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This starts tonight at 9 on C5 ....I’m guessing it will obviously be a heavily censored  view , but might be worth a watch anyway .

I remember back in the 80s and 90s when It'll Be Alright On The Night was on telly it was a real treat.


This is one of my all time favourite clips.  


Already posted about next week's schedule, but another thing I gleaned from the new Radio Times is that the BB timeslots are unchanged for next week, so it would appear that the 10pm start (and later on some nights!  ) is here for the foreseeable future. 


I know this is a major pain - and potential show-stopper - for some FMs. All I can offer is sympathy and the mild consolation that you're not alone, with a lot of fans complaining about the late start this year.

Big Brother fans are NOT happy


BB schedule for next week (may be subject to change):

Sun: 10 - 11.30pm

Mon: 10 - 11.05pm

Tue: 10.15 - 11.15pm

Wed: 10 - 11.05pm

Thu: 10 - 11.05pm

Fri: 10 - 11.30pm


The Monday to Thursday shows will be followed by an hour-long BotS, with a 45 min show on Friday.

No - not a prediction/discussion thread (although feel free to hijack it if you wish!   ) I've just leafed through next week's Radio Times, and felt a bit of a heads-up was in order:


Sunday's finale of "Bodyguard" is an extended episode running from 9-10.15pm. This means it will cross the beginning of BB - which is a particular bind this weekend, as the absence of a Saturday show this season means Sunday's BB will be the first show after the first eviction.


Also, "Vanity Fair" on ITV is consistently running from 9-10.05pm, and although Sunday's episode is only the 5th of 7, it's a bit of a key one in that it includes an extended (and by all accounts, pretty dramatic) reconstruction of the Battle of Waterloo.


And on top of all that: any FM trying to follow the new C4 series "The Circle" will have to cope with a Sunday episode starting 10pm too! 


So the upshot is that for anyone trying to follow anything-else on Sunday, the recorder will have to work overtime!