Hello Emptybox. Tried my Homer Simpson voice on the SatNav, he is funny though Only went to the garden centre for a drive. On reaching the destination, he said, "I got you here and you never even thanked me" and when I got home he said "You have arrived at your destination, you are a great deiver" or something like that, O/H liked his comments anyway.

Sounds like fun Hicky.

I keep saying it, but one of these days I'll have to get myself one.
Good evening all
It ended up being quite a nice day here too today Hicky.
We enjoyed taking to dog a walk anwyay.
Hope you enjoyed your visitors visit, and watching your race.

my hoodie is only a small tastefull ladylike hoodie, with no baseball cap underneath, so hopefully I won't get thrown out of anywhere. 
Glad to hear the sun made it up to you too. Did you have a restful day today, or out in your own garden?

Yes Hicky, last in series of Pineapple tonight. Hope they do another series.

Do you think the markets will like the EU/Greece problems, our hung parliment still being hung, and the exit polls now indicating that Angela Merkel's party failed to regain a majoritiy?    
Think I will check in with Bloomberg in the morning...
Tried my Homer Simpson voice on the SatNav, he is funny though Only went to the garden centre for a drive. On reaching the destination, he said, "I got you here and you never even thanked me" and when I got home he said "You have arrived at your destination, you are a great deiver" or something like that, O/H liked his comments anyway.
LOL Hicky...
that sounds great fun. Have you taken any of the littlies out in your car with that?  I bet they'd love it. My family are all Simpsons fans.
What did you buy from the garden centre?
Did you go to the cafe there?
Hi Mollie.
Glad the weather turned out nice for you.

I just had an easy day today.

The markets are not going to like it at all tomorrow, and it doesn't sound like there will be any announcement about the government tomorrow.
We'll be lucky if the Footsie doesn't drop a couple of hundred points, I would think.
But you can never tell?
you were asking about buying gold/silver...
here is a link about buying coins..

I got mine from here...
You can buy from the Savoy in London or by phone.
I might get some silver one ouncers from here
or here...

As you probably know the price of gold and silver can be very volatile. But I fancy a bit of insurance incase the whole money system collapses.
The markets are not going to like it at all tomorrow, and it doesn't sound like there will be any announcement about the government tomorrow. We'll be lucky if the Footsie doesn't drop a couple of hundred points, I would think. But you can never tell?
Hope you enjoyed your easy day, and it has left you well rested for your working week (weather permitting).
Yes all this does not sound good for the markets, but as you say, you just can't tell, because I guess if you could tell, you could play them, and become very rich.

Time to make OH's sandwiches for work tommorrow, then I think I will read my Look mag. It is full of fashion ideas. And fortunately floral is in fashion, which I love.  
goodnight all..
Evening Mollie & Emptybox.

Never had the little ones in the car when I had Homer Simpson on, will see next week.

Had a Pastie and an Eccles cake with a pot of tea at the Garden Centre, will have to sort my Garden out as well, need to sort what to plant.

Will have to wait and see what's happening with the Government.

Work tomorrow anyway, early start, must get to bed.

My TomTom is the Go 530, just UK & Ireland.
Thanks for the links Mollie.
I've saved them to my favourites.
Not saying I'll use them right away, but they'll be handy to have.


Oh! Hi Hicky.
I'll look that Tom Tom up
I was just on the phone to my brother, talking about sat-navs. He likes his, but I forgot to ask what model he has.
Good Morning Everyone.

Happy Monday again.

Could be a nice day, I see a lot of disruption with the flights again, Ash Cloud in the way

Nice to see Diana has got No. 1 with her 1st Album, so pleased for her.

Roll on 10am, brekkie calls.

I've ordered a new DVD/CD writer/player for my Puter, existing one packed up ages ago, been using external one, but want to replace the one in the case.
Good morning all

hope you enjoyed your brekkie, think I will get mine in a minute.
Are you very busy at work today?
Yes, Diana is doing really well, I think she has such a musical talent, but is also a lovely bubbly character, so she also comes over really well when interviewed. Where did you order your DVD thing from?

Well,it is  just as we were we saying yesterday about the markets.... you just can't tell.   I should think you are feeling rather pleased with the rebound today? But I guess it is to be expected as 750 billion Euros of debt has been offerred. So I wonder will this be a short or long term rebound?  

time for brekkie, then peg some washing out, then sort out business insurance for the year, and do some more vat stuff.

have a good day all.
Bit showery here this morning, so I'm delaying going out.
Hopefully I'll get grass cutting later though.

I saw that DS was off Hicky. Bit like having one of your limbs hacked off.

I see the Footsie has actually risen a couple of hundred points, because they came to an agreement about the Greece crisis overnight.

I think I'll give up trying to predict these things? I wouldn't make much of a financial advisor.
Hi Mollie & Emptybox.

DS was back on line before, so that's OK.

I ordered the DVD/CD writer/player off Amazon, as I get nearly everything off them.

