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emma or davina

who do u like best presetan big brother emma wils or davina mcall ?

ano who a like better but a wont say jus yet




The Family Farm

New documentary starts on BBC2 tonight ....following “three families  with no farmi g experience who volunteer to spend their summer living and working on a North Welsh hill farm “ . Might be worth a look 


Not sure why, but here you go...

Pictures, list and video below


The VHS Range is a new celebration of VHS era movies in a new limited edition Blu-ray/DVD package. Initially 12 titles, each release will feature a retro sleeve inspired by their original CIC VHS release. The title will be released on July 30th. 


Each movie comes with a box printed with a VHS cassette design, but with the height of a DVD to ensure it fits on shelves. Included inside are copies of the movie on both Blu-ray and DVD as well as a fold out replica theatrical poster, bubblegum card and sticker. They are available to pre-order now, both in-store and online. 


The titles are...




Titles included in the range are as follows: 

The Blues Brothers



48 HRS

The Breakfast Club

Back to the Future

Top Gun

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Beverly Hills Cop


The Thing

The Warriors





...of course - it's not really VHS. 



I mean   that.


Try ordering  flowers and Prosecco.


With an old gift card. What is the five digit code???


Two fecking hours