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Happy birthday lovely lady . Have a fab day ....and for one day only....

I just heard on the Midnight News on Radio 4 that BB is being axed after 18 years because of falling viewing figures.

Can this be true? 

Have you had a strange occurrence or something odd happen to you?

Almost everyone has a story of something weird happening.


I have and it was witnessed by someone else too!!


One evening, after a late shift at work I gave a fellow staff member a lift home.

Arriving at her house, it was about 10.30pm we stopped for a while and chatted about this n that.

I noticed a hedgehog about 30ft away and pointed it out,

"Do you get many hedgehogs round here?"

"Oh a few" was the reply.

We watched it for a while as it ran around, stopping then moving on.

We could see it quite clearly.

Suddenly there was a gust of wind, it blew dust and leaves across the road and suddenly the hedgehog was lifted into the air in a huge swirl.

It span around and suddenly became a plastic bag!!

We were stunned - especially as both of us had seen exactly the same thing!!

I was so glad I had a witness.

To this day I can't explain what we saw - it was definitely a hedgehog that swept into the air, span around and became a plastic bag!!

Right in front of us.


I think it was some type of ASDA Animagus


Quite a few in memoriam threads at the moment, and I wouldn't expect everyone to know who Edwin Hawkins was. However around 50 years ago he wrote an arrangement of an 18th Century hymn, and in doing so helped create the contemporary gospel scene...


The Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan has died suddenly at a hotel aged 46, her publicist has confirmed. 

The Irish rock star, who has recently been performing with a band called D.A.R.K, was staying in London while recording.

Her publicist did not comment on how she died, other than it say it was 'sudden' and that her family are 'devastated'.

Metropolitan Police told MailOnline that O'Riordan was found in a hotel room in Park Lane at 9.05am this morning, and that the death was being treated as 'unexplained'.



i just got locked out from twitter for a week


some moron dived into my convo

sent about 30 consecutive tweets to me

i said


p!ss off


i got locked

this tw@t is allowed to carry on


remember when we were on C4


we were all constantly monitored? 



 i was talking about labour when i got locked out of twitter



the only other time i got locked out of twitter was when i was talking about trump

before he was elected



point is


do you trust the internet?