Was watching one of the girls off twitter at dinner time, she was live on a radio station, there are 3.5 million live feeds to be seen.
She is just standing in at the mo for someone thats off.

I had a tweet from Sky News that said this:-
Sky News sources: the outline of a Tory and Lib Dem deal on future Government is now in place

I see that more flights are put off because of the Ash Cloud, including Portugal.
Hi Hicky.
The main DS forums seem to be working, but I can't get into the Appreciation Threads.
They're making a right mess of it.

I think your SkyNews Tweet is a bit premature.
It looks more likely that the Liberals will do a deal with Labour now that Gordon Brown has resigned.
Wish they would just get on with it. These talks could drag on all week.

I get a lot of stuff from Amazon as well.
The website is a bit of a mess, I always think, but i've always had good service.
I see the Footsie has actually risen a couple of hundred points, because they came to an agreement about the Greece crisis overnight. I think I'll give up trying to predict these things? I wouldn't make much of a financial advisor.
Yes good idea to give up, because it went down again today, when it looked like a lib/lab thing.

But maybe the markets will go up again, now there is another meeting between libs/cons this afternoon, because the lib/labour one didn't go well this morning... so maybe even though the lib/con meeting went badly yesterday, the lib/labour one went even worse today, so they are back to the lib/con deal this afternoon....or maybe not??

Or maybe the markets don't like the Euro farce going on anyway, so it won't make much difference what goes on with our leaders farce.

I haven't a clue anymore, still thinking about my sliver though.
Good afternoon all
Not a bad morning here, but raining and very grey now.

Hi Hicky
We too get most of our stuff off amazon, we find them reliable and competitive for price. Fingers crossed the wind isn't blowing that volcano cloud this way when you go to Portugal. 
Are you going anywhere on your day off today?

I wonder if Emptybox has managed to get out in his gardens?

I have managed at last to get my vat stuff done. I have been busy with washing the familys coats. We go away on Thursday for our Corrie weekend, so wanted to make sure all our jackets were nice and fresh. Time to go to the post office to post my paperwork.

Well, that was quite moving and exciting this evening.
Gordon Brown resigning unexpectedly, and going off to the Palace, so we now have David Cameron as PM.
But the Liberals still haven't completely decided.
But looks like a Con/Lib coalition.

Must admit, I thought Gordon Brown's speech, outside No.10, was very moving.
And seeing his 2 wee boys was nice as well.
It was funny that no-one seemed to know where he was going, because he didn't make it clear in his speech that he was going immediately to see the Queen.

Hopefully the markets will like it tomorrow?
I think the drop today was more to do with profit taking, than any particular news? Might be wrong.

I got a bit of work done, but it was sunshine and showers. And it looks like we might have rain, over the next few days, so I might struggle to keep up.
Good Evening Emptybox & Mollie.

What a lovely day here, got a few nice snacks fro Sainsbury's, but when I got home O/H wanted to go the the sea Food Restaurant for Tea.

Had Whitebait for starter with a mixed fish meal and a nice pud with a Latte.

Had a look on Google Earth for my house, and where my Lad in Oz is staying.

But looking at mine with the street view, I could see my house just as if I was standing in the road, my car and O/H's as well, but I could see my reg as plain as day, I had the view on full screen, it's amazing.
Good afternoon all
Lovely day here so fat too. We did have a slight frost this morning, but at least is is sunny now.
I am busy today because we go away tommorrow for our Coronation Street weekend in Manchester. We are going by train, it will be about 4 hours, but we  we don't have to change trains. Daughter good with her packing, but my lads are hopeless. If I don't help sort them out, they always forget something. But of course, they never forget their PSP's and games.   I bought myself a couple of light flowery short summer dreses to take away with me, but looks like I will need something warmer than that. Oh well, at least I will get to wear one of my frocks for the party on the Saturday night.

Hope the showers keep away long enough to keep up with your work.
Yes Gordon's littlies looked so cute, and so alike.
Pity we have to now start paying back the debts he has built up for us though.
I thought Dave's wife looked very elegant in her dress too, with her bump showing.

hope they aren't overworking you today.
I bet you didn't argue with the OH's suggestion to go to the seafood resteraunt.
Yes google earth is great, I bet some people are surprised if they look at it, and see themselves on it. That is strange how they forgot to take off your car number plate. How is your lad settling in?  Has he left the hotel and found a place of his own yet?

thanks for the firefox link ,will have a look at it now, because I mainly use firefox.

time to sort more washing and packing out now.
have a good day.
Hi Mollie.

You should enjoy your trip for the weekend, lads/fellers have never been any good at packing.
I enjoy eaating at the Lock Fynes sea food restaurant with loving sea food, am going to try the crab next time, would get the lobster but it's overrated as far as i'm concerned.

My Lad stays in a Hotel for a month but has found a place sharing with another 2 girls for after that.
I could see where he is going to stay on Google earth, it's in 'Fannie Bay' 5 minutes from the beach and 5 minuters from his office.
Don't think he'll be in the office a lot though, he's be out in the field.

