Maintenance tomorrow, October 5th

Hi, all:

We're doing maintenance on the servers tomorrow (nothing to do with the https, just yet). The maintenance period is from 4pm - 4am, and you may experience occasional brief interruptions of up to 30 seconds, but the forums will be functioning normally for the majority of the time.

You know the drill by now: if it happens to you, take it as a sign that it's time for a cup of tea. 

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Tomorrow there will be an outage.

WILL you stop using the word outage!!! It's a cut ... or a power cut - where things have been cut off. No one is going out, ok.


Maintenance on our servers.

THERE ARE no servers - it's a computer programme thingy of you must use a term   And you're fiddling with it in the blind hope the computer says, 'ok'


And relax . . . .

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