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Happy birthday Yogi

A happy birthday to a lovely lady . Hope you have a fab day and get spoilt rotten 

DWP Help please

Two years ago I completed a lengthy DWP form to claim Attendance Allowance.

I had to wade through tons of documents to find dates of hospital appointments etc ...

It was a nightmare

I sent it without making a copy

Now 2yrs on I have another - to reassess my mum's needs meaning I have to do it all over again IF I can find all the relevant documents


I was wondering if the DWP would send me a photocopy of the old application I made so I had all that info at hand again to complete the form quicker

Would they give me a copy of this?

Robot Wars has been axed by the BBC again



Sad to confirm the BBC’s decision to de-activate our House Robots. A huge thank you to Dara & Angela, our brilliant judges Noel, Lucy & Sethu, all of the amazing teams and most of for joining us on this amazing robot smashing adventure.

A BBC spokesman said, "We are very proud of Robot Wars and would like to thank Mentorn Media, the presenters Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon, and all those involved in the last three series.

However, in order to create room for new shows it won't be returning to BBC Two."


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A Whippet's won it but more to the point, something happened after the winner was announced. All you saw was security people going to ground so I dunno what's gone on 

Name of the game...

A can of Irn Bru for the person who can name this childhood cartoon character and the TV show it came from. I used to hide behind the sofa when this bugger came on!


Jeremy Clarkson will be grilling contestants as the new host of ITV quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


It's returning for a week this spring to celebrate its 20th anniversary.


The ex-Top Gear presenter is replacing previous host Chris Tarrant, who said in 2014 his days as a game show host were over and that he thought the programme had "run its course".


On Friday, Clarkson said: "I have always loved the show and am thrilled to be involved with its rebirth."


The Grand Tour presenter described himself as a "big fan" of quiz shows, saying: "I'm looking forward to hosting this iconic TV show and hopefully making a few millionaires."


The show, which sees contestants asked a series of increasingly difficult questions as they try to win the £1m prize, will run for seven nightly hour-long episodes.


The elusive jackpot can only be won if all 15 questions are answered successfully. A series of lifelines are offered, including asking the audience, asking a friend or taking a 50:50 option.


ITV has promised "a number of new twists and turns" for the show's return. It managed ratings as high as 19 million viewers in 1999.