velvet donkey posted:

Just watching QT.


Wonder what David Byrne was watching?

Possibly "Burning Down the House"  if they were discussing parliament.!

@velvet donkey


But then again, Talking Heads would have so many songs appropriate to the shenanigans going on in Westminster at the moment.


Road to Nowhere

Houses in Motion

No Compassion

Slippery People

Once in a Lifetime


To name a few. 


velvet donkey posted:
Enthusiastic Contrafibularities posted:
velvet donkey posted:

Well said EC    


How you keeping fella?

I currently at work, just nipping on GGJJ before my drive home. 

Alright my friend. Need to pull it together.


Hope all is well with you      Sheffield looks lovely  

You keep pluggin' away. If you are as strong as you are a contributor here, you'll do alright. 


Thanks. Velvet. I do try to enjoy my City. 

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