top gear - ambitious but rubbish

Did look on Amazon, after you mentioned them. Asked my Bruv + our father has what he needs apparently. Sent over an electrically inflatable guest bed in case he couldn't get up the stairs + some books.


Keys.. this building?.. crap management... no money... don't mention... nuff said.

I'll contact the police soon + go for a harassment charge. I just don't feel up to it yet.


Oh ok. Feel free though  There are Scots peeps! There are Dr Who fans!  BB?  A BB thread is rare  Even when its on, its just a few threads. Its more advice clinic, films, news events eg New Pope, funny vids... any old nonsense.


Originally Posted by hh42:

He should've gotten more. *shakes fist at NHS*


Hmmm... bad housing too! As long as you're feeling safe. Important thing! *serious nod*


I'll pop over soon... maybe... lol

Nope, they offered him a bed like he had in hospital and a care assistant to check on him, but he wasn't keen. He can be grumpy 

Yeah come over. Its Paddys Day tomorrow and theres a leprechaun name decider. I am Bunyon O'Rainbow 

Wow lucky you! Wicked is supposed to be ace. When are you going?


Composter... umm... more a plastic storage crate . Currently attempting "hot composting" a quick method - takes as little as a month. Last year bought potted herbs from Tesco + Asda:  mint, rosemary, thyme and chives all survived ... basil + parsley died sadly. This year will try flowers [marigolds, stocks, livingstone daisy]. Will plant the seeds next month, when its warmer... too freezy now.


The little windowsill garden helps brighten the flat  

yeah, but we are at the side I think... dad needs an aisle seat. Anyhow, should have a good view of the crane scene in Defying Gravity.


... and I went for a shower and came back to find this sitting here open with one paragraph typed... Apologies. I do smell of Vosene though, which is nice.

Its rotting down but doesn't smell as there's lots of carbon in it [cardboard]

The carbon:nitrogen ratio should be 30:1 for fast compost. It actually felt warm - why its called hot composting. You have to turn it over regularly and aeriate it. Got to stop adding stuff now and leave it for three weeks.


 Oooh the excitement! 

Excellent  Well done!  And you weren't even pleased with your muffins! 

Did they have judges + a taste test and that?

Pity you don't drink Merlot. Its supposed to be easy drinking...


And well done for raising money for Marie Curie 



This is the Librarian of the Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork.



He used to be human. There was an accident regarding a book that belonged to the Creator of the Discworld...


And this is why Orang Utans will always be Librarians to me.

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