A man has reportedly killed himself after appearing on The Jeremy Kyle show, feeling humiliated and traumatised when he failed a lie detector test.


The show is no longer accessible and may never return.


I've never liked this show - it provokes conflict and degrades people for entertainment purposes.

You may say people know what they're getting themselves into but does that justify the intent of the show?

It's nasty and Kyle is aggressive and condemning.

ITV should be worried

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Agree with your comments, particularly with regards to Kyle himself.

Never liked the show, either in concept or execution, and have as a rule gone out of my way to avoid it. Was once effectively forced to watch an episode (was sharing a room with others who wanted to watch it), and found it deeply unpleasant. It condenses and ramps-up all the worst aspects of BB that I used to complain about: dubious selection/screening processes (often appearing to ignore mental health issues); deliberately provoking arguments for entertainment; and poor after-care.


As for lie detectors:  I have a real problem with Jeremy Kyle giving them a sheen of trustworthiness. They are deeply unreliable, and I would never agree to take one, nor would I recommend anyone-else do so. There are reasons why they are not considered as reliable evidence in real courts...

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