I thought it might be worth reporting that some of us are having problems loading some threads.
The penthouse is taking a long time for me to load on the iPhone app, it's been happening the last 24 hours. One of the other members has been experiencing the same, I think she's on iPad/laptop.
Last night one of the other members couldn't load the buddies thread at all, I'm not sure what technology she uses.

Hope this info is helpful
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I've had similar problems yesterday and again today with Ben's Buddies and also with Darnell's Penthouse. The problem has been that sometimes but not every time it can take almost a minute to get through to the thread, I have eventually got through though so no error messages to report. Both threads have a substantial number of pages which may be a factor. Sounds like one of the servers has been having a bit of a slowdown.


I don't think my computer specifications are relevant but am using Windows XP Professional service pack 3 with Firefox 11.0.



Generally I haven't noticed a problem re slowness in loading but it still happens sometimes so we can't repeat it at will. It seems to happen on threads with lots of pages rather than other threads. As I use a computer rather than an iPhone, it looks unlikely that it is to do with the iPhone app.

I'm having problems again today, I can't get the buddies thread to load at all. I've tried closing the app and re-opening but that doesn't help. The connection times out before the thread can load. I've even tried using safari instead of the iPhone app but that's not loading either. Some of the newer threads are loading ok but the big ones, just aren't happening for me

Lori, after several days where there hasn't been a problem, I have noticed myself that the slow connection to some threads such as the Buddies has reappeared over the past few hours. I'm still able to get through but it is taking much longer than normal.


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