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I was going to post this on the TV thread, but I know a number of FMs are anime fans, so I thought it deserved a wider audience...


Film4 are celebrating the work of the Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli (often referred-to as "The Japanese Disney") with a retrospective series throughout the summer entitled "Studio Ghibli: the Complete Adventure".  I think they intend to screen every one of the studio's movies during the series, and they start with a biggie: the wonderful (and Oscar-winning) "Spirited Away" is on Film4 today (Sunday) at 1pm.


Unfortunately most of the movies are being shown at fairly inconvenient times (e.g. weekday afternoons, or in the small hours of the morning). However here, for the record, are the other movies being screened this week:

"Kiki's Delivery Service" - Tuesday, 2.35pm;

"Arrietty" - Wednesday, 2.40pm (For my money, the best ever film adaptation of "The Borrowers.");

"The Tale of the Princess Kaguya" - Thursday, 11am (Some of you may remember I posted a clip from this after the death of its director Isao Takahata earlier this year.);

"Little Norse Prince" - Friday, 2am;

"The Castle of Cagliostro" - Friday, 12.35pm;

"Grave of the Fireflies" - Saturday, 1.15am (Takahata's first movie for Ghibli. Very highly regarded, but be warned: it's not an easy watch.)

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The season continues into a second week. Here's that schedule which does include a second showing of some of the films in the first week,

Saturday 4th - 11am Arrietty; 12.55am Spirited Away

Sunday 5th - 2.35pm Kiki’s Delivery Service

Monday 6th - 11am Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind;
1.25am My Neighbours the Yamadas (early hours of Tuesday 7th)

Wednesday 8th - 11am Ponyo

Thursday 9th - 11am Tales from Earthsea; 1.20am Grave of the Fireflies

Friday 10th - 1.10am Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

FWIW: I caught some of "Spirited Away" this afternoon, and they screened the English dub version. Not surprising perhaps for daytime screenings, and not necessarily an issue either. Some of the Ghibli English dubs (particularly the later ones) have been of very high quality, e.g. Chloë Grace Moretz voiced the lead for "The Tale of the Princess Kaguya", and Kirsten Dunst the lead for "Kiki's Delivery Service".


El Loro: as a slight aside, you may be aware that Disney (who did the English dub for "Kiki" as distributer), "tidied-up" the dub for the 2010 re-release, and I'm assuming it's this version that Film4 will broadcast. Most of the changes revolve around Jiji the cat: removing either ad-libs or changes Disney made for their 1998 release. The result is considered closer to the Japanese original, so if you haven't previously seen the 2010 release, it would be interesting to hear what you make of it...

El Loro posted:

Eugene, I'm sure it's the 2010 release of Kiki I saw. Film 4 has shown quite a number of the Ghibli Studio films before often at holiday seasons such as Christmas.


If you haven't seen Ponyo before, the storm sequence is quite something.

Yes: I saw "Ponyo" in the cinema, and the storm is indeed terrific (apparently Miyazaki drew all the sea an wave shots himself).

I probably need to see it again, though, as I don't think I picked up on all the Wagnerian references first time round...

Eugene's Lair posted:

I probably need to see it again, though, as I don't think I picked up on all the Wagnerian references first time round...

Yes, Ponyo's real name is Brunnhilde, one of the Valkyries, who in the Wagner opera "Die Walküre" falls in love with a human and the music during the storm sequence is influenced by the famous "Ride of the Valkyries" theme from that opera.

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