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Dame_Ann_Average posted:
Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing posted:

Austerity is over May says, but what does that actually mean?

She should pop next door and have a word with Phillip Hammond who said it's not.


Austerity was an excuse to dismantle the welfare system, sell more stuff off to their mates, give taxes breaks to the rich. It's that simple. We had a debt of 980 million after the global crash, it's now hovering at 2 trillion, where has all the savings gone from the austerity polices? 


Austerity is not over, there is massive cuts coming to Councils, budget planning was set for the next four years. Austerity isn't over for,

The disabled, the 111,000 deaths due to austerity, the NHS, the police, the fire service, shortfall in NHS staff,  schools, free school meals for children, the million plus using food banks, the working people on universal credit who are now massively in debt, The people in rent arrears due to the bedroom tax, the massive rise in homelessness, Waspi women....I despise them, I will never forget how they have cheered and fist pumped at every cut passed by them and the DUP in the house of commons. Disabled, nurses, police, fire and fist pumped and cheered as if it was something to be proud of. 

I wish them the same miserable end of life that they have inflicted on 111,000 people that were forced to work when not fit, or were sanctioned and died, or were made homeless and died on the streets, 


While dancing clown came out yesterday on stage trying to swing her hips to shake that magic money tree...we have no money but we'll fund 120 million for a Brexshit party....the women and her cabinet are insane! 

Have to pretty much agree with that!


And as far as the dancing goes......I almost threw-up!!!!!!!!