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DCC Andrea Wise is definitely a possibility, although again she may just be doing - however inadvertently - someone else's dirty work...

Chief Constable Osborne still seems the most likely and - AFAIK - remains the favourite. However we know from many years of watching Mercurio's work just how skilled he is in setting up red herrings. Consider PCC Rohan Sindwhani: I think the biggest surprise of Ep. 5 was discovering that he wasn't bent after all!


@Baz posted:

Last episode tonight , so can we decide that we don’t mention who H turns out to be in the thread , in case people don’t watch it live ?

It has been splattered all over the tv, papers and the internet so, if anyone hasn’t watched the last episode by now, their chances of missing the spoiler are zero πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@machel posted:

I was a little disappointed, but it does leave the door open for another series.  Hastings  has to return to oust Carmichael!

I was slightly disappointed too, no bells and whistles!

J agree that Carmichael has to go........and police Chief Philip Osborne. I mean, he was involved in the Lawrence thing. I've always felt that Carmichael was a bit dubious!

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@machel posted:

watching line of duty from beginning again,  looking for clues!

I intended to post a fair bit about LoD last night, but I had network problems.   I'll try to catch up with that tonight or over the weekend, but in the meantime...

With hindsight, there are big clues scattered around the earlier series, including quite a few in S1. I found this Radio Times article very interesting as a summary/reference [Spoiler Warning, obviously! ]:

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