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Masterchef 2018

New series of Masterchef starts on Monday 26th at 21.00 on BBC1.


It's preceded by Classic Mary Berry at 20.30 in a six part series  Soothing and much-loved home comfort delights, from the very simple to the extremely decadent. Mary indulges her love of comfort food with homely recipes to warm the heart, including Eggs benedict florentine,fall-off-the-bone slow-cooked lamb shanks and deliciously rich chocolate truffle pots. She invites Swedish fire-chef Niklas Esktedt to share the joys of caveman cooking with her, and finds herself outside by an open fire enjoying his inventive venison meatballs with blackened celeriac and mouthwatering Swedish donuts.


The second episode of Masterchef is on Thursday March 1st at 20.00 and the third on Friday (30 minutes only) at 19.30.

Many happy returns Kimota . Hope you have a lovely day .  



did you feel it earlier?



im in birmingham

sat in MY chair (nobody else allowed to sit in my chair..s'mine)

lying back watch tv

back of my head started shaking


then feet shook

i said to lisa

did you just feel that..the shaking..are the cats fighting under the chair?

she looked at me..worried

she thought i was having a turn


then i read on twitter that it was a tremor





have a brilliant one

always look after each other

forgive each other

sit down with family & share food as many times as you can

be happy

share happiness


This is a very personal one for me and quite shocked to say the least.


I have been a purchaser/listener and follower of his work for many years (since he appeared on the 4AD label), in fact I had already planned to go out to pick up his latest soundtrack release tomorrow and would have been unaware of his passing unless I had read the news.



Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, who won a Golden Globe for his score to the film The Theory of Everything, has died aged 48, his manager says.


Mr Jóhannsson was found dead at his apartment in Berlin. The cause of death is not yet clear.


His music merged classical orchestral sounds with electronica. In addition to his film work, Mr Jóhannsson released several solo albums.