I've been out and about today taking a few random pictures (there are a couple in there for @Baz ).


  • This first one is of a wall of plants. Think it's a great idea for those with little space but want to have some greenery. I'm sure it would lend itself to herbs.



  • This second set are a study of a single flower from three different angles. They could probably do with some cropping, but I don't have the time at the moment.



  • I just like this blue flower, so it makes another appearance, albeit this is a new photograph taken today.



  • This is another blue flower I spotted hiding away. This could definitely benefit from a tighter crop.



  • A big sign that I saw someone trying to capture in portrait, they were moving back, further back, and even further back. I did not have the heart to tell them the turn their camera to landscape negating the need to move back three quarters of a mile. 



  • Here are two pictures of an animal that Baz loves! If you look closely, the head is made from cutlery, the link being Sheffield's long history of cutlery making.


Enthusiastic Contrafibularities
Moonie posted:



I saw this dog up the park with her master. Asked permission to take some piccies and here are the results. She is a white Alsatian. She was so was docile and beautiful 


It's interesting you should post that pic/story. I was in a local park last Sunday and saw a photographer ask if he could take pictures of a couple's dog. He was using it's play toys to create some movement and different poses.

Enthusiastic Contrafibularities