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A couple of days ago I bought two items from Amazon. At the time I proceeded through checkout as usual, or I thought so.


Today I found an email telling me of all the benefits of my new Amazon Prime subscription, all £79 of it.


Now thinking back I know exactly where I went wrong, I must have missed the button which says "free delivery" and left it on whatever the website default is, which I presume is "I'd also like Amazon Prime".


Reading the small print I think that as the goods I purchased are awaiting me at my local post office, this constitutes use of the Amazon Prime Services, so any refund I get by going through the cancellation process will be a refund minus whatever Amazon decide to charge me for use of the service.


Now I'm wondering whether it would be better to stick with my mistake, use all the services and setup the cancellation for one years time or hope that any penalty fee they apply is not extortionate as I know Amazon are not the best at dealing with person to person.


What do my learned colleagues think (bear in mind the 14 day cancellation clock is ticking). 

I’m a Celebrity 2017

Quick reminder that this starts tonight at 9 get ready for another bunch of numpties 

Those of you who watched CiN will already know this, but for the rest of us...

Peter Kay's Car Share to make surprise return

Kay said he wanted to "quit while you're ahead" after series two ended earlier this year.

But he's announced a "special finale" to show what happened between John, his character, and Sian Gibson's Kayleigh.

It will follow Car Show Unscripted, an improvised episode. Both will be screened on BBC One next year.


TBH I've got mixed views about this. Like other FMs, I found the "final" episode a bit of a downer, but on reflection I have to admit that although it wasn't the ending viewers wanted, it was the right ending in terms of the characters. Also I suspect Kay's use of the song "Kayleigh" at the end was a big clue that they'd been planning that conclusion for a while.


However it looks like Kay - despite initially promising no further episodes - has bowed to public pressure:

"People have been very angry that the series ended in that way," Kay said.

"But [now] there is a series finale explaining what happened the next day, after the big argument."

celebrities in need?


if those s'lebs got together & gave a few quid & didnt try to tax avoid, then they wouldnt be begging the poorest in society to give a donation


it IS the poorest who give the most money


i think that children in need started with a good heart but went on to be a vehicle for promotion to those that arent doing too well or have something to promote

they might not get paid

but its all about promotion now


children in need is basically free promotion as there's millions watching


am i cynical?


what do you think about it?

Blondie concert

im going tomorrow night

ive been actually sick with fear of going into a crowd

whats all that about!

usually im ironing my best Blondie t-shirt

and then

having a few in a local bar near to the venue


we know some but we're hopeless...anyone? We have the obvious ones, I've not put our answers so you can have a go 

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18) is what's special about number 4's eggs?


19) is which organisation has bird 6 as a logo?

As a youngster watching Magnum PI, I thought he was English - Wrong, born in Texas. 



John Hillerman, the US actor who shot to fame as snooty English caretaker Higgins in Tom Selleck's '80s TV series Magnum PI, has died at the age of 84.


Hillerman's publicist said he died of natural causes on Thursday at his home in Houston, Texas.


Born in 1932, Hillerman started out on stage before landing small roles in such '70s classics as The Last Picture Show, Blazing Saddles and Chinatown.


But he is best known for Magnum, which won him a Golden Globe and an Emmy.


Hillerman beat several British actors to the Higgins role, which he once called "the best gig I've ever had".



He proved so convincing that he once received a fan letter from the UK describing him as "a credit to the Empire".


"I hate to disappoint you, but I'm a hick from Texas," he would write back to fans who assumed he was British.


The actor was last seen on screen playing a doctor in 1996 comedy A Very Brady Sequel.


Larry Manetti, who played bar owner Orville "Rick" Wright in Magnum, remembered Hillerman on Twitter as a "good friend".