused but seemed to like it and treid to eat it when I put her out tonight. The wind is bitterly cold.

Hope OH has no problem on the roads when he drives home toorrow. He will leave around lunch time, so if the forecast is right, the snow should of stopped quite a while before that.

Not much of interest to watch, so watched recording of Shipwrecked, and am watching something about package holidays now.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
Very frosty here today. Stayed white all day with freezing fog.
I decided to go into town to give the van a run, and to buy some of my herbal remedies.
The van was saying it was still -3c at 2pm.
I should have gone yesterday really, as there was sunshine, but they had forecast sunshine for today as well, rather than the fog.
Still no snow here, but might get a bit tomorrow.


Hicky. Yes you have to be careful in the snow. 
It was worthwhile complaining to the fish company about their website if it got you 10% off your next order.
Pity you still can't pay your tax bill until you get the letter from HMRC.

 Yes, I had noticed that you like being organized.
I guess it's understandable that you were a bit wild when you were younger, if you lost your Dad so early.
Was the laboratory in the shed where you plotted your pyromania?


Mollie. Yes I'm enjoying Cleaning Up. I think they might want to do another series, so might leave the story unresolved? There's 2 more episodes left.

 That was nice of your daughter baking a cake for your friend's son.
Glad you enjoyed your meetup in Sainsburys cafe.
So you've got snow as well now? I feel I'm missing out.
(not really, I'm happy for you to keep it)


I watched Bargain Brits in the Sun on CH5 then Hunted on CH4.

Evening Both.

Didn't have brekkie today, weather not bad at 3c sunny with winds of 13.

Had to get taxi for eye hospital as delivery expected in the morning.

They gave me eye drops which make it hard to see so they can take the sets of pictures of the eye, they will send letter of findings.

Got a taxi to Sainsbury's from the hospital to get my meds, was going to get my few food items but couldn't see very well, rang o/h and delivery had been so she came down.

Just had bacon, choriso and hot dog sausages to finish the pack off.

Will have plaice later which i got today, bought some more banana's, they are so nice and so cheap.

Mollie, I do have Manuka honey now, but the honey i put on my elbow isn't but i rang the honey company and he said it is fine to use from medical purposes but they aren't allowed to state that on the site or jar as it hasn't been medically proved, don't understand that as they have been using it for hundreds of years and the NHS use it on some of their dressings, it seems the Manuka name was given as that is the flower name that the bees use to get their nectar in New Zealand, but any pure raw unadulterated honey is good.

Still no mail from HMRC, so frustrating.

That was nice your daughter making a Birthday cake for your mums ex carers, and a meet and a meal, good on you, nice your lad going as well.

I missed the opportunity to get a nice picture of the garden, the snow/ice is just a mess now.

I saw on the news so many people stranded again overnight, and Chicago is -27c.

I tend to watch 2 things at once, the tv and the computer video's, but if one needs more concentration then i pause the other.

Emptybox, Strange you not having snow, just lucky i suppose.

Strange that i need more codes to pay the tax bill, i have the HMRC sort code and account no, wouldn't you think i could use my NI No.. as a reference, i am baffled, and i can't even get into the personal tax account unless i have a 6 digit No. they send me by text to my mobile.

When young, my cousin lived 4 doors away and his shed had been converted to a chemistry lab, he was so brainy, he had all the chemicals, so he brought some down to my shed so he could show me experiments, he taught me to play chess at 8yrs old., i think i've told you before, he was so clever he could get paid enough for the qualifications he had in the UK, he could if he moved countries was didn't want to so he gave up being a scientist and took over a Post Office.

both xxx


Gosh that was a cold day if it was that far below freezing at 2pm! We had about minus 5 overnight but it goes above freezing by day,

Didn't realise Cleaning Up might have another series. I wonder if we get an open ended ending then?


such a nuisance they have to give you eye drops that mean you can't see so well after, so you couldn't get your food stuff. Let's hope the results are problem free.

At times this medical proven thing is odd, seems it is so difficult to get or takes years. But at least you got an answer about the other honey being ok.  I did know real manuka came from New Zealand, but didn't realise other raw honey was as good.

Shame you missed the photo oppotunity, I am guessing this winter there will be more to come though.

HMRC are just a joke, nothing they do make sense, and nothing seems to link up with them.

