Virgin Media to hit customers with price rise of up to £48/year


I have had an email ...have you?

Time to get your haggling skills dusted off me thinks.


See Martin Lewis article for more info and advice.




You should notice the changes on your first bill in November (if you pay in advance, this will be your October bill). Here's a list of the main price changes:

Virgin Media price changes

PackageCurrent pricePrice from 1 NovIncrease
Broadband only50-100Mb £32.25/mth£33.24/mth£1.99/mth
200-300Mb £37.25-£47.25/mth£40.24/mth-£50.24/mth£2.99/mth
Broadband and phone50-100Mb £40/mth£41.99/mth£1.99/mth
200-300Mb £45-£55/mth£47.99-£57.99/mth£2.99/mth
Player bundle – b'band, phone, 70+ channels£45-£60/mth£48.49-£63.49/mth£3.49/mth
Mix bundle – b'band, phone, 150+ channels£52-£67/mth£55.99-£70.99/mth£3.99/mth
Fun bundle – b'band, phone and 32 channels£57-£72/mth£60.99-£75.99/mth£3.99/mth
Full House – b'band, phone, 230+ channels£68-£83/mth£71.99-£86.99/mth£3.99/mth


Virgin Media says there'll be a rise of between £1.99 and £3.99 on other bundles.


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A step too far for me. Already paying £59 pound odd for basic services.....I don't think so (and I've been with them since the days of Telewest) .....I'm out and my services are being turned off early September. I'm now on the hunt for a new supplier  before then  So I know I'm not on here an awful lot these days but if I totally go missing, you know why  

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