I've given up on politics.  I despair that we were stupid enough to elect a self-serving compulsive liar like Boris Johnson as our PM.  I also despair how mainstream media held the opposition to a far greater degree of accountability than the sitting government. The antisemitic smear campaign against Labour finished me off as believing even the so-called liberal media would present a fair account.


Loads of 'traditional Labour voting' northerners, some obviously motivated by racism, despite having been bashed by the Tories since 2010 decided to vote Tory to "Get Brexit Done"!


The majority of the British electorate vote how they're told to by the big money.


In my view, politics is dead in this country.  A social democratic government will NEVER be allowed to get near government by our hard-right media establishment.

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There is 'good racism' and 'bad racism' in this country.


It's seen as for the popularist right to smear Muslims as would-be terrorists, wanting a caliphate and as would be groomers.  That's the 'good racism', that's 'racism' that typical brits should all empathise with accoring to our prevailing cultural bias.  That's the racism we shouldn't condemn.  We should 'seek to understand the left-behind white working class' - "victims" of culturally 'alien' Muslims.


But if you suggest that The Labour Friends of Israel might have more loyalty to Israel than the aims of the UK Labour Party, you are literally Hitler!  You hate Jews and want to send them all to gas chambers. 

That's the 'bad racism'.


Negative views on Muslims = the wider society needs to empathize with that sentiment.  Trendy lefties need to get out of their London bubble.

Negative views on politicians who advocate for Isreal and excuse its human rights abuses  = You are Hitler!





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velvet donkey posted:

The SNP are racist at their core. They can dress it up however they want.


Do I have a problem with England? That's rhetorical. None.

I put a similar view to a hardcore SNP worker one time but he said the SNP aren't a nationalist party but a communal party.  That they don't hate the English but just want to go it alone and that the original union was supposed to be a partnership of equals but it hasn't worked out that way. 


Right or wrong, considering the population and GDP of England vastly outweighs Scotland, that is how many Scottish people see it. 


It's further exasperated by English people who regard Scotland as having the same status as the regions of England instead of seeing Scotland as it is, a country in own right.  I.E. "The North East of England can't have independence so why should Scotland?"

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