The firefox new version won't be out till later in the year.

It's fairly quiet today, 1 boss has gone to Birmingham to meet up with some Italian clients.

Had a nice brekkie here and have a few nice meals at home so I won't go short, there's always the freezers.
Good evening all
have sorted most of the cases out at last... my big pink one is overflowing, so I had to nick space in OH's and the boys cases. They dont understand why I need 6 pairs of shoes for 4 days. Well I blame the changable weather. So I also took lots of clothes just incase too.

I will have to look up where your lad is now, it is not a part of Oz I am familiar with. Glad to hear he has found somebody to share with.. 2 girls too, cant be bad for him.
Glad work was quiet for you, and you got brekkie.

Wonder how Emptybox got on workwise?
Hope it was dry for him, Luckily our grass does not seem to be growing quite so fast now the weather has cooled down.

have a good weekend both, and I will see you back here on Monday, will tell you all about i then.


Not a bad day here, but quite cold, with just a little sun.
Allowed me to get on anyway.

Hope you enjoy your Corrie weekend Mollie. A good idea to bring some warmer clothes though.

So your lad is going to share with 2 girls eh? Hicky  
That sounds on the face of it, like a good idea, but bet the practicalities make it a bit tricky.
Unless he's already shared with these two, and knows what to expect?

Watched the Junior Apprentice. Unfortunately there seemed to be a load of spotty teenagers on it?
Good Afternoon Everyone.

A lovely day here, blazing Sun, lovely.

Had a great brekkie, my new DVD/CD drive has arrived, it's fitted and working, so easy with Dell Puters.
Just eating a tub of Mini Red Cherry Peppers stuffed with Feta & Mizythra cheeses.
Wow, so tasty, spicy with chilli as well.
Will have to go and get more stocks in, and label says ok till 5th June, so that's alright.

Hope Mollie is enjoying her break, think she'll love it anyway.
Evening Hicky.
Not a bad day here. Quite warm in the sun midday, but then it got colder and windier as the afternoon wore on. Been raining this evening.

That snack sounds good. I sometimes buy meself something like that from the supermarket, as a treat.
Good Afternoon Everyone.

Hi Emptybox.
It's quite warm here anyway, and should be even warmer tomorrow.
It seems to be raining at the mo, very light though.

Had a nice brekkie, home made of course, but O/H has brought the stuff home for a roast dinner tonight.

Hope Mollie is enjoying her break, she might be having a bit of rain today as well.
Had a lovely tea,we made a pork roast, but on eating the crackling a piece of filling came out from a tooth, rang the help lines and they said to get a tooth filing repair kit from a Chemist.
First time i've done my own filling.
I think i've done it for now, with it being Friday not a lot I could do really, will have to get it sorted next week,
Hi Hicky.

That doesn't sound good.
What does the kit consist of?
Presumably it's just to plug the gap until you can get to a dentist.

Wettish here today as well.
I did my weekly shop this afternoon, so i can do some grass cutting tomorrow, if it's fine. 
It's certainly a bit milder here, but it's far from warm.
Hi Emptybox.

The kit is a box containing a little tool which is a mini palette knife come filling presser inner tool.
You get a little tube of like putty that you take a little bit big enough for the filing then make it into a cone and press into the hole where the filling came out of.
You shape it as you want it and it sets in 10 minutes or so.
You might have to do in a few times as it softens with saliva and so its hard to leave alone really.
It cost £5.24 but it's better than nothing.
Right, I#m off to do the kitchen and then get to bed.
I suppose you could have done a DIY job with chewing gum or something, but it wouldn't have set.
Hope it doesn't give you grief until you can get to a dentist.

I bought some blueberries today, so i made Mollie's crumble with the proper fruit for the first time. Lovely it was.
She'll be so proud.
Good Day Everyone.

Happy Saturday to you all.

Hi Emptybox.
The fulling seems OK, I can always redo it, it's not too difficult.
It will last till I can get it sorted.
It's a handy kit to have as well.

A Beautiful day here, was watching one of the tweeters on the radio with a studio cam, lovely girl, and she's just got a job with MTV.
Hi Hicky.
Glad the filling repair kit is holding up.

It's been a nice day here as well, so I got a few hours grass cutting in this afternoon.

Hope Mollie is having the good weather.

Might go into town tomorrow to see what comet has in the way of sat-navs.
Trouble is, I can't decide wether to go for a cheaper one, in case I never use it, or one with more bells and whistles?
I'm definitely going for a Tom Tom, but there are so many models, it gets confusing.
I might have a look in Comet, then end up buying online?
I'm not in any hurry anyway.

I'll have to arrange the Jag's MoT next week as well.
Good Afternoon Everyone.

Hi Emptybox.:wavey;
Tooth repair no good, repair designed for filling a hole, mine's the side wall, so it won't work very well, the material seemed to take too long to harden and it's like chalk.
It kept coming back out, then the spike was sticking out again, think I swallowed that with my brekkie this morning.

Just watching the F1 from Monaco.

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