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A lot of people don't know how to speak. It's sheer ignorant laziness. I'm talking  West of Scotland. River City is out and as for the hallowed Still Game.


I don't want anything to do with you. And I know it's a hijacked Saltire.

It's Dame.


Damsel is funny . And she'd run rings when she hits second.


It's a wee tribute  to a diamond amongst us   


Alll cheques and postal orders WILL be accepted,

Here's one. Faith.

I've always had it.


It's not religion. It's true belief of good over evil.

Okay I'm free to say that. How free though with a hacked GCHQ and an untouchable police state.


Law, order and JUSTICE should be the prime hallmark of a civilized society. Not us - it's a nodding side dish.


Our politicians are mediocre middle managers. Nuff said.


Credit is gonna go bang in all it's guises.


All international credibility is gone - whatever that meant.


No one fecking cares. That's the worst thing. They will do soon.