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No - I watch as well   There are times when I love Danny Reagan and times when I'd love to hit him


I love the big old get togethers round the dinner table but Erin  can't take to her   Some very gritty story lines too 

Yay some company *locks the door*


I know what you mean about Danny, he can be a bit of a pillock at times but then he's so so sweet.  What episode are you up to Pengy?  I'm on the Irish channels, so a bit behind you guys, last one was where the Auxillary police guy was arrested for murder?


I'm a bit torn with Erin, sometimes I like her some times she's so self righteous she makes me want to smack her.  I love the family get togethers too...I love when I see the house at the end, you know it's dinner time


The grandfather really annoys me though and Nicky, Erin's daughter.  I wonder is the storyline with the art dealer going to go anywhere?


Yeah, Tates, it can be very cheesy and I can understand it not being everyone's cup of tea....but it's so innocent and you know everything's going to come good in the end   It's like the Walton's of the NYPD.  Did you see where the media guy wanted to use footage of the twin towers to recruit new officers and Tom was like no way!  woohooo  I do love Tom

We had the series finale a week last Tuesday Temps. 


Anyone get the urge to find a can opener and prize Erin's daughters braces off??   Danny's wife is a bit of a damp squid which is a shame because Amy Carlson is a great actress (I loved her in Third Watch).  I agree Tates that at times it can be a bit twee  but then I like the atmosphere of the family dinner.


I think one of the best episodes was the one at Erin's daughter's school (have you seen that yet?) The character I love as well is Jamie the younger son's sergeant Renzulli - the torture he went through when having to agree to take credit for Jamie's actions as he couldn't appear on telly due to his undercover work (which personally I thought was a weak story but hey ho) 

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