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Suppose its only fitting its started by an Essex girl...   


But, I like Amy Childs...    yeah, she's a bit ditsy..    but that's part of her charm!



We even have our very own Amy smiley..     (courtesy of Zaph) 







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EDIT:   TITLE EDITED -  BY DUCKY REQUEST!   she's getting into the bling innit!   So we have forgone the alliteration for something more descriptive  

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Amy Childs has been attempting to bring The Only Way Is Essex to Celebrity Big Brother, giving Jedward an Essex makeover during a bedroom chat.

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Amy then tried to teach him to say the phrase β€˜come to Essex I’m a normal geezer yeh’ in an Essex accent, but wrote off his attempts for being β€˜American, not Essex.’ 


Apparently giving up on full sentences, Amy and Jedward then proceeded to just shout β€˜Essssiiiix’ over and over.

Aww...   this kinda makes me miss our FM Essiiiiiix!  (Essie to the rest of ya's)..    I used to shout "Esssssiiiix" at her whenever we spoke!