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I listen to quite a lot of Radio 4, during the day and with meals.


I switch off when the Archers comes on, not physically, but mentally.  I just mentally tune out. It is to drama what Dido is to music.  If you asked me what had just happened in the last two minutes of the Archers, I wouldn't be able to tell you.


I sometimes catch Desert Island discs but can take or leave it.


Sometimes the afternoon drama is ok, but it can be a bit middle class.


The Life Scientific is worth a listen if you like to hear what make various scientists tick.


Front Row is just so London-centric and a bit too arty farty for my tastes


I like "just a minute" but not too keen on "Rudy's Rare records". "The News Quiz" is ok but I prefer "The Now Show" is good.  Steven K Amos is mostly unfunny.  Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show is like something from the 1960s but often makes me laugh a lot. 


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Originally Posted by Baz:
Lol. That was my thinking too Slim , until tonight's episode I like the Jazzer and Jim storyline though , and do you think Lilian will get together with that Paul guy again ?

See! I knew there was summat suss about Lilian's retort to that young worker who mentioned Paul asking after her......tell !!!

Am gonna have to listen to the Jazzer thingy (not quite remembering who they are)..

Jazzer rings a bell 


Originally Posted by Baz:
Yes, Lilian nearly had a bit of a fling with Paul when Matt was in prison , and Jazzer is the Scots lad who is living at Jim's

Jazzer...gruff...not so young ?

Can't picture Jim at all.....


Hmmmm re Lilian....she is deffo in for a bit of outer relationship relations 


*huddles for a gossip when the time comes* 

Originally Posted by slimfern:
Originally Posted by Baz:
You're on Jim is the old bit who is writing the article for Borcester Life

Have been informed he is the instigator of the Elizabethan Christmas....I listened to that too 

Tis me hormones I tell ya! 

Noooo not the instigator...cos that was her hubby....but the wanting of & still none the wiser!

I need to write these people down