Kicks off on Monday 13th October with a documentary of the last ten years....


DOCUMENTARY: Ten Years of the Apprentice

Channel: BBC 1

Date: Monday 13th October 2014

Time: 22:35 to 23:35


This programme takes a sideways glance at the last decade of the famous business show. From the quest for a kosher chicken in Marrakesh to series nine's infamous 'abdication', relive ten years of boardroom bust-ups, soaring sales successes and catastrophic business failures. A dig through The Apprentice archives unearths a who's who of candidates past, from Stuart Baggs 'The Brand', to 'Jedi' Jim Eastwood, as well as the unstoppable sales machine, Ruth Badger. With the help of Nick Hewer, Karren Brady and Lord Sugar himself, Ten years of The Apprentice takes a trip down Boardroom Boulevard, wanders up Wheelie Case Way and flags a taxi on Firing Street, as well as taking an irreverent rummage through the boardroom store-cupboard.


Then the next two episodes are Tuesday and Wednesday 14th and 15th, then onto the next Wednesday.

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I've always liked watching the Apprentice, even when I've not liked some of the candidates.


Looking at line-up for this year I see they have all made those bullcarp quotes as they do every year which are soon proven to be a load of cods! I just wish they would stop doing it as it adds nothing and is a rather tired programme cliché.


I wish they would take the programme back to the original concept of being Alan Sucrose's apprentice, not just a person to invest in.


Looks like I'm struggling on the eye candy front this year. 



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