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22 strangers in a castle in the Scottish Highlands.
Get them, before they get you. The ultimate game of detection, backstabbing and trust. Hosted by Claudia Winkleman.
Some of them are the Traitors whose job is to secretly murder a player each night. The others are the Faithfuls who have to detect the Traitors and banish them before they become the next victim.

12 part series starting on BBC One on Tuesday at 21.30. Looks as it there's 3 episodes for 4 weeks

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@Saint posted:

Why is she famous? Zero discernible talent, Mum was a busty reporter back in the day so it must be "who you know"

God knows!
Can't abide the woman...

Looked at the contestants and thought , okay they seem a sensible bunch, but have since seen a couple of trailers where they're bickering loudly amongst each other
(fighting for the limelight)

Another that I won't be watching!


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