Your would be scientist cousin who ended up taking over a post office sounds quite a character.

Didn't have lots of snow but it was a covering. and enough for most schools to close, which pleased the local kiddies no end I am sure. I just popped over the neighbours and it is sheets of ice, really dangerous. I had to get OH to walk over with me and my stick!

Luckily the roads were clear for OH's journey back home today. We all went to town and to Weatherspoon for tea to spend some time together. I had a delicous veggie burger with mash and salad.

Watching Corrie, then going to watch Posh Hotels.

Goodnight both xxx

Hello Mollie and Hicky.
Very frosty again today, but at least it was sunny, instead of the horrible fog we had yesterday.


Hicky. Pity you had to have the eyedrops, which meant you couldn't see properly in Sainsburys. Luckily your delivery had come so your OH could give you a hand.
Not sure if Manuka Honey has any special qualities (apart from the price), but I guess any honey would be just as medicinal?


The pictures of people being stranded don't seem to show much snow to my mind? I'm sure I've driven on worse than that. But I guess if the snow is on the point of melting it would be very slippy. Whereas if it's colder and dryer it's easier to drive through?
That's very interesting about your cousin being so clever. Pity he didn't live to old age. Don't think you've mentioned him before?


Mollie. I'm just speculating about Cleaning Up, as it would make sense for them to make another series, but I haven't actually heard anything.
Yes you have tobe careful on the ice. Good that your OH was back to give you a hand.
Glad you enjoyed your Wetherspoons meal.

 Watched celebrity 5 Go Camping then Grantchester, then an episode of Star Trek Discovery on Netflix.

Evening Both.

max 3c today, sunny all day though, no warmth in it, wind 13.

Still lots of snow in the garden, bit of a mess with the sun thawing bits.

Had 2 place fillets for brekkie with 2 crumpets, for tea i had a gammon steak with mash and eggs.

Didn't go out today, garden in a mess so didn't want to take a chance on slipping.

Mollie, Yes, don't understand the problem wit the Honey, surely if the NHS use it for certain wound dressing then it must have been passed so why can't a uk company say that it's ok for medical use, mind you it has to be the raw honey, if it is treated then it wouldn't have the same properties, but the wording used in all medical terms seem to be Manuka, so maybe they have a monopoly.

It's about 10 days now, still nothing from HMRC, don't want to ring them again.

I see you had icy conditions, so dodgy walking, isee one are had so much snow 100 trees fell and blocked all the roads, all the cars where stranded.

A good idea going to weatherspooms, saves a load of hassle.   

Emptybox, Yes, the eye drops sting awful, but because the effects last for 6 hours thats the biggest problem.

The Manuka honey seems to be known world wide but not sure if it is better than other honey but i believe the Manuka flower has special properties as well, and that what the bees get their nectar from.

The problem with those stranded on the tv wasn't the snow, it was that all the wagons has jackknifed and blocked the roads and everyone was trapped.

I remember many years ago they were going to modify lorries so they couldn't jackknife, wonder what happened to that idea.

I'm sure i mentioned my cousin before, he used to get a bus from the grammer school to the top of grange hill and walk over the hill home, the bus journey was about half a mile, by the time he got off he had done his homework.

He was supposed to go on a trip to paris with the school for a week, after the trip was over the school gave all the students a task to record what they had seen on the journey and what they had visited and give a story about the holiday.

A presentation was held at a big school reception in front of the whole school, my cousin won top prise and while getting his prise the headmaster asked him what he had enjoyed the most about the trip, he said, sorry i can't answer that, i was ill and couldn't go.  

both xxx


that's good the horrid fog went.

Hope you enjoyed your sphag bol and beer.

It should be interesting as we still have 2 shows to go, how Cleaning up does end? And if your speculation could come true?


yes best not to risk it by going out at all if it is slippery.

Gosh HMRC are certainly taking their time getting back to you.

Yes I too had heard the manuka had special properties and is unique to New Zealand, so that is why it is so expensive.

at the tale of your cousin and the school presentation. He must of had a vivid imagination if he wrote the best tale of the Paris trip and hadn't even been!

