Yogi19 posted:

Good morning everyone.

A frosty start to the day. I like frost, it makes everything look so pretty.

Squiggle, we haven’t had any snow up here yet.

We had a lovely time with the tiddlers.

Grocery shopping today - Moonie, I’ll get cakes.

Have a good day all 

Hi...cakes ...Yogi 

I hope you had a lovely time with the little ones 

It’s been raining for more than15 hours here now and sign of it stopping 

Happy cake shopping  

El Loro posted:

Good morning everyone


Persistent rain here, heavy this morning, less so this afternoon. Not snowing here but there is at higher levels.


Squiggle, that is surprising for Devon to get snow this early


Yogi, I'm glad you had a lovely time with the tiddlers

Moonie will be pleased


I hope everyone has a good day

I am El 

El Loro posted:

Moonie, it's been raining here since 7pm yesterday evening so that's 19 hours so far. It's not raining as hard as it was but is expected to continue for some hours. Doesn't look as if the total will be as bad as one site forecast, more like 1 inch rather than 2. Not warm.


I've no intention of venturing out either

We are sensible El 

Though some do have go out in this appalling weather 


Good morning everyone it's cloudy cold wet windy possible hail showers and/or torrential rain any combination of the above and you're probably on the money!


Love the clip! What a lovely well trained dog who actually showed proper surprise and excitement on seeing an ostrich on her morning walk as opposed to her owner who regarded it as just a nuisance and even insulted the poor confused creature as a bird brain


Enjoy your day everyone

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Good morning everyone


Very cloudy here. May be some rain but not persistent like yesterday. Squiggle, I hope your weather isn't too dreadful today


Summer, I haven't seen that John Lewis advert yet though they do have a good track record for the Christmas ones.


Ros, I hope that's not a sign of a long snowbound winter


Squiggle, I wonder if anyone will come across a kangaroo in the Forest of Dean


I hope everyone has a good day

El Loro
El Loro posted:

Moonie, I hope all went well at your GP


I've been out, spots of rain but nothing much. Looking at the list of local roads which were closed or hazardous yesterday die to the rain, most of them are clear this morning though some are still closed. Those aren't ones which I use.

It did fankoo El