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Hopefully it will include the Himayan mountain railway at Darjeeling with the blue "toy train"

If you say so El 

I don't know if Tony Robinson would be on a train with diesel locomotives (the ones normally used on that line) or one for steam enthusiasts where it would be an engine which looks more like a toy train.


If the programme does include the Himalayan mountain railway you won't forget it (I won't spoil it by saying why but it would be obvious why if it's included).

El Loro
El Loro posted:

A new train travel series starting on Channel 5 on Monday 25th at 9 pm. It's a 6 part series with Tony Robinson.


The first episode is Europe going through Paris, Munich, Budapest and ending in Istanbul.


Later episodes are based in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and the US. Presumably 2 of those are in 1 episode?

I just saw it El 

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Ahhh! the good life........