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@Baz posted:

Should I start on for the Crib El ? It’s not my thread , but Kimota doesn’t post these days ….or maybe you should start it …cos I think that’s actually the biggest thread on the forum .

Baz, I think it would be more appropriate for you to start a new Crib thread rather than myself as I hardly ever post there. I started this new Buddies one as Squiggle is rarely on the forum nowadays

El Loro

Next week on Friday 31st, the Drama tv channel is repeating the Sister Boniface Mysteries Christmas special "The Star of the Orient" which is two hours long from 8pm to 10pm. It is a gem of a programme and definitely worth watching. Despite the title and being set on a train it's not a retelling of "Murder on the Orient Express". Better than any of the one hour episodes in the first two series. Good storyline and doesn't feel like a one hour episode which has been padded out.

El Loro

This women's T20 cricket match between Gibraltar and Estonia played on 21 April has set a new world record. The wicketkeeper for Gibraltar was Sally Barton making her international debut at the age of 66 years and 334 days, the oldest person to do so, She didn't need to bat in Gibraltar's innings (158 for 3), Estonia's innings starts at about 1 hour 37 minutes, Sally Barton does get mentioned. Estonia didn't win.

Although the match was played a month ago, the BBC haven't mentioned it until today:

El Loro