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Aimee -  something is jumping out at me - you are still online so you are still using your modem - have you reinstalled it ?  as the first instruction on your setting your router page is 

Before you start

  • Do you have a broadband modem already installed? If you do,uninstall the modem before you begin.
it could be something as simple as this stopping you - the software for the two things - modem and router are conflicting  

rather than clog the SIt if you want any help feel free to dialog and I will see what I can do if you want to try and sort it

 here is the set up link

Reference: Pengy
I'm about to hit the books - revision for maffs exam on Friday Milo has just had a play in the garden chasing the wood pigeons. He's waiting for my brother to come down as it's his birthday and there's cake
You'll do great with your exam on Friday I can just imagine Milo rushing round all over the place

to your brother.
I hope he has a lovely day
I can just imagine Milo up to his chin in cake