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why do blackbirds like my pansies? all the other plants/shrubs/flowers are left alone but the pansies are pecked out of the ground

they can help themselves to fat balls, seeds, nuts and the occasional bread but no, it’s the pansies 🤬


14 March 2019   -   Volkswagen boss apologises for Nazi gaffe
14 August 2019   -   Philadelphia and VW ads banned for gender stereotyping
20 May 2020   -   VW pulls Instagram ads after racism row
Given how many times these types of 'mistakes' have been made by various companies over the years, why do they seem to still keep making the same mistakes?
Do they not have processes in place to 'vet' their ads, do they not have legal departments that check against current law and legislation?
It's quite hard to accept an apology now as it feels quite meaningless and just a way for a company to try to squirm out of a very embarassing situation.


Crowds Portobello beach Image copyright Jeff J Mitchell Hundreds of people flocked to the beach in Edinburgh on Wednesday which was the hottest day of the year in Scotland so far.


This doesn't bode well for the potential easing of the lockdown in Scotland either!

What do you make of this incident that's been all over the web

Michael is seen to shove his wife quite forcefully leading to apparent death threats and claims of abuse

His wife made a statement a few days later to say she was not being abused,

Michael has remained silent

Neither have explained what was going on in the LIVE vlog

A new series starts on bbc2 next Tuesday ( 26th) at 9 o’clock