The story so far.

New forum for a great show, needing a "true love's kiss" to get it started I think.


I'm assuming we will be expected to keep talk to to UK speed, easily done. (maybe another thread for US speed? we may need it after the weekend?)


OK, here's hoping someone else will join me here, be ye Charmer or Evil Regal.

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I had to do the catchup thing this week as they put it on at 6pm


Have no idea why as they didn't have anything special going on later in the evening.


Really loving it though, great characters and interesting plot. I love how they work the fairytale characters into the modern world - Jiminy Cricket is a great example

Was a strange decision, especially with a rather violent reveal near the start.


Before they started Once and Grimm were touted as the next big fantasy show, and I must admit I thought I would favour Grimm because Once sounded a little hokey... How wrong was I?


I'm definitely a Team 7 girl, Love my Dwarves.

All I will say is epic. *nods* That is all I will say about it for another 15 (I think?) weeks.


I hate being so far behind... hopefully in September Channel 5 will air it nearer the US dates. (Although, not too close... I hate hiatuses.)

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