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Well, if there WAS a winterwatch I missed it too' but as Springwatch and Autumnwatch tend to be shown at the END of these seasons then it's possible that a Winterwatch won't be seen until February or March.


Talking about things not being seen......have you any news of Roger the Alien? She is much missed on the BB forum......amongst other places.

Extremely Fluffy Fluffy Thing posted:

Hi Rog good to see you with us again.


kept the thread, just for you.........


Sent you a 'welcome back' PM when you first re-registered, then found out you had had to ditch that one, so my PM went up in smoke!

Aww thanks Fluffy I didn't now that  

Glad the thread is here 

These are other well-known animals from the mustelid family.


They can be thought of as two subfamilies, the Lutrinae (the otters), and the Mustelinae (the rest)




Lutrinae (otters)
Melinae (European badgers)
Mellivorinae (honey badgers)
Taxidiinae (American badgers)
Mustelinae (weasels, tayra, wolverines, martens, polecats)

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