Saint posted:
Yogi19 posted:

Scotland - we’ve had, strong winds, snow, sleet and thunder and lightning. Blowing a hoolie atm.

Wow that 'is' rare in such cold weather 

Had it on Tuesday and Wednesday and, yes, it is unusual in wintery weather 

I am now unable to get out of the drive.  A large tree branch which was damaged by earlier wind broke off and now I can't get the car out of the drive.  It happened around 8:15 shortly after the end of a rather confusing and uninspiring episode of Dr Who.

Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing posted:

Just had some wilder wind and more snow - about 5 minutes this time!

You're getting some bad weather up there


Newcastle - windy and sunny at first then rain lashing against the window for about 3hours

Then sunny again for a few hours

And then wintry ... with plenty wind   

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