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I'm already doing it I did one in 2012 and it was a lot of fun but challenging towards the end. I did enjoy it so when I got married in August I decided to do Project365 for the first year of married life - coming to the end of month 5 now  I upload each day onto Flickr then at the end of the month post the link to the Flickr album in Facebook.


i can put the link onto a thread if people are interested? I will be out of sync with everyone else though; we got married in 9th August so each month starts on the 9th and runs to the 8th of the next month

I'd love to see your pics, saz

I cant remember if this forum is private? Like do you have to log in to view? Just some of my pics are of other peeps and I've got them set to friends only on Flickr- I've shared on private forums but not sure about a public one 

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Ty Cosi, thinking about it my 1st pic should have been a pic of my stairs.... I fell down them after putting minime to bed last night.... Bump bump bashing my back and backside on each step as I went!

I think that's called twerking - the sitting down version 


(Hope you're not too bruised!)  

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I think those dogs are possessed!




no they're not they are lovely and the middle one is a rescue dog that had either been hit by a car or kicked and the girls in her office clubbed together to pay the vets bill for the op...this is the same dog with eveil eyes my daughter took tonight.. this is Stella







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They're all lovely, Dame   My daughter bought her dog with her when she stayed at Crimbo - I realised how much I miss having one myself.

Her dog looks a lot like Stella too! (Jack Russell)


I'm not a fan Cosi...but you know when they are part of the family you have to love then. the rescue dog (Star) would not let me reply on my phone last night, she was snuggled between my legs and patted my hand off my phone when I was trying to FB...I gave up  The dog won