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 ... after 33yrs. 

And the reason?

"“We believe the successful Crimewatch Roadshow format in daytime is the best fit for the brand "

Great - how can a day time show cover serious crime?

It won't  - it will cover 'people's rights' and petty car crime 


Such a shame when it became a show that was often pivotal in solving serious crimes.

i miss them flanell sheets & sh!t loads of blankets & a top blanket where you could pull the bits off

and my Ma tucking me in


even though i never went to school

i loved the programmes that they showed on school holidays

robinson crusoe


double deckers


i miss those days




Irish stand-up star and BBC quiz show panellist Sean Hughes has died aged 51.


Richard Bucknall, his former agent and promoter, said the "formidable" comic died in hospital on Monday and would be remembered for his "superb wit".


Hughes was a team captain on Never Mind the Buzzcocks on BBC Two and had his own Channel 4 sitcom, Sean's Show.


  How sad and only 51.

I liked Sean.


Batten Down the Hatches




The Met Office has issued Northern Ireland with an amber weather warning as Hurricane Ophelia remains on course to hit Ireland and the UK on Monday.


The warning, of "potential danger to life", came as Ireland called a national emergency meeting.


Ophelia, on its way from the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean, is currently blowing winds of 105mph (113km/h).


The hurricane will be a storm when it hits the UK, exactly 30 years after the Great Storm of 1987 killed 18 people.


It is expected to bring severe winds and stormy conditions to parts of Ireland and the UK - with winds of up to 70mph (113km/h).

~ Bonfire Night! ~

Remember remember, before the days of health & safety gone mad, when we could light a big bonfire and sit right beside it? 

Bramble's is my priority these days but I used to love Guy Fawkes night! I still look out the window at the fireworks though, I love them 

~ Halloween ~

I've started a Christmas thread, but let's not leave out the fabulous fun events before then! 


Has anyone got plans? 

I usually carve pumpkins and go to work in fancy dress, then stay in costume for the treat or treaters coming