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New series starts at 9 on C4 

Nosy neighbours

Have you got 'em - how do you cope?

Any funny experiences?


So .... today - i've been renovating our garage and had the garage door half open.

I've been painting, pointing with cement, and knocking merry hell out of our walls ... just chipping away the excess cement from a wall built by my Dad and Uncle Alan (both now sadly gone) cos it's a bit if a mess and i'm tidying it up.


Now - we often take our neighbours wheelie bin down her drive after they've been emptied and sometimes she brings ours down too - rarely however as she's frail.

Today as i was in our garage and i heard a wheelie bin being brought down - i thought it was next door's bin

It was ours as i saw our neighbour walking away up our drive way (without saying a word)

But when i double checked she had brought our bin right to our door - lifted it up onto our path and manoeuvred it around to face the opposite way.

She has never done this - ever

So i can only assume she's used our wheelie bin as a cover to spy on me!!!

Yep - spy on me.

Now if i had crept into her garden and peered though her window to see what she'd been doing she could quite rightly call the cops. 


I'm not happy that she's blatantly been watching me behind my back. It's creepy and downright wrong. Cheeky bugger!!



New series starts at 9 tomorrow on More 4 ....4 part series ...tomorrow’s is Chatsworth 

he was on tv last week promoting a film / series about the intelligence service, can anyone tell me the name and when it is on please x

New series  ( 6 episodes ) starts next Tuesday at 8 on BBC2 . “The Ardens  start their time travelling adventure running a Victorian shop” ....showing how it reflects the changes in the wider society .

Seems to me the whole of the UK is flooded or about to be flooded!


I have been monitoring the flood warnings since late Autumn last year and I am still unable to travel to Dorset to visit my sisters, due to flooding, snow, high storm winds.


Reading all these warnings and alerts leaves me wondering - if 'flooding is expected' why is it that there appears to be no movement of 'help' until the flooding has happened?


If you know that a river bed is 10 feet below the river bank and the water has now filled up to 9.75 feet, why are we waiting until  it overfills before we do something?


Sitting back with crossed fingers, hoping the level won't rise more than a further 3 inches. is not really going to help.