I don't know if this is where I'm supposed to post this, but I have experienced a strange forum phenomenon recently whereby when I hover my cursor over posts, they completely disappear. It means I cannot quote anyone because any attempt to click on (or near) the little quote icon results in every post on the page vamoosing!

I am also getting the caption informing me that I have an unsupported browser, despite - to the best of my understanding - recently upgrading to Internet Explorer 9.


Is it my computer? Is it your system? It's me isn't it...I know... it is, it's me...*head in hands*


Thanks in advance of any help

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Originally Posted by Triggers:
Originally Posted by Lori:

Oooo, thanks for handling this, El Loro: I saw this post over the weekend, but didn't get to it--sorry, Triggers!

No apology required Lori, thanks anyway  I hope you are well x

I am, thanks! You too, I hope?

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