My neighbour away again, so daughter is sleeping over their house again for 2 nights, as she enjoys looking after their doggie. He is very cute though, and an old man at age 13, so likes staying home in the warm. My neighbour's hubby has muscular dystrophy, so it is hard for her to take doggie places with her now and he has to go up to Chester for physio every few months, so she is very grateful we enjoy doggie and house minding when she goes away.

Son looked after neighbour's doggie first thing (doggie hates being left alone at all), whilst we went for brekkie in Weatherspoon. Nice for us to eat out as I we don't see OH much now with working away, and I don't want to spend all weekend cooking and clearing up. Cooking for 5 takes a lot of shopping and clearing up, so we try and eat out one evening and one brekkie together at weekends.

Still icy in places here, but a lovely sunny (even though cold) day.  I have started doggie on cannabis oil (CBD) from this place

and me too and it definitely seems to be helping. Doggie wanted 2 walks today and she has stopped limping. Also my knees don't seem so sore. It just puzzles me how a few drops of this has helped so much and I don't really believe it myself, but I do know for sure me and the dog are both walking better. OH has seen this and has started taking it for his aches and pains too.

Goodnight bothxxx

Hi both.
Not as frosty here today, and a nice sunny day.


Hicky. Good idea not to go in the garden when you still have the snow.
I think companies have to be very careful about what medicinal properties they can claim for their products.
Yes I guess when a lorry gets stranded on the road nothing can get by it.
That's a funny story about your cousin winning a prize for his story of his time in Paris, even though he didn't go.


Mollie. Your neighbour seems to go away a lot. Good job she has your family to look after the old dog.
Good idea to eat at Wetherspoons again.


That's interesting about the cannabis oil. My herbal pharmacist recommended that to me a while ago, but I decided not to bother.I'll maybe think more about it, if it has good results for you.
It'll not be the medicinal grade stuff that has to be prescribed though? Unless you are getting round that by taking veterinary stuff?

Evening Both.

It's 6c today, light cloud and medium breeze of 10, the snow/ice is still hanging around in many places, where the sun doesn't hit.

Last night as i was off to bed my dressing on the left hand elbow was stuck to my shirt, to release it i though i would replace the dressing, wow, got quite a shock, couldn't tell if it was infected or not of course but it certainly looked like it needed early attention so decide to go to the walk in center at the hospital this morning at 8am, o/h's car was smothered in frost so said i would order a taxi, anyway, at the hospital i waited 90 minutes to see the triage nurse who said i needed to see the doctor, they gave me an appointment for 11.45, gave o/h a ring, she came to pick me up and we went to Sainsbury's for brekkie, then she dropped me off at the hospital again, it was then about 10.30, then i found out they were running late, also the wait time for new persons arriving was now 3 hours, at about 1.15pm i got called to the doc, he gave me a prescription for 2 items anti-bio and a special cream, at the hospital pharmacy they didn't have the cream so had to go to another pharmacy, got them in the end.

O/h had made a Lamb roast dinner which was very nice.

Mollie, Yes, i don't blame you eating out whenever you get the chance, lots of benefits with that.

It's becoming a full time job for one of you looking after the neighbours dog, lucky dog.

Didn't know it was legal to take that oil, i know they talk about it a lot, many need it for pain etc so it must work, but what does is needed and how often.

Emptybox, The garden is slowly clearing of snow but will keep out for now.

My elbow was really a mess last night, i put Manuka honey on and a few big plasters to protect it, this morning when the nurse and doctor saw it it was an awful lot better looking, the big hole in the skin was nowhere to be seen, no idea how, doc gave me Dovobet ointment to put on once a day for a few weeks.

Yes, my cousin was amazing, he could draw freehand a drawing of any country out of his head, he passed for the grammer school at 9 but they only take you at 11 or something like that, same with Uni, he passed but could go as he was 2 years early for that as well, it's things like that that hold you back, he had many wasted years.

both xxx


that's good you too got a nice sunny day.

Yes my neighbour has been away a lot recently as her daughter has just moved up to Manchester, and her son is in London, so she is glad the dog sitting means she can catch up on visiting them.

