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Whoo hoo, we've got an upgrade - thanks Pinky.
Hi everyone
PL fixtures for opening day

Aston Villa v West Ham
Blackburn v Everton
Blackpool v Wigan
Bolton v Fulham
Chelsea v West Brom
Liverpool v Arsenal
Man Utd v Newcastle
Sunderland v Birmingham
Tottenham v Man City
Wolverhampton v Stoke
Beware September RZB at the Hawthorns!!  I don't want to put the date down as I don't like to make jokes about it (Sept 11th)

New Years Day ~ Man Utd at the Hawthorns, well that will make the inevitable hangover worse I suppose!
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Oh a new one

PMSL  We've had our share at Arsenal over the years too
This is a really interesting if disturbing article from one of the best Arsenal blogs. It's not about Arsenal btw but about the World Cup and the increasing power of sponsors.
Quite shocking actually that, in a stadium full of people wearing orange, these girls were subjected to this treatment

I am in two minds with this.  One is that this Bavaria lot are pushing it, they are basically trying to get free advertising and while I am all for the underdog I also dont want stadia full of bimbos employed by small companies on the chance wearing mini dresses or whatever it takes to catch the eye of stadium perv cam.

I also dont want to be a searched for logos upon entering a football match on the offchance some corporate watered down piss sponsor might take offence to it and have be arrested.

Two things to sort this:

One stop showing women spilling out of dresses and actually SHOW THE BLIDDY GAME.  Ive always been a grumpy old sod with the showing the crowd anyway. 

Two stop dolling out corporate tickets 40 at a time to numpties like Robbie Earle and give them to genuine fans.

Notice none of these solutions need stewards acting as fashion police.
Di Mat's reaction to the opening day fixture.
Well there can be strange results on opening day ~ so who knows......

Blackpool start with Wigan and Newcastle start with Man Utd, which I imagine will be televised over the opening weekend.
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stadium perv cam.

Always say this when someone like Brazil is playing.  The camera man always seems to find an attractive young lady with a bikini top on who is dancing away and looks as if she will be falling out of said top very quickly....  Mr Pink having said that always becomes more interested at the screen at that point!

I think that is part of the reason why Robbie Earle has had his contract terminated with ITV, something about the young ladies in mini dresses at the Dutch match. 

Yes, a fresh new thread to start the new season off.
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I think they might go for Spurs v City... 4th v 5th.
They could well do.  It certainly would be an interesting match after last season.

Think out of the promoted clubs though, they will go with Newcastle, possibly Blackpool as well.  Think we will be safe until we go to Anfield, when we may well be on the TV then.

Anyone noticed that the sponsorship has changed for the Championship, Leagues 1 and 2.  Instead of Coke, it's now npower.  Some interesting opening day clashes in the Championship as well.
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I think that is part of the reason why Robbie Earle has had his contract terminated with ITV, something about the young ladies in mini dresses at the Dutch match.
Yes it was those very girls that his tickets went to, apparently all ITV people got written warnings not to pass their tickets on.   Though why anyone should be allocated 40 tickets for friends and family at a venue 1000's of miles away from home while he is working and for a game involving two countries he has nothing to do with is anyones guess.  I think someone else should be questioned as well as Robbie.
Fulham at home isn't great, we always struggle against them. At least it's followed up by a trip to West Ham for some early season bubble bursting.

As I type this... Chungy scores for Korea. Woot.
Spare a thought for us poor minnows in League 1

Aww, although I'm a Gooner my love affair with footie started with Brentford and I still watch them when I can so we can wallow in league 1 together.