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For those who haven't already seen it, the latest poll on the official site is to decide whether Friday's eviction vote - and all remaining public votes for the rest of the series - will be conducted as Vote to Evict or Vote to Save.

The poll will remain open until noon today (Wednesday), and can be found here:


I know several FMs keep missing the polls, and although it was mentioned at the end of Tuesday's show, I'd have missed it myself if Kaytee hadn't posted about it, and the purpose of the poll wasn't mentioned.

So: you've got the morning to vote!


[BTW: If like me you normally block cookies, you'll have to unblock them to run the poll.]

BB Eviction


We were discussing the other night, so I looked it up.


This week there will be two evictions.


Following the regular eviction on Day 36, the housemates will instantly nominate, play the Gamechanger competition, which will result in another eviction during the remaining duration of the eviction show.



I came across a new (to me) search engine today and if what they saying is true, the searches we make go towards planting trees - which has to be a good thing. 


Plant trees while you search the web


We use the profit we make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. Get the free browser extension and plant trees with every search.


Have a look and if you like the idea why not switch from Google to Escosia


About Us:


Try a search:


There is also a little tree counter at the top, my guess is that it counts up the trees you have contributed to by your searches. I searched TREES as my first search.









The Family Cooking Showdown is coming back to BBC2 and starts next Monday at 7 pm. It's being shown each weekday. 14 episodes and 16 families competing.


Total change in presenters and judges as the series will be co-hosted and judged by Angellica Bell and Tommy Banks.

Come on you brainy lot 


There are 30 questions and every answer will contain PET so go forth and solve


 Hello “PET”, I know you are in there. That’s the answer.

1. Sir Jack’s female friend 
2. Eastern special forces 
3. Pentathlete and shot putter
4. Often brightly coloured insect attractor
5. Study of newts and asps and things
6. Usually sent to an official mass signed
7. Backing + pile = cover
8. Doesn’t ask me to eat it
9. Brass wind
10. Popular summer plant
11. Devo dog
12. If you are downtown don’t sleep in the subway
13. Goes well with crumble but could be trouble
14. Unprocessed unrefined crude
16. Bailiwick capital, post in blue
17. Provencal boules
18. Measure and move liquid
19. Bad skin
20. Name changing second largest city
21. Muscular footed mollusc
22. It goes on and on and on and on forever
23. Moving part to do with cams and things
24. Bird, often found far from land
25. Companion Who was Blue and also went to the dogs
26. ELO opener Out of the blue
27. McGregor’s Foe
28. Czech leftie seen at SW19
29. Czech Gunner ball saver
30. Scottish fishing port