The CBD oil is not the medicinal grade one and can be bought in a lot of places eg health food shops, as it doesn't have the illegal cannabis bit in it that makes you high. And I am certainly not taking the vet only stuff,  


oh dear, what a fiasco just to get the medical treatment you needed! NHS should not be like this, but with all the cut backs, there are just not enough staff to meet demand. But glad to hear you eventually got what you needed. Wonder why it has gone infected again? Sounds like the manuka honey had started the healing process by the time the nurse and doc got to see it. Hope you feel ok on the antiboitics. Probably worth going to your own doc to check its progress after awhile? Lucky you managed to get to Sainsburys to get a brekkie.

I bet your roast made by your OH too was well enjoyed after such a long wait.

Yes the legal bit of cannabis is referred to as CBD and you can get it as an oil or one that is soluble in a drink, which i went for to mask the taste. Somone I know who works in a care home told me about it as she was suffering with arthtritis. She got hers from Holland And Barrett.

Shouldn't be too long till the snow clears and you can get in your garden again, as the forecast sounds like it is getting milder.

Still chilly here today, but not as cold as it has been. Bits of ice/snow in places but not so much.

Went to Costco with OH today as son was at rehearsals all day again, othe son was working on uni stuff and daughter with doggie. We both enjoyed the food samples, then had the £1.50 jacket potato lunch. Very nice.

OH gone to pack his bag again for next week. Weekends go too quick. He stays in a Travelodge in the week.

Watching Dancing on Ice now, then looking forward to Vera.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi both.
The frost had gone this morning, by the time I went for the paper, and it was a reasonable day.
Went to Lidl this afternoon.


Hicky. Pity you had so much trouble getting your elbow seen to. I guess it must have been infected, if they gave you antibiotics?
Hope the cream they gave you helps. Lucky to find a pharmacy open on a Sunday.
Your cousin sounds like he was a prodigy.


Mollie. Glad it's not the dog's cannabis oil that you are taking.
Glad you enjoyed your Costco meal with OH.
Yes, it must seem like he's hardly home before he has to go away again.


Saara did really well on DoI tonight. Thought she looked really cute in her puppet makeup and costume.
Vera was great afterwards as well. Pity it's the last in the series.

Evening Both.

It tricked me again and kicked me out telling me the browser isn't accepting cookies when it is, what a load of rubbish, had to save the post by using screen print and reset and sign in again, probably because i won't pay them.

A rather nice day today, 8c sunny and wind of 15 but i could get in the garden for a nose round, the snow and ice has melted overnight.

The forecast for the next 2 weeks says 8 to 10c with a low of just half that each day, apart for in the morning when it looks like frost.

nearly missed the Chiropody appointment as o/h thought it was for 11am but it was for 10am, the girl did a great job anyway, i hadn't messed the nails up too much having a go.

A bit more info on the Oz trip, 8 days in the Sydney apartment of my lads they are going to a hotel to stay, then we go to Cairns for 12 days at the Alamanda Palm grove resort, from the 4th to the 14th of April not decided yet..

Mollie, Yes, thought Sunday would be a quiet day, how wrong, dozens of children as well, you can tell haw busy it got as it ended up with a 3 hour waiting to see the Triage nurse.

Not sure how the elbow got infected but an open would was vulnerable before i noticed.

It got infected some years ago, think it was the other elbow, i had nurses coming a few times a day to give me a drip.

Ther travel lodge is as good as any to place to stay, he only needs a nice bed and can eat out.

Emptybox, Yes, hope antibios work, hard to tell as i can't see infection anyway, have ordered the rest of the medical kit anyway, the finger thing that tells blood oxygel level and the ear temperature laser thingy.

I didn't realise it was psoriasis i had, when i told o/h she said, i knew it was that, don't know why you didn't get it sorted years ago.

Problem with these antibios is i need to take them 1 hour before i eat, which means i have to stop eating for an hour.

The hospital pharmacy is very small but open but all pharmacies in supermarkets are open anyway.

Hi Hicky.
Nice sunny day here with no sign of frost.
I was almost tempted to do a bit of tidying in the garden, but it's still a bit cold.


Pity the cookies thing foxed you again. It's very annoying.
Looks like you will enjoy your Oz trip, with a stay at that resort.
Oh yes, I forgot some of the big supermarkets have their own Pharmacies. Don't think any close to me do.


Glad you made it just in time for your Chiropody appointment, and your nails are now done.
I looked up that Dovobet stuff you mentioned, and it's usually used for Psoriasis, so i assumed that is what you had.
Have you been advised to get this other medical equipment, or is it just something you think will be handy?


