Yes me. Donald Trump fascinates me.  I admired the girl who walked out rather than put up with his disgusting tent in the garden (although admittedly she was on her way out after everyone ganged up on her)  The contestants are such a bunch of backstabbers
I watch it. .not seen last nights yet tho as I record and watch in the daytime. .

I like to watch the trump comb over to see if it will move. .not seen it flutter yet, even if he's standing near a helicopter.. ..

but I do get annoyed at him when he does the voice overs or explains the next task cos he always seems to shout  rather than talk in a normal voice that he uses in the boardroom.. tis really weird..
I watch it ,I love the fact that the losing team have to live outside in tents/
I also like the pace of the programme ,the Apprentice UK is so drawn out(still love it).
I also like that the winning teams PM has a place on the panel having input to the firing.
Best thing last night was splitting the "couple"
What was said by the female of the couple at the end of the show last night,it certainly sound like she put her boyfriend in the sh*t .
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Kristine Lefebvre - Licensing Attorney37Los Angeles, CaliforniaFired in week 12
Heidi Androl - Sales Manager26Santa Monica, California
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Marisa DeMato - Class Action Attorney28Wellington, FloridaFired in week 4
Michelle Sorro - Real Estate Consultant34Los Angeles, CaliforniaQuit in week 3
Carey Sherrell - Marketing Firm Owner25Atlanta, GeorgiaFired in week 2
Martin Clarke - Attorney37Atlanta, GeorgiaFired in week 1
Originally Posted by erinp:
Right candidate was crowned "The Apprentice" last night.
What was  Trump  referring to when he said to James, "I didn't like some of your conversations.You know what I am referring to".
I think he meant that James used to say, near the end of every task except if he was PM, that he had doubts if they'd made the right choices. . was usually too late to change anything and he wasn't offering any solution to whatever his doubts were anyway. . Trump thought he was trying to cover all the basis by doing that in case he was brought into the boardroom. .he could say 'but I said it was the wrong way to go'.... James was sneaky like that.. I got a 'he's a wrong un' vibe off him too

I may be wrong tho..

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