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Originally posted by Mazzystar:
Not fair.I'm playing stuff on my lappy and the volumes rubbish!!!

Depeche Mode...enjoy the silence.Oh the irony! Big Grin

Years ago we bought an old second hand computer and it came with an old Harman/Kardon sub's an oldie but a goody. Every time we've changed PCs we've kept it because the sound is goes louder than the telly.

On A Rope-Rocket from the Crypt.
Originally posted by electric6:
Originally posted by Moomin:
Originally posted by electric6:
We've got on on here but it's in the lounge.

Wide Awake-The Twang

Apologies - I've never been in the lounge before Blush

Nooo I didn't mean it like that, no need to apologise. Just if you were looking for one, that's all Smiler

Last Resort-Papa Roach Cool

Thanks, leccy.

This Is The Life - Amy MacDonald