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How does Paul O'Grady win every year?

It' s run by a bunch of idiots who are still at school.


Bun fights. I don't think so.


And half of them are lawyers.

Lucy Worsley

Just watched Victoria and Albert: The Royal Wedding on PBS and I am trying to decide whether I like or detest Lucy Worsley.

I wasn't that impressed with her take on the six wives, seemed unoriginal and gimmicky. Anyone else have an opinion? 


Is anyone-else following this on BBC2?


I was very excited about this series when I first saw it advertised, however because of personal commitments tonight's show was the first I've been able to watch "live", and I have to say that I thought Chris Packham did a fantastic job of putting forward the cases for the four "scientist" icons.


Going into the programme I'd have said that Einstein was a no-brainer for "top icon", but I thought Packham made a very strong case for Marie Curie instead (I'd never heard of the petites Curies before), and the story of Tu Youyou was a revelation.