For shame on all of you and your cottages.


I just minced onto some news site and they just revealed who the winner was! I thought it was on Wednesday like it has been for the whole series.


I am VERY, VERY, disappointed in all of you. Go to your rooms and think about what you've done!!

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We did tell you, but I don't think you heard us over your loud shirt... and what with your monkey banging on those drums all the time  


Sorry Rawky, I only realised it was on shortly before the programme started. I would have hated to have missed it.

Originally Posted by Blizz'ard:
Originally Posted by erinp:

You had your hands full being the moderator.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely! 


* whispers * Good one, erinp. 

**Whispers from corner of bedroom..yeah big him up erinp, maybe then he will let us out of our room  **

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