I don't know what has happened, but when I go to reply in a thread, I now only get a basic reply form with no access to smileys etc.

I've recently cleared my cookies, upgraded AVG and Adaware, and downloaded Windows updates, so don't know if any one or more of those has caused this.

Can anyone suggest what I can do to correct this?

Yes, I'm still using IE8, and I've got access to the smileys etc in this new thread. Just not in replies.

Thanks if you can help.
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Hi, Jenny:  This sounds like the issue we were often having after a recent update--that the page isn't loading entirely.  Try this, and see if it works for you:
When you get the incomplete posting page, cancel the page, then hit "refresh" on your browser (on the page to which you'd like to reply).  Then bring up the posting window again, and see if you have the smilies and such.
Thanks Lori. I'll try that, but I'm having problems refreshing the page on this site too, unfortunately. It appears to be doing so, but takes forever, and often doesn't even finish, either leaving me with the same page, or a blank page, or sometimes a message, which unfortunately, I can't remember what it said! Oops!

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