The bookies. Take your pick.

Horse racing and football.


Gamble aware not. That term and condition is a laugh. They want you to blow the lot. The gambling computers aren't going to next year.Who fecking lobbies for a misery industry.

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Yeah: got the "Responsible Gambling Week" spiel when I logged onto my online turf accountant on Friday to check the latest BB odds. 


Funnily enough, we were talking about "responsible gambling" on the live thread last night: EC made reference to those Pink Casino ads, which prompted me to go off on a minor rant about their not-so-well-publicised T&Cs. 


The thing is: "responsible gambling" is a two-way street. The campaign literature contains some good advice, but it's all aimed at the punter taking responsibility: the other side of that coin concerns the bookies' responsibilities, and they're a lot less open about discussing that

The overall feeling is of the industry being seen to take a lead without actually doing anything practical.


And the irony - as you say, Velvet - is that this is happening in the week that we discovered that the restrictions on FOBTs are going to be delayed. Respect to Tracey Crouch for resigning over it, but nobody-else came out of that with any credit. 

I agree Eugene. I was listening to someone on the radio yesterday saying that he had lost a whole month’s wages on a FOBT, in a matter of minutes. 


Imagine how his poor wife must have felt ... I expect she would have liked the bookies to have acted a little more responsibly.

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