Probably Traffic Cops on CH5 then Cold Feet on ITV for me tonight.



that is good you seem to be getting a good run of sunshine lately.

I thought you'd be pleased with how Saara got on in DOI.

I thought fairy tales week was lovely. James (not surprisingly as a professional dancer) was just so good. at the tights!  (similiar to the ones you wear when you do your gardens?) 


this cookies thing here is a nuisance, I got it again the other day.

That's good the ice and snow have gone from your garden now. It felt a lot milder here too today. Forecast is below freezing again tonight though.

Good job you hadn't messed the nails up too much, so the girl could sort them easily today.

Did your lad decide it was easier for you to stay in the apartment and they stay in a hotel, when you go to Sydney, rather than the other way round?  Sounds like it will be a lovely break for you all. Cairns in that resort should be extra relaxing for you.

How long are you on the antibiotics for ? Because oh dear, I can understand why 1 whole hour without food could be a problem for you if you fancy a snack!

That is interesting you are getting other medical equipment. Beats having to fork out for a taxi for check ups at the surgery if you can DIY.

Washing dried quite well in the afternoon sun today.

Had to go to parents and students meeting at son's uni about the Nashville trip. Very interesting, they have lots of places to visit planned for them, seem to be very organised, so I think they will gain a lot from it.

Watched Corrie then Cold Feet, which I always enjoy.

Goodnight both xxx

Hi Mollie.
I didn't pay much attention to James' performance (or his tights), but I gather Holly was quite taken with them.
Yes, I think he's the likely winner, as far as skating is concerned anyway.
Of course, if people keep voting for Gemma, you never know.


That's interesting that your lad is going to Nashville with the University. Is that something to do with his course? He should enjoy that.
Good that you could get some washing dried outside.

Good Evening Both.

10c max today, quite a nice day, didn't go out though just watched tv.

Had bacon and egg for brekkie, had Red Snapper fillets for tea.

Decided to look at my personal tax account this morning and found more info with a better link to pay, and i could use my card, when following instructions it became obvious that all the details were available to pay as instructions, and it didn't ask for the charge details it said preciously, after i had paid, needed a text number to get into account then needed a test number from the bank to enter for security, then i printed it all off and the postman came, guess what, the tax summary i have been waiting for came, that can go in the HMRC file now, wow, it had a the 22nd of Jan on the letter, it took 14 days to arrive, how is that?.

I have made out a pro-former for future years as the info that came shows the layout of the income/allowances/taxable/tax paid/tax owed so i can just fill in the details, i can see i will owe and extra £45 next year.

Because they don't tax my state pension they class my account as i owe tax all the time so i am always owing money.

Mollie, Yes, i forgot to copy the post before posting it, before i started it mentioned cookies, i said yes but forgot it would then say my browser doesn't allow them unless i change the settings, what a load of rubbish, i never alter the browser.

The chiropodist did a good job on my nails, very pleased.

 Not sure why my lad decided for us to use the apartment, unless it was to save us traveling from a hotel to the apartment every day, his o/h will be working of course during the day, he will have the baby, i don't mind either way, he must know what he is doing.

Cairns looks fantastic, they are private apartments.

The Anti-biotics are for 7 days.

Sometimes when they test my blood oxygen level i need to take some big breaths to get it up more so i thought i might as well get the test equipment so i can check it myself, and the ear temperature tester could be handy if i think i have a temperature, the laser one i have is for food and cooking etc really so isn't quite so good medically.

Wow, the Nashville trip for your lad will be fantastic

Emptybox, You will have plenty of time to go in the garden, why suffer if it's cold.

Yes, i fell for the cookie trick again, so many times, strange thing is, as i don't alter the browser then it means that it's not me it's Gaga thats at fault, it must have a bug.

It will be great if this Dovobet ointment can clear the psoriasis up for me.

I thought if i had all the medical gear then i may be able to get a pointer more early of a condition, i now have the breathing test and when the other come i will have the temperature probe, the finger kit is for the blood oxygen count and the pulse.

both xx


Yes the Nashville trip is related to son's course. They will be visiting recording studios there (amongst lots of other places) as he is doing music/film technology and hopes to be a sounds engineer.

