Summer/Sweet cannot post pictures on her iPhone. She took a screenshot of what she sees and posted it via Photoshop & her iPad.

As I don't have an iPhone or Ipad it makes it diificult to help her but it seems to me that there's no row of icons which seems odd. May be Lori or Fluffy can help her.

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Hi Summer - first thing your screenshot suggests to me is to wonder if your 'Settings' are blocking the sites you are trying to get the smileys/pictures from. Then I'm thinking that it's the loading of the reply box that is being blocked not necessarily the smiley image - which again might be to do with your phone's settings.

The strength of signal could be interfering with reception of uploading of the reply box - especially if it dips lower during uploading of the reply box from GaGa, but do you ever have trouble with the reply box at any other time?

Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing posted:

I believe Baz uses an iPhone, she was having trouble posting pictures.

, but didn't seem to have a problem with the reply box icons.

I was posting from my iPad ....but will go and check from my IPhone  ....brb 

I've solved the mystery!!!!!! And it's very simple... 


i usually lock my screen so it stays vertical. By pure chance I wondered if unlocking it and turning my "add reply" screen horizontal would make a difference.

Sure enough, there popped up my picture icons!

So all you need to do on the iPhone is switch off the screen lock, turn the phone sideways and ta da!!!!! 

I'm sorry I've not responded sooner, but we were on break for the holiday, and I didn't want to bug anyone about this until we all came back, I wanted to confirm my suspicion about this issue:  you won't see the editing toolbar on your phone - it doesn't fit very well, without wrapping.

Sweet, do you have a 6+ (the larger size) phone? That's the only explanation I can think of for you being able to get the toolbar when you turn it to landscape.

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