Tip on posting forum smileys if the normal way doesn't work

For some users, the normal way of posting the forum smileys doesn't work. Some time ago, Hicky posted a way for people to be able to post forum smileys by just typing them in the Post Reply screen. You won't see the smiley to start off with, but it should appear once you post the reply.

Smilie Listing, to be hand typed in.
Here's a few to be going on with.
No spaces between Characters.
:cry : =
: ) =
:confused : results in
:eek : results in
:mad : results in
:rolleyes : results in
:cool : results in
: p results in
; ) results in
: D results in
: o results in
: ( results in
: wave : results in
:wavey : results in

The colons at the start and sometimes at the end and in the case of the wink icon the semi-colon are essential.

Also found the following (which include the contributions made below by others):

: thumb : results in
: angel : results in
: ghost : results in
: devil : results in
: ninja : results in
: hug : results in
: kiss : results in
: clapping : results in
: laugh : results in
: sick : results in
: angry : results in
: glance : results in which is the same as the ninja one.
: blush : results in
: santa : results in
: sausage : results in
: moon : results in
: shake : results in
: skull : results in
: crazy : results in
: sleepy : results in
: witch : results in

: nod : results in

I've now received some more info from Rosemary on those missing from the above. These are:

: xtree : results in

: disapp : results in

: xstock : results in

: xrudol : results in

: xpres : results in

: redb : results in

: xsman : results in

: blueb : results in

: jack : results in


The list is now complete.

Original Post

Summer, thanks for your goes at trying to find some of the codes - we were working on them at the same time and you will see that there are some new entries since yesterday including the sausage and the Santa ones.


There are ten left to find at the time of posting this reply. What I have been doing is to try something out in the ordinary Post Reply box. Then instead of posting it I click on the WYSIWYG toggle to get to the screen with no icons, but your text is still shown. Then I click on the WYSIWYG toggle again to take me back to the normal Post Reply screen. If my effort has worked I then see the smiley, otherwise I see the original text, so I have to try again. Saves on posting them.

The ten smileys left are:





  = : nod :







By the way, there is no point in trying any which words start with a colon followed by either a p or an o or a D because those will land up by starting with or . So for instance the cannot be parcel or package because they start with a p.


Of the 9 left, I have noticed that 8 of them are seasonal, so it is possible that there aren't any codes for the. The one which I would expect to see a code for is . I've alread tried disappointed and sad for that one.

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