Sunny again there today? It was not too bad here today but started pouring down this evening. Below freezing overnight though.


gosh 14 days for HMRC letter to arrive! Did they use pigeon post?

Good idea to work your own figures out for the future.
Odd how they keep saying your browser won't take cookies, it doesn't seem to say that for me, which is lucky as I don't lose my posts. So annoying as you keep losing yours.Do you use firefox for it? I do.
I am sure you will like Cairns in those lovely apartments.
Fingers crossed the doveobet does the trick and clears your problem up.
All your medical stuff will be handy for keeping an eye on things yourself.
Milder today, but pouring down now.
Didn't go out, just did paperwork and a bit of tidying and caught up with shipwrecked. Really enjoying Shipwrecked.
Wtched Dogs behaving Badly, now the kiddies on play dates.
OH went to Weatherspoon for tea again. He had triple chicken today.
Goodnight both xxx

Hi all.
Frosty here this morning, but then turned into a drizzly day, with heavier rain this evening.
Went into town to get my prescription at about 2pm. My van said 2c at home but 5c in town.


Hicky. That was good that you were finally able to pay your tax.
Bit of a coincidence that the HMRC letter came the same day. Wonder why it took so long?
Yes, good idea to get your own equipment to test your breathing.
Hope the Dovobet does your elbows some good.


Mollie. I think you have mentioned the Nashville trip before right enough. A great opportunity for your lad.
You doing paperwork reminds me that I've still got last month's accounts to do.
Won't take long as I hardly did any work and only sent out a couple of invoices.

Watched 'This Time next Year' and then 24 Hrs in A&E. Just been watching the thing on 5 about Aiden: The Rarest Boy in the World.

Evening Both.

9c today, sunny intervals, winds of 10.

Got 2 more stops on the itinerary, Fitzroy Island off Cairns for 3 nights, and the Pullman Cairns International Hotel for 7 nights, will post link at end of post.

Had bacon and egg for brekkie.

Just made a prawn fried rice dish, a bit elaborate with 21 ingredients, but very nice, and have enough to put some in containers for freezing.

The recycle wheelie bin still hasn't been collected from last Thursday, and have to put the rubbish one out tomorrow as well.

Mollie, Can't imagine why an official letter should take 14 days to arrive, how?

The tax figures are so easy to work out once you have the relevant figures, but it took the government 8 months to add up 2 figures, deduct an allowance, work out 20% tax, deduct tax paid and get a figure owed,

The post was asking me to turn on cookies but they are always on as they are now, it must be a bug in the program, as was signed in when i posted as you can't post if you aren't, so it was nothing to do with me, all i had to do was reload the page, the problem being it ditched the post i had just typed out.

Emptybox,  Yes, glad to pay what i owe, it took 8 months to be able to do it, hard to believe really.

I will be very happy if the ointment sorts out the Psoriasis as it has troubled me for so long, it's a pain putting it on every day because it doesn't seem to rub in or dry so after 10 minutes i have to unroll my shirt sleeve again.

I stayed in today, a bit more windy than i wanted, i need to zap the rest of the leaves i have.

Fitzroy Island Link:

Pullman Cairns International Hotel:

both xxx


still very cold up your way then, think it was about plus 10 here today, so not too bad.

As there is less paperwork right now, that is one good thing about your low winter workload.


how exciting your trip is looking, especially now they have added 2 more stops and one is the Great Barrier Reef.  Wonder if your lad will go diving or snorkelling? And wonder if you will get to see the reef on a glass bottom boat? Pullman looks lovely too. Wonder if you will get the see that Moulin Rouge show you can see in the photo?

14 days to get a letter and 8 months to add up 2 figures, what a joke HMRC are!

Yes I am sure it will be a great relief to you if this ointment can be the answer to your skin problems, hope it does.

Didn't go out today, other than a doggie walk. Son finished the VAT, so I just checked over it, and he posted it. Then booked a couple of weeks in advance for OH's hotel.

Son at rehearsals again tonight. OH been to pub for tea , had peppered mushroom pie, chips, peas and a nice big jug of gravy. Daughter made me cheesy pasta for tea.

I have had a cold for the last few days, but not a bad one. Just annoying with blocked nose, sore throat, feeling more tired.

watched Corrie, now watching Cleaned Up with Sheriden.

Goodnight both xxx

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